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Dr. Otis Brawley is the chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society. For more information, please visit *******www.cancer****/Cancer/CancerCauses/OtherCarcinogens/AtHome/cellular-phones
1 Jun 2011
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Buddy makes a cake for a hamburger enthusiast; this encourages the guys at the bakery to see who can eat the most burgers. Also: the bakery makes a cake for the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life, a fundraiser that practically touches Buddy, Joey and Mauro personally.
15 Jun 2012
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New research shows that CT scans may give 29,000 Americans cancer killing nearly 15,000. CBS medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton reports.
23 Aug 2012
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The debate heats up over whether or not men should not have routine PSA screening tests for prostate cancer. Dr. Otis Brawley, Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society, and former Notre Dame basketball coach and prostate cancer survivor Digger Phelps continue their conversation in this web-only video.
31 Aug 2012
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A government panel says men shouldn't have routine PSA screening tests for prostate cancer. The American Cancer Society's Dr. Otis Brawley says the tests may kill more men than they save, but former Notre Dame basketball coach and prostate cancer survivor Digger Phelps says a PSA test helped save his life.
31 Aug 2012
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Dr. Jennifer Ashton discussed The American Cancer Society's updated guidelines for prostate cancer screenings.
8 Sep 2012
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Ovarian cancer is a notoriously difficult to catch early. A new study being published in the American Cancer Society's peer-reviewed journal reveals that current screening tests only reduce deaths by 11%. Dr. Jennifer Ashton spoke with Betty Nguyen about the challenges of detecting this often-silent cancer and how to reduce your risk.
12 Sep 2012
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2:52 Economy Dr. Otis Brawley, Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society, gives an example of the occasionally serious unintended consequences that can occur when medical practitioners accept "kickbacks" from pharmaceutical companies.
18 Dec 2012
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Lung cancer is one of this country's top killers, and now, the American Cancer Society has new guidelines for screening people who are at highest risk. Marlie Hall reports.
12 Jan 2013
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New American Cancer Society numbers show the overall cancer death rate has dropped significantly in the last few decades. Ines Ferre reports.
18 Jan 2013
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Move over Movember... Time to celebrate Decembeaver! *******decembeaver**** Donate to the American Cancer Society at *******www.cancer****/ ---- With Allison Carter Thomas, Irene McGee, Meg Gavigan, Sarah Cooper, Pat McKechney and Charles McBee ---- Written and Directed by Sarah Cooper Music by Music Director Jeff Palm, Director of Music, MD Audio Mastery and Re-mastery by Joel Edwards of the Atlanta Edwards Concept by Tawnee Kendall
25 Jan 2013
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When we walk together, we're bigger than cancer. Join the world's biggest fight for less cancer and more birthdays, the American Cancer Society Relay For Life®. Find your community's event at *******www.relayforlife****!
5 Feb 2013
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Make sure you SUBSCRIBE for new videos coming soon! Noah's Blog - *******www.prayfornoah****/ American Cancer Society - *******www.cancer****/ TLS is Finally back! After 6 months of shooting, the 9th edition of "The Legendary Shots" series is done, and we must say done better than ever before. With more mobile shooter shots, and even a mobile goal shot, TLS9 delivers more exciting shots than ever before! Audio file(s) provided by *******www.audiomicro**** (for the outro song).
3 Aug 2013
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Josh Groban interrupts a busy train station to deliver an important message about the American Cancer Society and cancer survivorship. Today, 2 out of 3 people are surviving cancer for at least five years. But we can't be silent until it's 3 out of 3. Join the American Cancer Society and make noise to finish the fight against cancer. Donate at *******www.cancer****/fight
9 Sep 2013
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Older women who walk an hour a day have a significantly lower risk of breast cancer, according to a new study released by the American Cancer Society. Women who engage in more vigorous exercise lower their risk even more, by 25 percent. Marlie Hall reports.
4 Oct 2013
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19 Oct 2013
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