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FREE download of the studio recorded version of this song! yeehaw: *******emailunlock****/orla-gartland/steps Guide to Dublin video: ***********/watch?v=-PkpEbFabBE Facebook: *******www.facebook****/OrlaGartland Twitter: *******www.twitter****/MusicMaaad LYRICOS I'm running, with my fake I.D in my tights and I don't know wrong from right I've been like this all my life Step one, step two, step x4 Stares, from he people that I pass by But I don't careand guess why? They don't know why I'm running ---chorus--- Running with determination Cause you are my destination And I will search the nation 'Til it turns to frustration Ready to throw in the towel Your smile turns into a growl But pity me, I am alone and I've ran so far from home 1 step 2step 3step 4 All the steps you'll ever need and more and I've ran them all and I'd step them all again 1step 2step 3step 4 All the steps you'll ever need and more And I've ran them all just to get to you And I wonder if you'd run them for me too? I'm scared of getting caught But then I'm scared of getting not But I can tell I'm not the first to run to you But I know I will keep my crown As long as you don't turn me down So use your charm and welcome me with open arms ---chorus--- ---bridge thingyyyy--- ---chorus again---! Orla Gartland © 2011 HEY you're all beautiful people enjoy the sun and follow me on twitter cause its my new obsesssssiooooonnnnnnnnnnnn x LYRICS UP SOON WOO
2 Apr 2013
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