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this is the movie trailer 300 with high tech special effects included... over the already great speacial effects, this is what it was missing.
16 Apr 2007
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Custom Full Color Printing at *******www.PrintQuickness**** at already great prices, but if you feel like being cheap and want this extra 10% OFF code watch this 30 second video and use it for custom full color printing
8 Jul 2009
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Garmin has proven itself to be a leader in the market of GPS technology and this particular product definitely adds to its already great reputation of producing reliable navigation systems.
13 Feb 2010
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[Trailer for Extra! Members only show] Another great update to iWork 09 and that's the brand new version of Numbers, Apples very own spreadsheet. Following on from an extremely impressive debut with Numbers 08, Apple has made some significant improvements to the new version of Numbers, making it a viable alternative to Excel for most people. In this weeks show, I focus in on some of the new and improved features of Numbers '09, along with some not so new features thrown in for good measure. The full Extra! members show covers: In Cell Editing Absolute and Relative Cell References Headers & Cell Names Reorganising Data Categories in Numbers Conditional Formatting Linking Charts & Excel Integration As I mention in the show, I don't think I've needed to open Excel once since installing this latest version, Apple have done a tremendous job on improving an already great product. Please note that if you're receiving this notification via the ScreenCastsOnline email notification service, the link inserted below is for access to the free version (or trailer) of this show. If you're a ScreenCastsOnline Extra Member you should receive the members version of the show via iTunes or directly from the ScreenCastsOnline Extra Members website.
10 Mar 2010
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I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts on Totally Wickeds latest addition to their already great lineup of electronic cigarette models - the Totally Wicked TORNADO E-NI or Electronic Nicotine Inhalator. I got lucky and scored one of these units before they were all sold out in the first round, and now they are back in stock as I write this. People are really excited about the Totally Wicked TORNADO. There was a lot of buzz about it before its release and Ill let you know how I feel about it from my experience with the unit thus far. But first let me go over some of the basics. The Totally Wicked Tornado is really in many ways an extension of leading manufacturer in this industry JOYETECHs extremely successful and popular 510 Titan (still a really great product). One of the cool thing about the tornado is that it is totally compatable with all our your standard 510 Titan Kit, this means: • You can use the exact atomizers, yet they will perform better. • You can use the exact same carts both pre-filled and refillable. • You can even (with the adaptor provided in starter kit at totallywickedstuff****, or puchased seperately) charge the batteries off of the same chargers you use with the 510 Titan. Basically what we are looking at is an upgrade to a system that already performs great and is one of the most popular on the market. Indeed the Totally Wicked TORNADO is a very slick and well performing upgrade at that. So what are some of the key benefits of this new model? The TORNADO ups the battery ante most significantly with the new battery - which is the most essential element of the new product to be honest. It uses a 650mAH battery, up from 280mAH on their MEGA TITAN Batteries - which already doubled the length of time the original Titan Batteries offered. So you get effectively twice or longer lasting batteries, which is a huge plus. Beyond the battery life however there is a performance enhancement to the vapor produced - with the exact same atomizers the unit delivers a wonderfully satisfying, smooth yet intense vape - including a very satisfying throat hit depending on what particular e-liquid you are vaping. And with over 20 different types I have vaped in my Totally Wicked TORNADO to date they have all performed great, with VG based ones producing exceptionally good vapor. The unit is also a very slick presentation - the battery itself has a perfectly placed, nice to use manual button (there are no non-manual options with the tornado I should mention) which is the only part of the unit that lights up when pressed. The end is a nice etched chrome job but does away with the cigarette mimicking light effect while vaping. In my opinion this is a good thing, the more these devices move away from mimicking cigarettes the more likely they will cause less political and legal problems, however misguided and misunderstood. The whole Totally Wicked TORNADO unit is tapered like a cone and once you have fitted your atomizer onto the battery you slide a cone overtop to complete the slick look. It also has a great matte finish (at least my black unit does) which is wonderful in your hands and has a nice feel to it as well. With pricing in the same range as TITAN products, I give this new electronic nicotine inhalator unit, the Totally Wicked Tornado a thumbs up enthusiastically and suggest that whether you are just buying an electronic cigarette (or electronic nicotine inhalator) for the first time, or perhaps already have some titan kit, you should pick up one of these units for yourself. I guarantee you will be really happy with not just the longer battery life, but nicer quality of vape experience overall, as well as the slick and rugged feel of the unit. Check out the Totally Wicked TORNADO for yourself more right now by visiting *******www.totallywickedstuff**** If you are a smoker who wants to quit, want to know more about electronic nicotine inhalers and e-cigarettes, or already use the products and want to find the absolute best source to learn more, purchase the top quality pr
2 May 2010
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After getting my hands on an early unit through lucky timing (I got the last 2 before the next shipment) I wanted to discuss my thoughts and go over the details of an exciting new electronic cigarette product. This is the latest E-NI (Electronic Nicotine Inhaler or Inhalator) from Totally Wicked, the Tornado E-NI or e-cigarette. The Totally Wicked TORNADO E-NI is made by Joyetech, the same manufacturer renowned for a quality line of electronic smoking devices, most notably the 510 Titan series. The Titan is still a great product, and an exciting this about this new E-NI, The Tornado is compatible with all of the 510 Titan parts - it is really more of an upgrade, and a good one at that. But backwards compatibility is pretty cool. The Tornado uses the same exact carts or mega carts (pre-filled or DIY) The same 510 atomizer units are used with the Tornado, yet they deliver better results It is even possible to (with an adaptor from Totally Wicked exclusively) charge your Totally Wicked TORNADO E-NI batteries using the exact same chargers, even the mega 5 charger, with these new units So essentially the Tornado is an enhancement to an already great electronic cigarette line, albeit a fantastic enhancement that takes the experience of vaping with the Titan 510 atomizers to a whole new level. The unit is also really ruggedly built, features sleek and polished design, and performs excellently. What benefits exactly does the Totally Wicked TORNADO E-NI offer? Well to be honest the real story here lies with a superior battery, but one quite unlike any I have seen before in terms of production standards. It moves from the old 280 mah you got with the mega titan 510 batteries up to 650 mah, which means it lasts a lot longer between charges. Most users will get a full day or more out of a charge, but even heavy vapers will enjoy 5-6 solid hours of use. Clearly a huge leap ahead. But it isn't just the battery life that makes the Totally Wicked TORNADO so great. There is a distinctly noticeable enhancement to the quality of vapor produced - subjectively it is a smoother, more intense and enjoyable vape. This includes a great throat hit feeling with a wide range of e-liquids and liquid nicotine mixes. The style is the first striking thing about the unit - sleek and sexy design which is functional too. It does away with the old lite at the end, replacing it with a perfectly placed manual button that lights up when you push it. It is larger yet still feels compact and very portable. The device as a whole is tapered and widens towards the base. One you get the atomizer in place an aesthetically pleasing cone slips over and screws over to clean up the look and provide durability. My black unit features a velvety matte feel that is great to hold and use too. With similar pricing to the Titan 510 series I feel the Totally Wicked TORNADO E-NI is an obvious must-have for anyone currently using ecigarettes and also makes a clear top pick for someone buying their first e-cigarette starter kits. The Tornado is exclusively available at Totally Wicked and is very modestly priced considering the huge gains with this upgrade. I am certain you will be more than satisfied with the Totally Wicked TORNADO, and not just for the longer battery life. You will experience likely the nicest vaping ever with any eliquids you use, and benefit from the enhanced ruggedness and durable feel of the device. For the top web destination to get both the Totally Wicked TORNADO E-NI, learn more about this technology, buy accessories and everything you need and affordable prices go ahead and visit us RIGHT NOW To Save On tobaccoless cigarettes, electronic cigarrettes, liquid smoking, e-ciggarette and more instantly visit us at *******www.totallywickedcoupon**** From personal experience of not smoking tobacco for over a year now and exclusively vaping, you will feel better, save money, not stink, well, the list goes on. Certainly it was a life-changing experience for the positive when I switched, so check it out. I doubt you will regret
5 May 2010
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LEGO Universe is being named the best new MMO already. Great for children and adults alike who want to go on imagination inspiring missions, battles and create their custom characters.
29 Oct 2010
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If you're feeling venturesome this add on for Mafia 2 adds a spectacularly exciting aspect to an already great game.
4 Nov 2010
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The calling options with Tracfone are already great so they just expanding with SVC. Senior Value Cell Phone is their newest member of the prepaid company and made with seniors in mind -- check it out!
17 May 2011
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Mortal Kombat review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Mortal Kombat for Playstation Vita. Mortal Kombat recreated itself last year and comes to the PS Vita with the same great game but with some additional features for the Vita. You can play Test Your Balance and Test Your Swipe. There is also a completely new challenge tower to go along with the story mode, arcade mode, and online play. It also comes with the DLC, which includes new characters and costumes. All this makes for a great version of an already great game. This video review features video gameplay footage of Mortal Kombat for Playstation Vita and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Ryan.
7 Sep 2012
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Jet Moto 2 review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Jet Moto 2 for Playstation 1. Jet Moto 2 takes the series to new heights with major improvements to the gameplay, graphics, and track design. You once again enter the world of high stakes hoverbike racing, where the speeds are high and the crashes brutal. The track design is the major addition, with better designs and more difficult turns. You can either enter a single race or the tournament mode where you unlock new tracks and racers. The game comes with a high difficulty because the speeds are so fast. All this improves the already great series. This video review features video gameplay footage of Jet Moto 2 for Playstation 1 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Ryan.
9 Sep 2012
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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for Playstation Vita. Metal Gear Solid 2 makes the shift to the PS Vita and with it some new features unique to the system. The game looks amazing on the Vita's screen and with the updated HD graphics. There have also been touch controls added, with the items/ weapon selection being the main change. There are also smaller changes such as the scope zoom and leaning around corners being controlled with the touchscreen. All this making for a new way to play an already great game. This video review features video gameplay footage of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for Playstation Vita and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Ryan.
22 Sep 2012
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