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22 Sep 2011
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All The Man That I Need by Whitney Houston
16 Nov 2008
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Whitney Houston singing Lover man, My Man and All the man that I need [Live at Billboard & Awards Acceptance, 1991]
24 May 2009
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Whitney Houston singing All the man that I need [Live in La Coruna, Spain, 1991]... Don't forget she was VERY VERY sick!!! [Prevoius = Love Medley] [Next = My Name Is Not Susan]
19 Apr 2009
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Music video by Whitney Houston performing All The Man That I Need. (C) 1990 Arista Records, Inc.
8 Feb 2010
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Brenda dos Santos cantando All The Man That I Need Programa Raul Gil 11/09/2010
13 Sep 2010
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Whitney Houston - All The Man That I Need, prevod
24 Sep 2010
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21 Oct 2010
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SPECTACULAR WHITNEY!!!! Nobody in the history of music has ever sung like this, and perhaps nobody ever will again. Vocally, she has it all. Instinct, range, power, control, beauty, emotion, musicality, authenticity, spirituality
22 Jan 2011
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Whitney Houston Most Famous and Know songs worldwide of Whitney Houston, according to what I think... This isn't about song quality or vocals, it's about how successful the songs are, popularity, airplay, recognition, charts, sales, how often do others perform it, how popular it is in each country, etc. Do you agree with my list? Whitney Houston Mariah Carey Celine Dion Britney Spears Madonna Christina Aguilera Beyonce Knowles Jennifer Hudson Michael Janet Jackson Barbra Streisand Tina Turner Cher Donna Summer The Beatles Elvis Presley Rolling Stones Guns N Roses Metallica Alicia Keys U2 Bono Usher Justin Timberlake Kanye West Leona Lewis X Factor American Idol i will always love you greatest love of all i wanna dance with somebody i have nothing how will i know saving all my love for you i'm every woman my love is your love exhale (shoop shoop) it's not right but it's okay one moment in time so emotional i'm your baby tonight where do broken hearts go didn't we almost have it all all the man that i need heartbreak hotel step by step run to you could i have this kiss forever all at once you give good love queen of the night i believe in you and me when you believe list live performance studio music videos high notes the voice concert most popular bodyguard
6 Sep 2009
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Patrick swayze dancing with his wife,Lisa Nieme to the song All The Man That I Need as a salute to multiple award winner Whitney Houston.
15 Sep 2009
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Whitney Houston - One Moment In Time(Grammy Awards Live) You Give Good Love Thinking About You Someone For Me Saving All My Love For You Nobody Loves Me Like You Do How Will I Know All At Once Take Good Care Of My Heart Greatest Love Of All Hold Me I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) Just The Lonely Talking Again Love Will Save The Day Didn't We Almost Have It All So Emotional Where You Are Love Is A Contact Sport You're Still My Man For The Love Of You Where Do Broken Hearts Go I Know Him So Well I'm Your Baby Tonight My Name Is Not Susan All The Man That I Need Lover For Life Anymore Miracle I Belong To You Who Do You Love We Didn't Know After We Make Love i Will Always Love You I Have Nothing I'm Every Woman Run To You Queen Of The Night Jesus Loves Me Believe In You And Me Step By Step Joy It's Not Right But It's Okay Heartbreak Hotel My Love Is Your Love When You Believe (From The Prince Of Egypt) If I Told You That In My Business I Learned From The Best Oh Yes Get It Back Until You Come Back I Bow Out You'll Never Stand Alone I Was Made To Love Him One Of Those Days Tell Me No Things You Say My Love Love That Man Try It On My Own Dear John Letter Unashamed You Light Up My Life Whatchulookinat If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful One Moment In Time
14 Feb 2010
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This video is a tribute to one of the best pop vocalists in herstory, Whitney Houston. Since I have made a pop/dance megamix video, It's impossibe to skip her signiture love songs. I did this medley to remind people how great she was, still is and will be. Be sure to wait for her big come back album "I Look To You" (which includes the Diane Warren-penned "I Didn't Know My Own Strength") this September! Nearly all of Whitney's ballad hits from 1985 to 2000 are included, and there are totally 16 of them!! The tracks are: 1. I Have Nothing 2. Saving All My Love For You 3. Count On Me (duet with CeCe Winans) 4. Miracle 5. When You Believe 6. Where Do Broken Hearts Go 7. I Believe In You And Me 8. Didn't We Almost Have It All 9. Greatest Love Of All 10. I Will Always Love You 11. Exhale (Shoop Shoop) 12. I Learned From The Best 13. All The Man That I Need 14. You Give Good Love 15. Run To You 16. One Moment In Time
27 Jun 2011
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GMA Records from the album "Make Me Believe" Directed by Milos Curameng Aicelle Santos Make Me Believe When Aicelle Santos first came onto the scene via her runner-up finish in Pinoy Pop Superstar Year 2, it was reasonably clear that she possessed a better voice than any newcomer. It's considerably strong but pliable enough to varying degrees. In a way, one is easily reminded of a young Lea Salonga with traces of contemporary R&B and soul; that is, Aicelle appears edgy early on in her burgeoning career. On her GMA Records debut album "Make Me Believe", Aicelle flaunts her superior voice and opts to concentrate on soulful melodies but going beyond trite formulas and productions for a fuller sound. Here, she demonstrates her ability to adjust her vocals depending on the song's demands. Of course, pop and R&B references are aplenty all throughout but it's marked with that signature Aicelle style: consistent, solid vocal performance. She hits highs with relative ease, it's quite addictive. The album's opener and carrier single "Ikaw Pa Rin" essentially testifies this young woman's significance and position in the music industry. Playing along a straightforward theme and pop-rock production, she wails longingly to the one she loved before ("Ikaw pa rin, ang hinahanap ng puso, ikaw pa rin ang siyang laman ng puso ko...") with such passion that one may think of it as an autobiographical citation. Moments later, she looks as if she's head over heels in love over someone new on the coy and adorable "Lullabies". Title track "Make Me Believe" written by Agatha Obar treads the right direction; her stable voice associating well with the piano-based instrumentation. On the surprising side follows "All Gone (My Lingering's Over)—one of two songs penned by Aicelle herself—which is a buoyant, bouncy track of getting over the breakup blues. "A House Is Not A Home", "Kung Bakit Ngayon", and "Nasaan" are soft ballads shaped using gentle musical backdrops. Emerging next is a stylish version of the Tracy Chapman original "Give Me One Reason". Aicelle's rendition is generally frivolous, poppy, and at times country-sounding. About the only thing bluesy are her crooning vocals. Meanwhile, things slow down again in "Tunay Bang Iibigin" but for good measure. This is a standout track where the generic production, vocal licks, and arrangements are warranted. Aicelle sounds in control and sweet whenever she sings, "Tunay bang ako'y iyong iibigin, tunay bang ikaw ay magiging akin... Sabihin mo, sabihin mo 'pagkat ako'y nahuhulog na rin", proving that a calculated performance reaches further than those brimming with sky high notes. By album's end, it is evident that Aicelle is still drawn to power ballads with another highlight in "All The Man That I Need"; it finds Aicelle singing her heart out in impressive fashion with remarkable arrangements. "Impostora" theme song "Maghihintay" offers a similar source of melancholy with previous ballads. Vocally, Aicelle is strikingly extraordinary. She bawls at times but still manages to soften it when needed. Although very young, she sounds way beyond her years and seems to be miles ahead of her peers by writing songs and creating "Make Me Believe", a good effort that copes with various genre shifts.
31 Aug 2011
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I made an updated, better quality version of Whitney's ballads medley to include more of her hits, totally 21 ballads in 15 minutes. You can hear Whitney's voice at her best across three decades!! The tracks are: 1. Saving All My Love For You 2. I Look to You 3. I Didn't Know My Own Strength 4. Count On Me (duet with CeCe Winans) 5. You Were Loved 6. I Believe In You And Me 7. Where Do Broken Hearts Go 8. When You Believe (duet with Mariah Carey) 9. Greatest Love Of All 10. Didn't We Almost Have It All 11. All At Once 12. I Will Always Love You 13. Try It On My Own 14. Exhale (Shoop Shoop) 15. I Learned From The Best 16. All The Man That I Need 17. You Give Good Love 18. Run To You 19. Why Does It Hurt So Bad 20. I Have Nothing 21. One Moment In Time
15 Feb 2012
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1 Saving All My Love For You 2 Greatest Love Of All 3 One Moment In Time 4 I Have Nothing 5 I Will Always Love You 6 Run To You 7 You Give Good Love 8 All At Once 9 Where Do Broken Hearts Go 10 If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful 11 Didn't We Almost Have It All 12 All The Man That I Need 13 Exhale 14 Count On Me 15 I Believe In You And Me 16 I Learned From The Best 17 Same Script, Different Cast 18 Could I Have This Kiss Forever Disc 2 1 If I Told You That 2 Fine 3 My Love Is Your Love 4 It's Not Right But It's Okay 5 Heartbreak Hotel 6 Step By Step 7 Queen Of The Night 8 I'm Every Woman 9 Love Will Save The Day 10 I'm Your baby Tonight 11 So Emotional 12 I Wana Dance With Somebody 13 How Will I Know 14 I Will Always Love You (Hex Hector Mix) 15 Greatest Love Of All (Club 69 Mix) 16 It's Not Right But It's Okay (Thunderpuss Mix) 17 I'm Your Baby Tonight ( Dronez Mix) Whitney Houston (1963 - 2012)
11 May 2012
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