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An overview of the software for my Hologram Printer, which "prints" 3D holograms by scratching arcs into surfaces like plastic or metal. The printer was developed in 2009 at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. See Bill Beaty's site for more information on the phenomenon itself: *******www.amasci****/holo/
14 Jan 2009
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I wear a suit and tie! Gah! The small travelling exhibit from the Beograd Tesla Museum made a stop in downtown Vancouver BC, at the BC Hydro corporate offices. See *******www.teslavancouver2006****/ During the opening we performed the dry-ice-high-voltage demonstration of the particle streams (possibly) the phenomenon behind his "Death Ray" claims. Video footage also includes "egg of columbus" and other Tesla devices.
14 Dec 2008
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A supermagnet cube floats between graphite disks. The cube is lifted by the ceramic magnet a few cm above, while the two carbon disks repel the cube, keeping it stable. This is the small physics toy sold by Dr. Martin Simon a few years ago (no longer avail.) A larger version is sold on Educational Innovations website. Or buy pyrolytic graphite wafers from *******scitoys****, and supermagnets from *******www.wondermagnet****
24 Sep 2008
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Build the world's simplest electric generator. Spin a magnet, light a bulb! Complete instructions are on the ULTRA SIMPLE GENERATOR website
6 Sep 2008
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DANGEROUS DEMO! Can't get liquid nitrogen? Then make some yourself. Note that this demonstration involves several major safety hazards, and should only be performed by skilled professionals.
4 Aug 2008
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Between "Genuine danger" and "Raving Safety Paranoia" there must be some sensible middle ground. Dry ice is fun. We should figure out a way to handle it safely.
4 Aug 2008
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Sometimes a single driver can vastly improve traffic.Drive like a trucker: keep a large space ahead of your car. This can erase the patterns of stop-and-go driving (wipe out the Traffic Waves.) It can also break up the clogged merge-zones at certain highway exit ramps.Also your daily commute becomes a Zen-like experience. No more rage-fest. See trafficwaves****NOTE WELL: in this video, I'm driving in the exit-only lane. (It's a merge-zone jam at a major city exit.) The lane to my right is another exit-only lane. The actual fast lane is TWO LANES RIGHT.
28 Jul 2008
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Here are various tricks which are possible with "scratch holography." *******amasci****/holo/ To make one of these holograms, all you really need is a plastic CD case and a couple of thumb tacks pushed through a stick.
2 Jun 2008
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Melt some glass in your kitchen microwave. BUT WHY?!! Why would anyone want to DO such a thing?
27 Dec 2007
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'''►► *******Magnet4Power.Net - '''Build the world's simplest electric generator. Spin a magnet, light a bulb!Complete instructions are on the ULTRA SIMPLE GENERATOR website
10 Nov 2007
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From mysterious sounds in the sky to strange sounds in the sea, unexplained sounds have been reported worldwide. These are the top strange noises reported around the world. Cover art by Jeff Chang: *******jeffchangart.deviantart****/ Including creepy Russian numbers stations like UVB-76, the underwater Bloop sound, an unexplained hum - sometimes known as the Taos hum - vibrating the air in places as far apart as Canada and Australia, mysterious booms rocking the sky, and the odd whale sounds of the 52 hertz whale -- the loneliest whale in the world. These strange sounds have been reported throughout history, but some continue through 2014 and today. Just what are these strange, sometimes scary noises? Are they signs of the apocalypse? Caused by government projects like HAARP, secret Air Force jets or even NASA? Or perhaps there are reasonable, less apocalyptic explanations... Turn up the volume, and watch to find out! Subscribe to Dark5 ► ******* Post to Facebook ► ******* Like Dark5 on Facebook ► ******* Follow Dark5 on Google+ ►******* LISTEN TO THE STRANGE SOUNDS HERE: 52-Hertz Whale: ******* The Bloop: ******* UVB-76: ********soundcloud****/secgen/uvb-76-male-voice-transmission-16-39gmt-2010-09-16 A collection of Hum recordings: *******amasci****/hum/hum1.html Intro: "The Machine Thinks" Music: "Return of Lazarus" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech****) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 *******creativecommons****/licenses/by/3.0/
3 Sep 2014
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This was for Lillian, back when she almost missed seeing the hoard of newborn kittens come boiling out of the closet and spreading all over the house. Climbin' up your leg! See amasci****/unew.html for lots of (non-Kitten) weird stuff.
17 Nov 2013
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*******greenpowerscience****/ALTERNATOR1.php This is a long video but shows the complete basic steps for creating an alternator from a standard AC electric motor. There is also some basic safety suggestions and experiences. This Alternator averages 10-21 watts at 400 rpm and 30-40 watts at 800 rpm This also introduces you you a bridge rectifier. *******amasci****/ele-edu.html
27 Jul 2013
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Main site: *******trafficwaves****/ Watch at 0:01 to see the fight between "cheaters" versus "blockers" which causes this exit-lane backup. (The backup shown at 0:01 isn't the worst I've seen at this spot.) ALSO TRY HITTING 0:01 OVER AND OVER REALLY FAST. The Backpackers' rule: if we leave trash on the trail, so does everyone else, and the whole environment immediately turns to crap. If we pick up our own trash, the garbage piles don't vanish. They just build up more slowly from the many OTHER people who always leave a trail of crap behind them as they go. So, if we don't like it, we have to pick up other people's trash as well as our own. But sometimes, rarely, a little cleanup goes a long way, and one single person can make a huge difference. During evening rush hour on Seattle I-5, this clogged left lane usually has a 1/2-mile backup. This exit-only lane leads down into the high speed "Express Lanes" under the city. If you manage to exit here, there's rarely congestion in the Express Lanes. You might gain 10min! But the exit itself is jammed. And whenever it's jammed, you might lose more time in the jam than you'll gain from getting on to the express lanes. Also, if you miss getting into the left lane early, then you're screwed, since nobody in the row of ~200 cars will let you in. There is no "zipper merge." Also, merging drivers coming in from righthand ramps are not "cheaters," yet they're still aggressively blocked by those already in the jam. It's impossible for anyone to tell who is cheating and who is legit, but that doesn't stop people from closing up all gaps. Down at the downstream end of the jam, just a few drivers occasionally force their way in aggressively, yet this nearly halts the exit-lane flow. BUT ...if I refuse to be a tailgater, and instead let ten cars merge ahead of me as I approach the jam, like magic the whole thing evaporates, and everyone takes off at high speed. SOMETIMES! It doesn't work every time. Maybe once a week. Maybe twice. But when I don't try this trick, I never see it unjam spontaneously. And when I try this trick on other Seattle jams, it doesn't work. Only certain jams are "sensitive" like this one. Unfortunately this video can't show you the view from above. Also, you can't see behind me, so you can't see that my "hole" is the only one in a very long row of cars. You can't see that nobody is pulling out and passing me, instead all those merging cars are coming in at high speed from a distance. Also you can't see the size of the reliable daily jam that was there on other days, or the jam ahead of me before I arrived and started draining it down by letting people merge. Note that letting some cars get ahead of you is NOTHING, it doesn't slow you down. On a 30min congested commute at 65MPH, 2sec between cars, if you were a slowpoke going 5MPH slower than the rest, how many other cars would pass you? Seventy five! And a gap of 2.5 miles would open up ahead of you! In other words, slowpokes don't have 10-car gaps, instead their gaps are miles long, either that or stunningly huge numbers of cars are pulling out to pass. Yet on the same commute, letting a few (10) cars merge will slow you down *insignificantly*: by 10 to 20sec out of 30min, or less than 1MPH slowing (64.5MPH, not 65MPH.) Ten cars one way or another is NOTHING, it's way too small to matter. Ten cars is not a real delay, it's a psychological illusion which appears whenever you believe that you're in a race. In a race, a few seconds can mean the difference between winning and losing. On your commute, a few seconds are irrelevant. If a few seconds delay genuinely bothers you, then why not change your alarm clock and get up TWENTY SECONDS EARLIER! Or if set for five minutes earlier, you'll be able to let a couple hundred cars merge ahead of you. :) Conversely, if you want to drive significantly faster than everyone else, then you need to pass 50-100 other drivers to shorten your commute by just a minute or two. If you only managed to pass a few cars, that's called FAILURE, and your speed wasn't increased enough to matter. Your place in line is meaningless, and unless you're passing hundreds of cars, you're speed is the same as everyone in the jam. . Note: Trolls & spammers blocked immediately. Zero tolerance.
31 Jul 2011
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Need a Science Fair Experiment? Always wanting to try this, here are the results of my experiment. For more on electricity old theories and new ones, visit: *******amasci****/miscon/whyhard1.html#cur for the answers. You can do the same. Note:. I used random parts and tried to keep the LED values low, with what I had on hand. Transistors are like electronic (one way) valves. The center leg controls the opening and closing or amplification of the valve. Using only that part of a PNP transistor, I devised my own diode for this experiment. Transistors replaced vacuum tubes. They are used mostly 2 ways. To amplify the signal passing through, or to act as an "electronic switch". Current only goes through one way, and by increasing or decreasing the bias current on the center leg, you can control the flow though it. In most cases, adding even higher voltage, increases the output, thus making it an amplifier. Diodes allow electricity to go only one way, which makes a great gate. DC electricity's electrons always flow from Negative to Positive. Same as Earth's Negative electrons flying to a positive charge in the sky. AKA lightning. Yes, it is a scientific fact. Ask Ben Franklin!. Thanks for watching and keep using your heads. Dave
23 Aug 2010
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From *******amasci****/brain/ website: Childhood Brain Modification. Instructions on valuable skills: how to cross just one eye, and how to speak with an echo. Many others on the site, plus hundreds more added by users. Note: Trolls & spammers blocked immediately. Zero tolerance.
7 Mar 2010
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