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Here are various tricks which are possible with "scratch holography." *******amasci****/holo/ To make one of these holograms, all you really need is a plastic CD case and a couple of thumb tacks pushed through a stick.
2 Jun 2008
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An overview of the software for my Hologram Printer, which "prints" 3D holograms by scratching arcs into surfaces like plastic or metal. The printer was developed in 2009 at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. See Bill Beaty's site for more information on the phenomenon itself: *******www.amasci****/holo/
14 Jan 2009
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From mysterious sounds in the sky to strange sounds in the sea, unexplained sounds have been reported worldwide. These are the top strange noises reported around the world. Cover art by Jeff Chang: *******jeffchangart.deviantart****/ Including creepy Russian numbers stations like UVB-76, the underwater Bloop sound, an unexplained hum - sometimes known as the Taos hum - vibrating the air in places as far apart as Canada and Australia, mysterious booms rocking the sky, and the odd whale sounds of the 52 hertz whale -- the loneliest whale in the world. These strange sounds have been reported throughout history, but some continue through 2014 and today. Just what are these strange, sometimes scary noises? Are they signs of the apocalypse? Caused by government projects like HAARP, secret Air Force jets or even NASA? Or perhaps there are reasonable, less apocalyptic explanations... Turn up the volume, and watch to find out! Subscribe to Dark5 ► ******* Post to Facebook ► ******* Like Dark5 on Facebook ► ******* Follow Dark5 on Google+ ►******* LISTEN TO THE STRANGE SOUNDS HERE: 52-Hertz Whale: ******* The Bloop: ******* UVB-76: ********soundcloud****/secgen/uvb-76-male-voice-transmission-16-39gmt-2010-09-16 A collection of Hum recordings: *******amasci****/hum/hum1.html Intro: "The Machine Thinks" Music: "Return of Lazarus" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech****) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 *******creativecommons****/licenses/by/3.0/
3 Sep 2014
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This was for Lillian, back when she almost missed seeing the hoard of newborn kittens come boiling out of the closet and spreading all over the house. Climbin' up your leg! See amasci****/unew.html for lots of (non-Kitten) weird stuff.
17 Nov 2013
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*******amasci****/coilgen/ Build this ultra-simple AC electric generator from magnets, wire, and cardboard. (And a big nail!) Light a small lightbulb, or flash a red LED. This demonstrates how generators work. Now if you want a more useful device, use a small DC motor as a generator, since it has much better magnetics design. All motors are generators. Figure out how to spin a motor's shaft, and you can make a small powerful generator. Or... figure out how to convert this cardboard generator into a motor!
20 May 2009
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*******greenpowerscience****/ALTERNATOR1.php This is a long video but shows the complete basic steps for creating an alternator from a standard AC electric motor. There is also some basic safety suggestions and experiences. This Alternator averages 10-21 watts at 400 rpm and 30-40 watts at 800 rpm This also introduces you you a bridge rectifier. *******amasci****/ele-edu.html
27 Jul 2013
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Beer bottle in a microwave oven. IT MELTS. No, it's not very safe. Not for kids! That's my original oven from 1994 "Unwise Experiments" website, it's still working fine (but with paint a bit burned.) Whenever you see charred spots in your oven ceiling, you know that someone's been making plasma balls again. More unwise experiments are on the main site: *******amasci****/weird/microexp.html
3 Sep 2009
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Suspended steel filaments make three-dimensional magnetic fields visible. See *******amasci****/electrom/statbotl.html I came up with this one for the Electronics exhibit at Museum of Science, but it ended up as a build-it device for science teachers. I also discovered that baby oil slowly pushes its way through glued plexiglas joints. If you build an 8" cube of thick plexiglas and fill it with baby oil, a few months later you notice that it's half empty! And the other half is soaked into all the books on the shelf below! AND IT'S A SHELF IN A COLLEAGUE'S OFFICE!!! :)
24 May 2009
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see *******amasci****/holo/ Scratch-holograms can be made on CD cases using a couple of thumbtacks poked through a stick. Or get fancy and use a professional compass and black painted polycarbonate. Or automate the process with a paperclip stuck into a motorized electric eraser.
19 Jul 2008
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*******amasci****/weird/unusual/airthred.html Invisible filaments of high voltage "electric wind" are seen to disturb a thin fog layer made with warm water and dry ice. Get the HV power supply from *******amasci****/emotor/negion.html
27 Dec 2008
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From *******amasci****/brain/ website: Childhood Brain Modification. Instructions on valuable skills: how to cross just one eye, and how to speak with an echo. Many others on the site, plus hundreds more added by users. Note: Trolls & spammers blocked immediately. Zero tolerance.
7 Mar 2010
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More tricks using an 11-Tesla superconducting electromagnet. These are used for chemistry research; for determining the detailed shape of unknown molecules using "two dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance." Y'know, I've heard that if you place a tray of water under one of these magnets, the water will curve into a bowl shape, exposing the bottom of the tray. The Red Sea is parted. But nobody wants to try it. Too much expensive electronics might get wet. [LATER] Tried it. Didn't work. But perhaps the gradient was too small. I'll try it on another magnet. Also see *******amasci****/unew.html
21 Aug 2009
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Need a Science Fair Experiment? Always wanting to try this, here are the results of my experiment. For more on electricity old theories and new ones, visit: *******amasci****/miscon/whyhard1.html#cur for the answers. You can do the same. Note:. I used random parts and tried to keep the LED values low, with what I had on hand. Transistors are like electronic (one way) valves. The center leg controls the opening and closing or amplification of the valve. Using only that part of a PNP transistor, I devised my own diode for this experiment. Transistors replaced vacuum tubes. They are used mostly 2 ways. To amplify the signal passing through, or to act as an "electronic switch". Current only goes through one way, and by increasing or decreasing the bias current on the center leg, you can control the flow though it. In most cases, adding even higher voltage, increases the output, thus making it an amplifier. Diodes allow electricity to go only one way, which makes a great gate. DC electricity's electrons always flow from Negative to Positive. Same as Earth's Negative electrons flying to a positive charge in the sky. AKA lightning. Yes, it is a scientific fact. Ask Ben Franklin!. Thanks for watching and keep using your heads. Dave
23 Aug 2010
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