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Free mp3, lyrics, chords and more: We hope Alexis Cohen's farewell rant from the premiere of American Idol 7, set here to English club music, will inspire you. Get the free mp3 here: *******www.rhettandlink****/blog/2008/01/18/americanidol7theme Chords: Verse: C G A F; Chorus: C Am F G Lyrics: I'll make it one day. One day. Somehow, some way. And I hope that someone sees that I have some talent somewhere. Whether it be in acting or singing. Or whether it be the fact that I have the chutzpah, and the ?, To be able to get up and talk. To be able to say what thinking. To be able to say what I mean. To be able to speak the heart. To be able To be able to lead. I will be victorious. Always be victorious. All rising!
18 Jan 2008
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"Now" by David Hart Let us embark now, you and I, As evening splays out to The blue-black sky. Let us proceed through Particular smooth stoned Streets, To incoherent rowdy Retreats, To white table-clothed Restaurants, To four Star hotels with mints on the pillows, With cherished friends And expound of noble great deeds, And then, To dancing streets that Entice our feet. And indeed this is now This gallant moment in Time. Gales of laughter now Skyrocket through the roof twirling in the warm dark sky, then bounce now down to tickle the tops of our heads. The time is now And always will be. No time for the past. No time for the future. They don't really exist. Now exists. Now will be the moment. Now will always be the moment. Forever, now.
21 Aug 2009
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View Header THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary (Abuja, Nigeria) ________________________________________________________________________ For Immediate Release August 26, 2000 REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT IN ADDRESS TO JOINT ASSEMBLY House of Representatives Chamber National Assembly Building Abuja, Nigeria 3:15 P.M. (L) THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. (Applause.) Mr. President of the Senate, the Speaker, Mr. Deputy President and Deputy Speaker, members of the Assembly. It is a great honor for me to be here with members of my Cabinet and government, members of the United States Congress, mayors of some of our greater cities, and my daughter. And we're glad to be here. (Applause.) I must say, this is the first time I have been introduced as President in eight years, speaking to parliamentary bodies all over the world, where they played a song before I spoke. (Laughter and applause.) I liked it a lot. (Laughter.) It got us all in a good frame of mind. Twenty-two years ago, President Jimmy Carter became the first President ever to visit sub-Saharan Africa when he arrived in Nigeria, saying he had come from a great nation to visit a great nation. (Applause.) More than two years ago, I came to Africa for the longest visit ever by an American President to build a new partnership with your continent. But sadly, in Nigeria, an illegitimate government was killing its people and squandering your resources. All most Americans knew about Nigeria then was a sign at their local airport warning them not to fly here. A year later, Nigeria found a transitional leader who kept his promises. (Applause.) Then, Nigerians elected a President and a National Assembly and entrusted to them -- to you -- the hard work of rebuilding your nation and building your democracy. Now, once again, Americans and people all around the world will know Nigeria for its music and art, for its Nobel Prize winners and its Super Falcons, for its commitment to peacekeeping and its leadership in Africa and around the world. In other words, once again, people will know Nigeria as a great nation. (Applause.) You have begun to walk the long road to repair the wrongs and errors of the past, and to build bridges to a better future. The road is harder and the rewards are slower than all hoped it would be when you began. But what is most important is that today you are moving forward, not backward. And I am here because your fight -- your fight for democracy and human rights, for equity and economic growth, for peace and tolerance -- your fight is America's fight and the world's fight. (Applause.) Indeed, the whole world has a big stake in your success -- and not simply because of your size or the wealth of your natural resources, or even your capacity to help lift this entire continent to peace and prosperity; but also because so many of the great human dramas of our time are being played out on the Nigerian stage. For example, can a great country that is home to one in six Africans succeed in building a democracy amidst so much diversity and a past of so much trouble? Can a developing country, blessed with enormous human and natural resources, thrive in a global economy and lift all its people? Can a nation so blessed by the verve and vigor of countless traditions and many faiths be enriched by its diversity, not enfeebled by it? I believe the answer to all those questions can, and must be, yes. (Applause.) There are still those around the world who see democracy as a luxury that people seek only when times are good. Nigerians have shown us that democracy is a necessity, especially when times are hard. The dictators of your past hoped the hard times would silence your voices, banish your leaders, destroy your spirit. But even in the darkest days, Nigeria's people knew they must stand up for freedom, the freedom their founders promised. Achebe championed it, Sunny Ade sang for it. Journalists like Akinwumi Adesukar fought for it. Lawyers like Gani Fawehinmi testified for it. (Applause.) Political leaders like Yar'Adua died for it. (Applause.) And most important, the people of Nigeria voted for it. (Applause.) Now, at last, you have your country back. Nigerians are electing their leaders, acting to cut corruption and investigate past abuses, shedding light on human rights violations, turning a fearless press into a free press. It is a brave beginning. But you know better than I how much more must be done. Every nation that has struggled to build democracy has found that success depends on leaders who believe government exists to serve people, not the other way around. President Obasanjo is such a leader. And the struggle to build democracy depends also on you, on legislators who will be both a check on and a balance to executive authority and be a source --(applause.) You know, if I said that to my Congress, they would still be clapping and standing. (Laughter.) And this is important, too -- let me finish. (Laughter.) In the constitutional system, the Legislature provides a check and balance to the Executive, but it must also be a source of creative, responsible leadership, for in the end, work must be done and progress must be made. (Applause.) Democracy depends upon a political culture that welcomes spirited debate without letting politics become a blood sport. It depends on strong institutions, an independent judiciary, a military under firm civilian control. It requires the contributions of women and men alike. (Applause.) I must say I am very glad to see a number of women in this audience today, and also I am glad that Nigerian women have their own Vital Voices program -- (applause) -- a program that my wife has worked very hard for, both in Africa and all around the world. Of course, in the end, successful political change must begin to improve people's daily lives. That is the democracy dividend Nigerians have waited for. But no one should expect that all the damage done over a generation can be undone in a year. (Applause.) Real change demands perseverance and patience. It demands openness to honorable compromise and cooperation. It demands support on a constant basis from the people of Nigeria and from your friends abroad. That does not mean being patient with corruption or injustice, but to give up hope because change comes slowly would only be to hand a victory to those who do not want to change at all. (Applause.) Remember something we Americans have learned in over 224 years of experience with democracy: It is always and everywhere a work in progress. It took my own country almost 90 years and a bitter civil war to set every American free. It took another 100 years to give every American the basic rights our Constitution promised them from the beginning. Since the time of our revolution, our best minds have debated how to balance the responsibilities of our national and state government; what the proper balance is between the President and the Congress; what is the roll of the courts in our national life. And since the very beginning, we have worked hard with varying degrees of success and occasional, regrettable, sometimes painful failures, to weave the diverse threads of our nation into a coherent, unified tapestry. Today, America has people from over 200 racial, ethnic and religious groups. We have school districts in America where, in one school district, the parents of the children speak over 100 different languages. It is an interesting challenge. But it is one that I am convinced is a great opportunity, just as your diversity -- your religious diversity and your ethnic diversity -- is a great opportunity. In a global society, growing ever more intertwined -- a great opportunity if we can find unity in our common humanity; if we can learn not only to tolerate our differences, but actually to celebrate our differences; if we can believe that how we worship, how we speak, who our parents were, where they came from are terribly important, but on this Earth, the most important thing is our common humanity, then there can be no stopping us. (Applause.) Now, no society has every fully solved this problem. As you struggle with it you think of the Middle East, Northern Ireland, the Balkans, the ongoing tragedy of Kashmir. And you realize it is a formidable challenge. You also know, of course, that democracy does not answer such questions. It simply gives all free people the chance to find the answers that work for them. I know that decades of mis-rule and deprivation have made your religious and ethnic divisions deeper. Nobody can wave a hand and make the problems go away. But that is no reason to let the idea of one united Nigeria slip away. After all, after all this time, if we started trying to redraw the map of Africa, we would simply be piling new grievances on old. Even if we could separate all the people of Africa by ethnicity and faith, would we really rid this continent of strife? Think of all the things that would be broken up and all the mountains of progress that have been built up that would be taken down if that were the case. Where there is too much deprivation and too little tolerance, differences among people will always seem greater, and will always be like open sores waiting to be turned into arrows of hatred by those who will be advantaged by doing so. But I think it is worth noting for the entire world that against the background of vast cultural differences, a history of repression and ethnic strife, the hopeful fact here today is that Nigeria's 250 different ethnic groups have stayed together in one nation. (Applause.) You have struggled for democracy together. You have forged national institutions together. All your greatest achievements have come when you have worked together. It is not for me to tell you how to resolve all the issues that I follow more closely than you might imagine I do. You're a free people, an independent people, and you must resolve them. All I can tell you is what I have seen and experienced these last years as President in the United States and in working with other good people with similar aspirations on every continent of the globe. We have to find honorable ways to reconcile our differences on common ground. The overwhelming fact of modern life everywhere, believe it or not, is not the growth of the global economy, not the explosion of information technology and the Internet, but the growing interdependence these changes are bringing. Whether we like it or not, more and more our fates are tied together -- within nations and beyond national borders, even beyond continental borders and across great oceans. Whether we like it or not, it is happening. You can think of big examples, like our economic interconnections. You can think of anecdotal examples, like the fact that we now have a phenomenon in the world known as airport
6 Nov 2009
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Just relax and stare at the spiral for 30 seconds. Follow this simple exercise and discover how to get high without drugs. Train yourself to effortlessly and naturally always be in your state of peak performance. Never again feel forced to associate with people you don't like just to get access to drugs.Say hello to safely changing your mind whenever and however you want simply by following Obama in this simple Self-Hypnosis exercise. Funny state and signal hypnotic state self-hypnotic suggestion self-hypnosis or autosuggestion. That state of hypnosis induced even hot hot hot girls doing hypnotic state self-hypnotic drugs drugs drugs and politics politics politicis having sex sex sex to sell cool cool cool video video video or self-hypnotic suggestion.
29 Jun 2009
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When it comes to what young women are looking for in their lives, relationships, and health, a new survey finds that most are putting an emphasis on a traditional core value: reliability. A national online survey of more than 1,000 women, ages 18 to 34 years old, found that 9 out of 10 believe it is very important that they, as well as the people in their lives, are reliable. More than 80 percent of women said their friends and family would say they can always be counted on to be reliable, and just as many reciprocate that trust by seeking their advice about health-related decisions. "Modern Girls are taking charge of their lives by returning to fundamental values like reliability. They also are more proactive about their health care and seek out accurate information about the health issues that are important to their personal and sexual health," said Jane Buckingham, noted author and television host of The Modern Girl's Guide series.
7 Aug 2008
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Most people haven't seen this, but I bet it would help more people understand why smoking isn't a good idea. Filmed in one take and completely produced in under an hour. If you think the results are fake, go ahead and try it yourself. And if you start smoking, you are an absolute idiot. For the record, I'm a smoker. I've quit, but that will never make me a non-smoker. Once you're addicted, you're a smoker for life. All I can do is try to always be a smoker who is not smoking today. The music in the background is Mozart's Requiem Lacrymosa.
28 Feb 2008
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*******www.jasonayres****/ *******ellisguitars**** Influenced by the rhythmic pop of John Mayer, the vocal stylings of Jeff Buckley and the storytelling of Dave Mathews, Jason Ayres is a West Australian based singer-songwriter who delivers a unique brand of acoustic pop tunes. Having performed alongside artists like "James Cruikshank" (The Cruel Sea), "Jez", Perth favourites "Toby & Code Red" & "Saritah", and having supported one of South Africa's top bands "Lonehill Estate" during one of his South African tours, Jason has developed his own style and grace on stage, always being faithful to the songs, himself and his listeners.
12 May 2008
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Welcome brides, grooms, and future wedding guests I'm Harmonie Krieger your host for nuptialstv**** your video guide to planning your wedding and beyond. On this edition of Nuptialstv we will be covering Wedding Cake Etiquette. Here are the guidelines to the handling, cutting, and serving of wedding cakes. This is hardly surprising because just about everything in a traditional wedding is governed by etiquette and tradition. Many couples, no matter how formal or informal the wedding is, try to observe wedding cake guidelines. Protocol for wedding cakes includes the following: * The cake should always be displayed at the reception on a beautifully decorated table. It should be in front of the bride’s table and set so that while it’s is on display it does not block a view of the head table. An ornamental knife should be placed on the table. * Protocol demands that the cake must be cut at the right time in the reception. For informal ceremonies and receptions this means serving it after the guests have been received and toasts have been given. For formal ceremonies it should be served after the main dinner. * An announcement that the cake is to be cut should always precede the actual cutting of the cake, this allows mingling guests to view the ceremony. * The bride should hold the knife in her right hand and the groom should stand slightly behind her with his right hand covering hers to make the cut, the first slice should be fed by the groom to the bride and the second bite should be offered by the bride to the groom. * After the cutting of the cake and the first bites, a family member or member of the catering staff should cut the serving slices. * The cake should be served with coffee or the beverage of the guest’s choice, guests should also be offered the opportunity to box up their piece in a gift box to take home Thanks for watching nuptialstv****, I’m your host Harmonie Krieger offering Congratulations for the Groom and Best Wishes to the Bride!
12 Feb 2008
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Tony Cristello, Senior V.P., BB&T Capital Markets Equity Research, says consolidation will always be a factor in the automotive aftermarket, and in fact will accelerate. There will always be someone looking for a way to make a more efficient model
29 Feb 2008
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*******www.globalchange**** How retailers and shopping centres need to fight back against online sales sites which will almost always be able to beat them with huge discounts. Shopping centres and high street shops / shopping malls can deliver retail product faster into your hands than online -- even with overnight delivery. Why in an increasingly fast-changing and impatient world the high street shop will always win for some consumers who need it NOW. And the other thing is providing living, breathing shopping experience. Customer behaviour and consumer choice. Online shopping and e-bay / online travel agents. Food shopping is likely to remain a go-out-shopping activity for a very long time because of immediacy and the fact that shoppers want to touch, feel and smell food before buying. Comment by Dr Patrick Dixon, futurist, leading authority on global trends and conference speaker.
8 Mar 2008
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I would like to tell her the truth. I see her as a girl that has a lot of potential but she needs a definite kick in the ass! She is a role model for young women and she should be more responsible. I would always be there for her, to listen and to give her constructive criticism.
12 Mar 2008
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I'll always be funny
19 Mar 2008
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How to Easily & Accurately Figure Out the Calories in Your Foods Transcript: Firstly, why should you know the calorie numbers in what you're eating? The answer is simple. Losing weight will always be about one thing: eating fewer than your daily requirements. In other words the total of everything you eat in a day should be less than your daily calorie requirements. (By the way if you don't know your daily calorie requirements, please go to zacking**** and we'll figure these out for you.) But then the question is: How can we estimate the number of calories in our foods in such a way that it doesn't become too difficult or complicated. 'Cause let's face it, researching the calorie number in everything we eat can get very old, very quickly. And there's the problem of simply not finding the calorie number in a food we've just eaten. To help us simplify this process for you we're going to use the free food section at Zacking****. What we've done at Zacking! Foods, is come up with the average values for foods. Instead of listing thousands upon thousands of calorie values (which anyone can do, they're pretty easily available), we list only about a 100 -- 110. And it really took substantial research and lots of practical knowledge to narrow it down to a 100. This is what we want to achieve with our Zacking! Foods list: Instead of figuring out the nutritional information down to the smallest detail, we want you to be able to look at any food and come up with a very good estimate of how much you've just eaten. Not exact value but a very good estimate. This works better in the long term because simplifying the process means better chance of keeping track and because you'll understand how much you've eaten, you'll actually end up being much more accurate in your assessment. Let's look at a few examples to illustrate this further: Check out our number for calories in donuts, one plain or chocolate covered is 225, one crème filled is 325. Now this rule cuts across brands (even the hard to find ones) or fast foods. Whenever you choose to eat a donut, the final number will be very close to what we've give here. But it does more than that. Imagine you're at a really expensive restaurant and you order this internationally acclaimed and obviously really expensive pastry. And you wonder... how many calories is this exotic delight? To answer this question, ask yourself this: Is what I am eating look and taste like a jelly donut? Is it about the same size and is it probably or at least seemingly made of similar things. If so put down 325 when you get home. If not, maybe it's more like a... fudge square. You see what we're getting at? Check out the closest food values at Zacking! and give it your best estimate. Let's do a couple of more examples... ...Starting with our 1 spoon of food rules... and we can assure you that this a Zacking! exclusive. Each serving spoon of food is either 75 calories or 125 calories. As long as the food item can fit into a spoon, it's either 75 or 125. 125 for food that is fried or cooked in lots of butter/cream, 75 for food that uses little butter/cream or less oil. So what kind of foods fit in a spoon? Well, mashed potatoes are one, lasagna is another. If you see that the Mashed potatoes you're eating have a lot of cream/butter in it, it's 125/Spoon. If not we're looking at 75 calories a spoon. If it fits in a spoon than these are the numbers for it. Examples of foods that don't fit in a spoon are a Turkey leg or a steak. For these we have our deck of cards rules. For example beef the size of a deck of cards will be 250 calories. So next time you have a steak, ask yourself this: In terms of size, how many deck of cards is this steak? If it's roughly equal in size to 3 deck of cards (a 9 oz. steak), the number is 750 calories. To check out all of Zacking! Foods please go to Zacking**** and click "Foods". You have to be a member to see 'em but our membership and the entire website is completely free. This is Victor Locke for Zacking****. Thank you very much for watching and we hope this helped simplify weight management for you.
31 Mar 2008
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One of creators of the LWA and one of the most famous backyard wrestlers Jack D Ripper died April 2008. He was only 18. The shock is he did ... all » not die in the ring, Over Dose or kill himself but ironicly died in a car wreck on his way home from a WWE Raw show. He was in the gym for the last year of his life and was planning on starting his Wrestling training this summer. He will always be missed. Rip Jack D Ripper
24 Jan 2010
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The foreign student hits the Tibetan independence.Tibet Will Always Be Part of China.
13 Apr 2008
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I’ve been sayin’ I’ve got people. Well they’re talkin’ bout how they filed their taxes at hrblock****. Thanx for visiting my MySpace page (www.myspace****/trumangreene) and H&R Block’s Facebook page (www.facebook****/HRBlockonline). Tax season’s over, but it’ll always be tax season for me!
9 Feb 2009
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