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Sometimes called the Smart Alloy, Muscle Wire or Memory Metal, is an alloy that "remembers" it shape. You can reshape the wire, but when heated it returns to the preset shape. Ever wonder how someone bends a spoon with their mind? Same metal.
15 Jan 2008
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The SR-71 Blackbird was in service from 1964 to 1998 and was operated by the U.S. Air Force from United States and select NATO air bases. Capable of speeds in excess of mach 3+(2,200 mph+) and 85,000 feet, the Blackbird was the most capable platform for strategic reconnaissance. It's ability to launch to a specific target and return with the required intelligence in a matter of hours was unsurpassed by any other platform or country. The SR-71 was developed by the infamous Lockheed Skunk Works and the primary construction material was a Titanium alloy. The two Pratt & Whitney J-58-P4/32,500 lb. thrust engines had aerospikes at the inlet of the engine. The spikes moved in and out in order to control the airflow through the engine during the transition from subsonic to supersonic speeds. This feature, coupled with the afterburners unique design, allowed the SR-71 to cruise in continuous afterburner with a high degree of efficiency.
25 Feb 2008
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Breast Feeding Follow me on Twitter: *******twitter****/KarenAlloy I tweet a lot about the stupidest things! Endless enjoyment! My boobies are sore. hehe
10 Nov 2009
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Is your car out of warranty? It may be time to upgrade to a 2013 Volkswagen Passat, especially with standard specs like Folding Rear Center Armrest, 16 Inch Alloy Wheels, 2.5L I5 DOHC 20V FI Engine, Low Fuel Level Indicator, Steering Wheel Cruise Controls, Cloth Seating and Seatback Storage. Safety is always a priority. With the Passat you can have peace of mind with security features like Daytime Running Lights, Automatic Delay Off Headlights, Front Side Airbags, Anti-Theft Alarm System, Child Safety Locks, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and Driver and Passenger Front Airbags. If you want to make your car one of a kind, just like you, customize it with any of these optional features: Passat Luggage Net, Lip Spoiler, Wheel Locks, First Aid Kit and Passat Carpeted Mats. To find your local Volkswagen dealership visit *******www.VWdealer****. Portland Volkswagen Dealers can help you find a great deal on the 2013 Volkswagen Passat! The Passat has the features that make driving a dream with finance options that fit your lifestyle. We serve Troutdale, OR and the surrounding areas. Visit us for all your new auto needs! Please check Volkswagen's manufacturer website for complete details and disclosures
13 Apr 2013
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The first Land Rover was designed in 1947 in the United Kingdom by Maurice Wilks , the chief designer at the British car. It is said that he was inspired by an American World War II Jeep that he used one summer at his holiday home in Wales The first Land Rover prototype 'centre steer was built on a Jeep chassis. A distinctive feature is their bodies, constructed of a lightweight rustproof proprietary alloy of aluminium and magnesium called Birmabright . This material was used owing to post war steel shortages and a plentiful supply of post-war aircraft aluminium. This metal's resistance to corrosion was one of the factors that allowed the vehicle to build up a reputation for longevity in the toughest conditions.
15 Aug 2006
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*******Magnet4Power**** - Motionless Electromagnetic Generator - A motionless electromagnetic generator is a kind of magnetic generator which works on the principle of “the first law of thermodynamics”. The device can function efficiently when a load is applied without any application of other external power sources. But the motionless electromagnetic generators were never verified and there are no known functioning prototypes. The generator largely resembles any standard transformer, except for two actuator coils and permanent magnets included in the basic design. Within the generator set-up, there is a set of input and output coils extending from the magnetic core portions. A permanent magnet is placed at the centre of the magnetic core and it furnishes lines of magnetic flux moving into the core material, which results in left and right magnetic paths. While a driving current via input coils decreases the magnetic flux level from permanent magnets generated around input set of coils. A magnetic filed in motion would induce a charge in coils and when the magnet is placed between two plates of metal; the resulting magnet flux would be evenly placed. Here the permanent magnet would act as flux battery and makes the operation of set-up possible to work. When a current in induced through an input coil the magnetic flux would move towards one metal plate and results a change in magnetic flux. The motionless electromagnetic generator core is built up of magnetic alloys as they have the capability to switch magnetic fluxes rapidly. Typically, the generator works efficiently by changing its pattern of magnetic flux and doesn’t need to switch from one side to another. This theory was proposed by Tom Bearden on 26th March, 2002 as an option for electrical energy and claimed to generate enormous energy from vacuum. But the construction of this generator would be difficult as it involves a high set-up cost.
11 Jan 2010
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sacked honda civic turbo launching, nice old school civic.
23 Oct 2007
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Please contact me at this email : Abbyloly****.cn . MSN: Abby020hotmail**** We have Solvent printer ,inkjet printer, SOLVENT , outdoor printer , large format printer, solvent ink , outdoor ink ,Ink for printer , banner machine, sign equipment, wide format printer ,cold laminator., laminator, hot air welder, welder.,seaming machine, cutting plotter, plotter, cutter, vinyl plotter, name card cutter, mini plotter, xaar head, xaar 128, xaar 126 Detailed Product Description TAIMES 3206D SOLVENT PRINTER Product Model TAIMES 3206D SOLVENT PRINTER Printhead SPT255-35PL Number of Printhead 6 Heads Maximum Print Width 3200mm Output (m2/h) Print Mode Standard Output (m2 /h) 240x540dpi 3pass 19.90 240x720dpi 4pass 15.30 240x540dpi 6pass 10.55 360x540dpi 3pass 14.67 360x720dpi 4pass 11.21 360x540dpi 6pass 7.66 360x720dpi 8pass 5.74 Ink Type : Solvent Ink / ECO-Solvent Ink Color : 6 Colors( C , M , Y , K , Lc , Lm ) Capacity : 5L Per Main Tank of Each Color Ink Supply System : Low Ink Detector, Auto or Manual Ink Supply System Media Width : 3300mm Type : Vinyl,Flex,Polyester,Back-lit Film, Window Film,etc Auto Media Feeding System Equipped ( Max. Media Weight 80kg ) Auto Cleaning System Positive Pressure Cleaning Anti-clogged Flash Function & Capping System Pre-heating & Drying System Equipped Clamp Equipped Print Interface USB2.0 Printhead Height 2 to 4 mm Above Media Adjustable RIP Software Maintop , UltraPrint , PhotoPrint , Topaz , Wasatch , Caldera Input Power AC 220V ,50Hz/60Hz Machine Dimension L4,300 x W800 x H1,160 mm Net Weight : 340Kg Package Dimension L4,500 x W1,100 x H900 mm Gross Weight : 420Kg Operation Environment Temperature: 20~28 o C Humidity: 40%~60% Advance Technic: * Original Japanese drop on demand piezo print head with steel plate protected, 255 active nozzles * 6 color plus 720dpi makes unmatchable color and high resolution. * The voltage of the print head, automatically adjustable to the temperature, prevents blockage caused by the change of temperature. * The function of skipping white space is added to increase productivity. * The adjustment of bi-direction, step and carriage moving speed can be made during printing. * Edge feather function can blur the pass line and feather the pass edge. * Delicately designed alloy-aluminum platform.
28 Jun 2008
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The Wheel Doctor repairs bent, cracked and out-of-round aluminum alloy wheels... Even those wheels with missing chunks at resonable prices. We will repair your damaged wheel the same day! We have a Hunter Auto34 tire changer and DSP 9700 Balancer on premise to change the most difficult and expensive tire/wheel combos and balance the assembly to perfection! The Wheel Doctor is located at 76 Payne Street, Elmsford, NY 10523. You may ship your wheel(s) to the above address if we are not near your city. (All wheels sent will be repaired and shipped out within 12 hours. There is no cost for return shipping.) Our phone is (914) 592-7045 or 785-8521. Get back to healthy driving...Make an appointment with the Wheel Doctor today!
18 May 2009
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The idea is to do away with the size and enhance the features. The mobile phone of the future is not just an accessory but becomes a part of your personality.The vision begins with a mobile phone the size of the capsule which conveniently fits in your ears. Its soft titanium alloys ensures no side-effects. The Nokiapsule has all the highend technology including gb/tb memory, bluetooth for wireless connectivity, voice recognition to execute all common mobile functions of the present day, a 'babel fish' language translator based on the vibrations received from outside so that you are never an alien in any part of the world. The Nokiapsule is no less on entertainment providing seamless music, movies from its high capacity inbuilt disk,internet,GPS,Television which can be viewed on its TS-transmission spectacles which is its only accessory.The TS-Transmission spectacles also supports a gegapixel camera which can directly upload the data into your capsule database or on the internet.
29 Oct 2006
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Anticipation is growing as Volvo Cars of North America, LLC VCNA today announced pricing of the exciting new Volvo C30. With a starting price of just $22,700 for the well equipped C30 Version 1.0 and $25,700 for the C30 Version 2.0, buyers will have plenty of opportunities to exercise their Free Will when the car goes on sale this October. With a promise to deliver a truly exhilarating driving experience, both versions of the C30 are powered by a turbocharged T5 5 cylinder engine that produces 227 horsepower. Driving enthusiasts will appreciate that the new C30 is 8.5 inches shorter and weighs around 320 pounds less than the Volvo S40 sport sedan. But while the C30 may be shorter, there is still plenty of room for four adults and all their stuff. The C30 has all of the features a customer shopping in this segment is looking for, noted Anne Belec, President and CEO of VCNA. Its loaded with good looks, performance, big wheels, and a stellar audio system. Better yet, its got 80 years of Volvos safety heritage behind it. The C30 Version 1.0 will feature a 160 watt MP3 ready stereo with auxiliary jack for your MP3 player, leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter, 17 inch wheels, chrome exhaust tips, power windows and remote locking. The C30 Version 2.0 adds a 650 watt stereo system with 10 speakers by Dynaudio, Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound, 18 inch alloy wheels, a larger roof spoiler and a sport body kit that includes side skirts and front and rear fascia valances. Aptly dubbed A Product of Free Will, the Volvo C30 will feature Volvos most extensive list of exterior and interior colors, single options and a multitude of special order and dealer installed accessories. The Custom Build special orders open up 17 exterior colors and 12 interior color combinations. With so many choices, it will be hard to find any two C30s that are exactly alike, especially when the laundry list of over 30 individual options is considered. We think this comprehensive list of options, coupled with a list of accessory items never before offered by Volvo, is just what this customer will be looking for, noted C30 Product Manager Art Battaglia. On the list youll find items not even available for some cars that might be cross shopped against C30. A special order car is just that, special. While style and performance are important to the C30 buyer, safety remains at the cornerstone of Volvos brand values. The new C30 features Volvos patented front structure. Divided into zones, the frontal structure incorporates different deformation properties with the outer zones accounting for most of the deformation in a frontal collision. The more the collision forces approach the passenger compartment, the less the material is deformed. To ensure that each zone has the right characteristics, the quality of the steel has been varied. Four different types of steel are used. Apart from normal body steel, three different grades of high strength steel are used: High Strength Steel, Extra High Strength Steel and Ultra High Strength Steel. Different steel grades also are used in the rear to help protect occupants in the event of a rear end collision. VCNA, part of Volvo Car Corporation in Gothenburg, Sweden, provides marketing, sales, parts, service, technology and training support to Volvo automobile retailers in the United States, and oversees Volvo operations in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Volvo has been building cars with Safety in mind for 80 years. The 2007 Volvo Cars model lineup includes the award winning S40 and its wagon counterpart the V50; the award winning XC90; the sporty S60 sedan including the award-winning performance sedan S60 R and the performance wagon version V70 R; the all-new flagship S80 luxury sedan; versatile V70 wagon and rugged XC70 Cross Country; and, the new C70 convertible with the retractable hard top.
4 Apr 2007
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Volkswagen Golf V Modified By MMPower, The Modified List: ABT Front Bumper Spoiler, ABT Rear Bumper Spoiler, ABT Back Spoiler, ABT 17" Alloy Wheels, ABT Exhaust System End Pipe, ABT VW Front Grill, Michelin 215/45/17 Tires, Eibach 50mm Lowering SportLine Springs, HKS SQV Blow Off Valve, Hella LED Design Back Lamp, Junyan Angel Eye Frond Lamp, Osram 6000K Xenon Short Light, Osram 6000K Xenon Long Light,
8 May 2008
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