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This clip is part of the 37 minute videoguide "Cruising The Amazon River" available in English on sale at *******www.wocmultimedia****/dvd/peruuk.htm#6 - here's a short itinerary from Iquitos cruise downward - visit to the Huitoto-Bora people - the local communities of Pevas and Requena - coming back to Iquitos. Questa clip è parte della videoguida di 37 minuti "Navigando il Rio delle Amazzoni" in vendita su *******www.wocmultimedia****/dvd/peru.htm#6 La videoguida è disponibile in Italiano o con i sottotitoli in Inglese. In questa clip visitiamo il villaggio indigeno degli Huitoto-Bora con le loro danze e poi le comunità di Pevas e Requena con il fascino della foresta tropicale...Non perdetevi la guida completa che ha molte più sorprese e curiosità
28 Dec 2009
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They went underground to study oil wells… but KSAT reports-- that’s not what researchers in South America found. “Scientists in Brazil have discovered a huge river flowing underneath the Amazon River.” You heard right-- a river underneath a river. Rio Hamza is the name… and KABC reports-- it’s no small piece of real estate. “Brazil’s National Observatory says the underground river is nearly as long as the Amazon itself—nearly 3700 miles.” The two rivers do share similarities… but the International Business Times points out their differences. “… both the Amazon and Hamza flow from west to east, but they differ in their width. The Amazon ranges from 1 kilometer to 100 kilometers in width, while Hamza ranges from 200 kilometers to 400 kilometers. However, the Amazon flows much faster than the Hamza.” Media are throwing around the word ‘river’ quite often when referring to the discovery. But according to researcher and namesake Valiya Hamza — it’s not like the river you and I are thinking of. Nature has his comments. “As Hamza himself makes clear, this is not a river in the conventional sense. ‘This is water flowing through porous rock, mainly sandstone and under that, conglomerate,’ he says. Unlike a true river, this underground water flow has ‘no fixed boundary’.” The Guardian reports-- the river starts in the Acre region under the Andes and flows through the Solimoes, Amazonas, and Marajo basins before opening out directly into the Atlantic. But a geologist with Petrobras tells the BBC—this can’t be right. “Water and other fluids could indeed flow through the porous sedimentary rock, he said, but would be unlikely to reach the Atlantic Ocean because the sedimentary basins containing the porous rock were separated by older rock deposits that would form an impermeable barrier.” Professor Hamza sought to make it clear that all of the research is in a preliminary stage. He expects to confirm the existence of the flow under the Amazon within the next few years.
30 Aug 2011
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Ed Stafford is the first man to walk the entire length of the Amazon River. He talks to Bear Grylls about the challenges he faced on his 4,000 mile trek.
3 Nov 2011
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giant anaconda snake
23 Sep 2017
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giant anaconda
23 Sep 2017
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In animal - Amazon River fearful water goby (in world strongest foodmanatee)
13 Oct 2007
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Easiest fishing spot in world. Amazing video shot in the Amazon river in Brazil, the fish just jump to your boat.
26 Dec 2007
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One big anaconda in the amazon river
4 Apr 2009
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*******www.fertur-travel****/iquitos_tours.html The Amazon River in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest The Amazon River dominates South Americafrom its source in the Peruvian Andes to its mouth on the east coast of Brazil. The first European to find it was Francisco de Orellana in 1542. The Amazon is the longest and broadest river in the world, and covers the largest land area. Its 6756 kilometers or 4,197 miles long, more than 40 kilometers longer than the Nile. For most of its length the river is sinuous, creating a web of channels and thousands of islands. On average the Amazon is 50 meters deep and between 4 and 6 kilometers wide. River boat tours leave from Iquitos to the eastern edge of the Amazon in Brazil, a journey that takes weeks, but shorter trips can take visitors to jungle lodges for a glimpse of the rivers abundant wildlife.. Fertur Peru Travel. A full service travel agency and tour operator dedicated to making your journey to Peru a dream come true. Visit us at: *******www.fertur-travel****/iquitos_tours.html Peru tours to Iquitos hotels peru peru tour huaraz peru caraz peru inca trail peru trip peru tourism peru alpamayo hiking peru travel agency peru climbing peru tour operator peru peru tourism trekking Peru peru flights peru bike tours tour companies
3 Jul 2009
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a clip taken on the rio Momon (a tributary of the Nanay). Two grey dolphins are just coming to the surface. Hard to see but.....
25 Dec 2007
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2 Nov 2008
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Just be sure to mind the piranhas.
8 Dec 2008
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