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Altaf hussain dhakan
15 May 2007
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******* *******www.babutv**** MQM's Altaf Hussain is very thoughtful and dynamic speaker. salam Salam SAlam SALam SALAm SALAM SALAM :p
1 Sep 2009
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Arguably the smartest politican of Pakistan. I never understood why people of Pakistan wanted Musharaf to take of his uniform..What they really wanted to see? Why did they want him to be naked? Altaf Hussain ponders the same question. Jiye Altaf bhai
21 Oct 2009
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Why? 50 innocents bread earners (including several mohajirs-urdu speaking)rather I should say 50 families were murdered by MQM on 12th May caught on tape by independent Media. Then neutral non-muhajirs killed on 12 may were shown as MQM workers. The truth is MQM offered Namaz-a-Janaza for only one of its worker. Why MQM killed Eidi Ambulance Driver , along with patient and his cousin, on 12th May. People of Karachi were just welcoming suspended Cheif Justice Of PAkistan. Altaf Qatil is responsible for 20045 deaths and many more to come.
6 Sep 2009
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Altaf Hussain saying about Pakistani peoples situation who r on chatting from London. Do comment plz..
3 Dec 2009
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MQM's Altaf Hussain,Mustafa Kamal,Ishratul Ibad GAY
10 Mar 2011
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Karachi 12th may 2007 carnage by MQM Altaf outside Karachi Airport
10 Apr 2011
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Altaf Raja is back with a new album of romantic songs. Watch the video to know more.
27 Nov 2012
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Death Threats To Journalists by MQM's coward absconder Altaf Hussain on 31 Dec 2012. MQM sent bullet filled envelopes and death threats to journalists from its HQ Nine Zero *******mqmreports.wordpress****/2011/08/30/mqm-sent-bullet-filled-envelopes-and-faxed-death-threats-to-journalist-from-its-headquarter-nine-zero/
1 Jan 2013
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Tahir ul Qadri spokesman Riaz Abassi says MQM chief Altaf Hussain lacks patience,forbearance & longanimity
17 Jan 2013
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Lakhon logo ka Qatil Harami Alatf Hussain doing Drama
3 Nov 2009
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Altaf hussain's way ok talking and way of say salam
11 Feb 2009
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12 Sep 2009
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MQM Leader Altaf Hussain recently mentioned in his speach that they are coming to Punjab to help poor people get rid of chaudheries and Vaderas. Clips was take from Meray Mutabik Oct 04, 2009. *******
5 Oct 2009
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Altaf Hussain did not accept a Single Penny from any Agency or Their Proxies: Mqm Spokesman. The only crime of Altaf Hussain was that he had spurned all attempts by the agencies to buy his conscience. The spokesman of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) has stated unequivocally and in no uncertain terms, that Mr Altaf Hussain had never taken a single penny from the ISI, any other government agency or any other individual and there was no truth in the allegations levelled against him by certain people. The spokesman declared it was a fact that the government agencies had made numerous attempts to buy off Mr Hussain. In 1988 Brigadier Imtiaz of the ISI had brought money to Mr Hussain from General Hamid Gul but Mr Hussain had refused to take it. This was acknowledged by Brigadier Imtiaz sometimes ago on the media. Likewise, in 1990 Brigadier Hamid had brought money to Mr Hussain from General Mirza Aslam Beg but Mr Hussain had refused to accept that as well. The affidavit submitted by the then head of the ISI General Assad Durrani in the Supreme Court, containing the list of the politicians who had accepted money from the ISI, is testimony to the fact that Mr Hussain did not accept the money as his name is not in the list. The sworn statement of General Assad Durrani was a part of the record of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The spokesman said that the allegations against Mr Hussain from the former head of the Mehran Bank of accepting money through one Yousuf Advocate was an utter lie, and the MQM condemns it in the strongest possible terms. The spokesman said that the only crime of Mr Hussain was that he had spurned all attempts by the government agencies and their proxies to buy off his conscience. It was because of that refusal to sell off his conscience that unfounded allegations were levelled against him in the past in order to smear his image in public. Attempts were being made to mislead the public by making fabricated and baseless allegations against Mr Hussain. The spokesman said that the leadership of the MQM was clean having a clear conscience and ready to defend the allegations at every forum.
10 Nov 2012
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fahdbaba,fahd altaf, islamabad, NUML Pakistan Titanic remix sabzi wala sabzi remix
6 Mar 2009
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