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Shot in Octobre 2016 Released 26th of June 2017 Follow Radiovision on: Facebook Youtube Instagram Website Download Shades of black : iTunes Amazon Stream Shades of black : Spotify Google Play Deezer Director: Norman Baert SFX: Aitor Menta (Blub VJ) Editing: Christophe Vercammen Single artwork: Nick en Klaas
26 Jun 2017
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Bearded Wonder From Down Under, is from Midnight Kahuna's first album, Canute! Alive From East Drive... Released from the Kahuna vaults for your viewing and listening pleasure, the song tells the story of an adventurous chap who takes off his wedding ring when he leaves the house and the trouble that leads him to. We hope you will enjoy and subscribe to our channel and if you like the music, you can buy it on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby!!!
27 Jun 2017
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If you are not feeling comfortable for preparing your AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Actual Test then just visit our site to get well prepared. We provide updated and actual exam dumps, so don't waste your important time and get Free AWS Certified SysOps Administrator questions with answers from our site Amazon dumps..
29 Jun 2017
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This is a tutorial Video on Health supplements, created and issued on public interest. This video feature Filtur UK's largest price comparison website on Health Foods. Filtur Compares more than 20000 Health products to get their customers best deals. Here in this video, we show how easily you can compare and buy supplements using Filtur. In less than 30 seconds Filtur let you compare and find the best deal on your desired Health food. Moreover, it compares prices from popular retailers such as Tesco, Holland and Barret, Amazon, Sainsbury's, Boots and many more. So, How much you can save using Filtur? We've seen differences on products of up to 80%+ between retailers so the savings for you could be eye opening.
30 Jun 2017
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1 Jul 2017
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Amazon Relocation offers professional and reliable moving, storing and solutions in NYC and the surrounding communities. Amazon Relocation experienced moving professionals will take the hassle out of your move.
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6 Jul 2017
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Here is the new Release from hot new Independent Artist Big AL Swagg "No Competition" available on all online major streaming platforms! Go to bigalswaggdotcom to exchange your email for a free download of this new hit! Or stream it on Tidal, Apple Music, Groove/X-Box Music, Google Play Music, YouTube, Amazon, Deezer etc!
9 Jul 2017
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Web companies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T are supposed to balance internet activity, not utilizing in their frameworks prohibitive programming, that can be used as weapons to smother out connections from web business associations that require a decent stream like Netflix or YouTube among numerous others. Even your one backup tool online is going to suffer as soon you go beyond that “imaginary” limit. Tech pioneers such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, approached the FCC to protect solid unhindered internet rules, and some pointed for the Congress to systematize a more innovative law. After all, seeing that all Americans can get on the web was a noteworthy FCC objective. But it is among corporations and organizations that the problem gets ridiculously more serious: ISPs will be made guards of traffic flow, managing organizations at will and hindering new rivalry and future development. They will throttle or generally meddle with web traffic, established by web companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook that quest for internet fairness strategies like sharing. Your ISP may level out certain sites that exploit a great deal of information and traffic, but sites that rely on individual amusement like photos and video sharing will get a considerable impact on their business model.
13 Jul 2017
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14 Jul 2017
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16 Jul 2017
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Jean-Baptiste Painting a St. Lucia Amazon parrot on silk in this short silk painting demonstration video. Daniel is the originator of the shimmering light water technique, creating delicate hues of colour and light by painting wet-on-wet method in which liquid paints are delicately applied using small Sumi Bamboo sheep hair brushes. The silk is positioned flat while suspended in a stretcher so that the wet colours can bleed freely on the fabric. The finished piece is water resistant and lightfast, ready for framing behind glass.
16 Jul 2017
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Find us on- Facebook, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Band Camp, and many others. Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at All Poetic Audio Video created by Inspired Film Studios So does it make you feel so much stronger, knowing that I don't have a chance to stand. Looking up at a coward’s excuse for a man, you are the reason that I… Keep standing, to show that I still have fight left in me. (Rise) I won’t let you have this so easily, you won’t be the end of me. (You won’t be the end of me.) I’m so tired of the disappointment that is placed on me. By the empty people in my life who surround me; and it’s tearing apart everything I thought I had left in me, leaving me a hollowed empty shell, the forgotten me. It's the power that you hold over my head, that’s caused by my lack of strength. I don’t believe in myself anymore, I lack the power to accept my life. I tell myself everyday that I’m not the man in the mirror, no roads are paved, I can set the way. Be who I want to be. I’m so tired of the disappointment that is placed on me. By the empty people in my life who surround me; and it’s tearing apart everything I thought I had left in me, leaving me a hollowed empty shell, the forgotten me. The pain of neglect, the fear of regret. I'm trying my damnedest to live and forget. The hate inside me the struggle to breath, I'm trying to feel something but have no reprieve. The life of roulette; The score has been set in the hands of the strong, your life is the debt. In the end we all feel the shame. You decide how to handle the pain (2X) (Finish the game that you call a life. The empty space that fills inside will keep you alive) This is my last and final words of advice; To leave your mark before they take your life. Special thanks to Sharlie and her family for the location and all of the extra help to set this up! Special thanks to Nathan and Robert for the help and for having to lift our fat bodies all day!
19 Jul 2017
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