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7 May 2012
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Swingers is back with it's 4th confessional! Check out my best friend Alex, he edited as well as co-wrote and co-starred! ***********/soaroftheconch... *******www.twitter****/sotcc My stuff: *******www.twitter****/alwaystextback *******www.myspace****/alwaystextback *******www.alwaystextback****
4 Jan 2010
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A strung out Beyoncé parody. Thanks to Daniel for helping with the puppet show and co-writing: twitter**** youtube**** Follow me: twitter
25 Apr 2009
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Comment "NICE SHOES" if you see this. Tweet this video and post it on facebook if your creepy uncle already knows how to make meth! Follow Me: *******www.twitter****/ATxB Facebook: *******www.facebook****/thedanielcarter Daily Videos: ***********/ATB365 Inspired by "VCR Hack" and the style of those parodies by Dane Boe: ***********/daneboe
13 Dec 2010
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SUBSCRIBE to win a $15 iTUNES CARD! Get this song on iTunes: ******* _ Friend me on FACEBOOK *******apps.facebook****/keeptheheat Get my FREE iPhone / iPod App ‪‪*******‬‬ Follow me on Twitter ‪*******twitter****/keeptheheat‬ Like my shoes? Get your own pair! ‪*******‬ _ People that made this video awesome: POSSE: ***********/scottkinmartintv ***********/outbackzack ***********/alwaystextback ***********/iamaustincarroll (subscribe) GIRLFRIEND: *******dailybooth****/AtStarbucks (she hates jellybeans) _ Instrumental by Approaching Nirvana *******youtube****/approachingnirvana _ Keywords: Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song Bruno Mars The Lazy Song Official Video "The Lazy Song Official Video" Bruno Mars The Lazy Song Music Video "The Lazy Song Music Video" Bruno Mars The Lazy Song Parody The Lazy Song Official Music Video Spoof New Song Pop Records Lyrics Live Remix HD MP3 Download New Song Pop Records Lyrics Live Remix HD MP3 Download Parody Spoof KEEPtheHEAT "KEEP the HEAT" Alex Negrete Parody Spoof KEEPtheHEAT "KEEP the HEAT" Alex Negrete JellyBean Jelly Bean "Jelly Beans" "Jelly Bean" "Jellybean" JellyBeans © 2011 WMG. *******www.brunomars**** © 2011 WMG. *******www.brunomars**** _ "These keywords along with all other similar text contained in the metadata of this video allow it to be indexed higher in search results, thus enabling a broader audience to discover and enjoy my content. This is not to be confused with metadata spam which is, in essence, including terms that are unrelated to the actual content. Since these terms clearly relate to my content it is therefore not spam and more accurately described as "Search Engine Optimization." If you are an artist, label or represent an artist and are interested in working with me in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always interested and excited at the opportunity to work with other creative individuals." Thanks, Alex Negrete KEEPtheHEAT gmail . com
30 Apr 2011
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Some people who need medical care but can't afford it go to the emergency room. Others just hope they'll get better. James Richard Verone robbed a bank. Yahoo! News ******* ★LIKE my videos? Share them! ******* ►WATCH MORE: ******* MY LINKS: • Main ‪*******youtube****/ScottKinmartinTV‬ • Daily ‪*******youtube****/SCOTTaMINUTE‬ • Alternate *******youtube****/SC0TTK1NM4RT1N • Twitter ‪*******twitter****/ScottKinmartin‬ • Facebook ‪*******facebook****/ScottKinmartinTV‬ • Dailybooth ‪*******dailybooth****/ScottKinmartin‬ • Tumblr *******ScottKinmartin.tumblr**** • Formspring ‪*******‬ • Flickr ‪*******flickr****/photos/ScottKinmartin‬ • Funny or Die? *******funnyordie****/ScottKinmartin Filmed by Daniel Carter (roommate) • *******youtube****/alwaystextback • *******youtube****/DanielCarter Theme song produced by Robbie Jay • *******youtube****/r0bbiejayy
7 Sep 2011
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Have you ever wanted to have a HUGE dodgeball battle before? Check out my Pepsi Refresh Challenge video: ******* Original music by: *******www.mikeandrewbarnett**** Thanks to everyone that was in this video: Alli - - *******youtube****/Alli Justin - - *******youtube****/Gradlife Wyatt - - *******youtube****/Gradlife DJ - - *******youtube****/TeraBrite Melissa - - *******youtube****/Mel Scott - - *******youtube****/ScottKinmartinTV Daniel - - *******youtube****/alwaystextback Filmed on location at the *******boingjumpcenter**** - huge thanks for them opening up several hours early just so we could do this! My information: *******youtube****/InternetKilledTV - daily videos *******twitter****/CharlesTrippy *******facebook****/InternetKilledTV GET AN AWESOME TSHIRT HERE: ******* - THEY MAKE YOU ALL SNAZZY :)
18 Jun 2013
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I was at Playlist LIVE 2012 in Orlando, Florida and I asked/said/did things to big YouTubers that you suggested in my video comments. See the new 2013 video at: ******* You can also see my video from VidCon 2012 where I did the same type of thing at ******* (includes Harley from Epic Meal Time, Ian from Smosh and even Phil DeFranco)! Everything (except the end part) was shot with my iPhone 4s in an mCAMLITE - thanks so much to ALM (*******www.actionlifemedia****) for giving me one to use for this video. I love it! YouTubers featured in this video (in order of appearance): Chris Thompson:****/supricky06 Tyler Oakley:****/tyleroakley Timothy DeLaGhetto:****/timothydelaghetto2 Corey Vidal:****/apprenticea Joe Penna:****/mysteryguitarman Dan Dobi:****/dandobi Jared Oban:****/ghero46 Freaky The Scary Snowman:****/thescarysnowman Peter Chao:****/pyrobooby Zack James:****/outbackzack Daniel Carter:****/alwaystextback Toby Turner:****/tobuscus Zachary Peacock:****/thatzak Damien:****/makemebad35 Olga Kay:****/olgakay Hannah Hart:****/myharto Jay Lichtenberger:****/ripfilms Sarah English:****/songpidgeon Lauren Francesca:****/iwantmylauren Jenna Marbles:****/jennamarbles Craig Benzine:****/wheezywaiter Thanks to my buddy Louie Barra for helping out with the videography:****/laughwithlulu
8 Jul 2013
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