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A standard fiddle tune. Played faster than usual and with a spicatto bowing, which purist fiddle players would not normally put into practice.
1 Aug 2007
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Already a star in his native Philadelphia, Stanford is poised to become the next John Mayer. His album comes out later this year on Smash/Mercury Records, and here he is recording basic tracks for the song BIG DROP at the famous D room of the Village Recorder in Santa Monica, CA.
10 Oct 2007
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Harvey Keene & The Last Stop Cafe' Band perform an origional antiwar song
24 Oct 2007
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Kenneth L. King is the man behind numerous Country and Western Hits. Now for the first time Real2Can Records are releasing his debut album - Do You Remember My Name? To order the CD or for more info see www.Real2Can**** This song is taken from the stunning album.
2 Jan 2008
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An idyllic view of an America that once was.... and, in some ways, may be again. Originally produced as a meeting opener for a major retailer, this pre-911 view of America has engendered lively discussions on what is or isn't the reality of this country. The video features original music and details the history of progress and patriotism in the USA.
6 Nov 2008
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Leadership is formed at the crossroads... a moment in time that requires not just a response but unifying oratory. What are we to think? What are we to do? Leadership is forged when great people grab history by the horns, identify the challenge, formulate a plan, and invite the will of the people to test the idea with their response. Modern history is filled with such moments and such oratory, and the character of a nation is revealed in response. This video is a mashup of great moments that challenged society, and the leaders who rose up to speak, act and lead.
9 Feb 2008
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Original accoustic country song by singer songwriter Johnny Mulhall
12 Apr 2008
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Music News From Getthedaily**** - Your Online Source for News.
12 Mar 2008
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Get a look at the cuts signatures from 2007 Donruss Playoff National Treasures.
13 Mar 2008
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Music video for the single "I Remember ( It's Happening Again)" from the album "Flying Upside Down".
13 Mar 2008
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Mr. Boggs Steps Out is a delightful popcorn movie. A young man who’s just another cog in the giant corporate office, Stuart Erwin, uses his innate and uncanny ability to keep track of statistics to win a major contest and a substantial sum of money. The world is Erwin’s oyster, and he decides to leave the big city for a small town where he can continue to be a big fish. He makes the seemingly mundane purchase of a barrel factory, but this is where his adventures really begin. Mixing in with wealthy entrepreneurs, and their beautiful and perilous women, Erwin begins to understand how difficult and treacherous the high life can be. Mr. Boggs Steps Out is a well paced and well acted film, thanks in no small part to the drop dead gorgeous Shakespearian actress Helen Chandler.
28 Apr 2008
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Momma bragging how she outsmarted a con artist after she sold him her old junker in Marshall, Texas.
29 Mar 2008
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This song has a catchy tune, some colorful lyrics and a traveling theme. I would LOVE to hear it fully produced and on the radio for I believe it has those qualities. Thus far the feedback I've gotten is good, people seem to think it's one of my better tunes. I hope you enjoy it. For more of my music/videos please feel free to explore my website at www.patrileys**** Love Yah!
2 Apr 2008
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This is a COUNTRY song about growing up in the country, then moving to the city only to realize there's no place like "home". It's one of my personal favorite songs. I wrote it about 15 years while living in California after waking up one morning with this idea clearly on my mind. I dreamed about it. It was amazing!!! I hope it finds a warm and fuzzy place to land in your heart. For more information, music/video etc. feel free to check out www.patrileys****
4 Apr 2008
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The WIYOS play a singular style of old-timey American music that they call "vaudevillian ragtime-jugband-blues and hillbilly swing." *******www.thewiyos**** CDs Available at CD Baby**** *******cdbaby****/cd/wiyos3
24 Apr 2008
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Vídeo musical con imágenes del CEPUSA.A video i made to represent the Communist Party of the United States.
2 Feb 2009
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