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Here are various tricks which are possible with "scratch holography." *******amasci****/holo/ To make one of these holograms, all you really need is a plastic CD case and a couple of thumb tacks pushed through a stick.
2 Jun 2008
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'''►► *******Magnet4Power.Net - '''Build the world's simplest electric generator. Spin a magnet, light a bulb!Complete instructions are on the ULTRA SIMPLE GENERATOR website
10 Nov 2007
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Melt some glass in your kitchen microwave. BUT WHY?!! Why would anyone want to DO such a thing?
27 Dec 2007
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Sometimes a single driver can vastly improve traffic.Drive like a trucker: keep a large space ahead of your car. This can erase the patterns of stop-and-go driving (wipe out the Traffic Waves.) It can also break up the clogged merge-zones at certain highway exit ramps.Also your daily commute becomes a Zen-like experience. No more rage-fest. See trafficwaves****NOTE WELL: in this video, I'm driving in the exit-only lane. (It's a merge-zone jam at a major city exit.) The lane to my right is another exit-only lane. The actual fast lane is TWO LANES RIGHT.
28 Jul 2008
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Between "Genuine danger" and "Raving Safety Paranoia" there must be some sensible middle ground. Dry ice is fun. We should figure out a way to handle it safely.
4 Aug 2008
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DANGEROUS DEMO! Can't get liquid nitrogen? Then make some yourself. Note that this demonstration involves several major safety hazards, and should only be performed by skilled professionals.
4 Aug 2008
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Build the world's simplest electric generator. Spin a magnet, light a bulb! Complete instructions are on the ULTRA SIMPLE GENERATOR website
6 Sep 2008
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A supermagnet cube floats between graphite disks. The cube is lifted by the ceramic magnet a few cm above, while the two carbon disks repel the cube, keeping it stable. This is the small physics toy sold by Dr. Martin Simon a few years ago (no longer avail.) A larger version is sold on Educational Innovations website. Or buy pyrolytic graphite wafers from *******scitoys****, and supermagnets from *******www.wondermagnet****
24 Sep 2008
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I wear a suit and tie! Gah! The small travelling exhibit from the Beograd Tesla Museum made a stop in downtown Vancouver BC, at the BC Hydro corporate offices. See *******www.teslavancouver2006****/ During the opening we performed the dry-ice-high-voltage demonstration of the particle streams (possibly) the phenomenon behind his "Death Ray" claims. Video footage also includes "egg of columbus" and other Tesla devices.
14 Dec 2008
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An overview of the software for my Hologram Printer, which "prints" 3D holograms by scratching arcs into surfaces like plastic or metal. The printer was developed in 2009 at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. See Bill Beaty's site for more information on the phenomenon itself: *******www.amasci****/holo/
14 Jan 2009
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