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The clip opening scene from American Wedding (2003) with Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan Well, Michelle, we did it. Happy graduation. You know, living at my parents' house, th-that's, um... that's a temporary thing. Uh, we've been going out for, what, three years. You're not, like, getting bored with things, are you? Michelle, I... I'm gonna ask you something that I've never asked you before. Is it kinky? I don't think so. No. You don't have to be embarrassed if you want to add more spiciness to our relationship. Actually, um, maybe you could just, uh, you know, use your napkin. My napkin? Mr. Levenstein. Yes. You have a phone call. Excuse me. Thank you. Hello. Jim, it's Dad. Uh, you left the ring at home. The box is empty. But-But I'm on my way, and I've got the... I've got the ring, so don't panic, son. Okay? Bye-bye. [Phone Beeps Off] Who was that? Uh, that was my dad. That was, uh, my dad. That was, uh... He couldn't get through on... I didn't answer my cell. So he was, uh, getting all, uh... was getting all worried. You know how he is. But everything is, uh... everything is okay now. Everything is, uh... Everything is perfectly fine. I think I know what you're gonna ask me. And it's okay. I... I don't have to use my napkin. Wha... I've got my own techniques.
26 Nov 2011
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