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8 Aug 2007
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leyla atkan triple female amputee model from Russia, legless and one arm. She is a left above the elbow amputee, right above the knee and left below the knee amputee.
20 Apr 2009
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The folks at Super Pet Expo were supposed to bring those adorable white tiger cubs to visit the Opie and Anthony Show, but the little fellas got stuck in traffic, so in lieu of tigers...the Opie and Anthony got a visit from Faith, the two-legged dog that learned to walk on her hind legs.
21 Jun 2008
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Jarem Frye, extreme amputee athlete invented his own prosthetic leg to make these sports possible for above knee amputee's and became the first AK amputee in the world to telemark ski, wakeboard and more.
4 Apr 2007
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Stuntman and amputee Casey Pieretti and inventor Bill Spracher field test the world's first bolt-on propeller leg.
25 Nov 2010
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Finally a Toilet Paper Dispenser Deluxe Makeover! It's hygienic, economical, convenient, ADA/Elderly-friendly and state of the art. This gadget pre-folds and cuts metered (adjustable) lengths of toilet paper with a wave of a hand on the unit. (Update: this same prototype has been successfully tested with an infrared sensor for a touch-free operation) Say goodbye to all the nuisance of the TP dispenser of today. No more fumbling to replace a tissue roll, no more premature tissue break-off, no more unsightly tissue hanging off the roll onto the floor, no more messy floors from scraps of tissues and no more clog-ups due to excessive toilet paper use. It would bring a breath of fresh air (no pun intended) to folks who suffer from the effects of a stroke, arthritis, MS, Parkinson's disease, paralysis or amputees who must have challenges preparing their own toilet paper. Then of course it maybe something the average person would wish for as well whether due to the practical reasons cited above or for the simple notion that owning something as cool would set them apart from the rest. This patent-pending innovation is available for licensing or other business proposals. Comments/feedbacks are highly appreciated. Thank you very much.
16 May 2007
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This is a part of the movie about RAK amputee Rakela. In this video she wake up from bed, bandaging stump of her right leg and doing her morning actions.
27 Nov 2010
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"Operation Restoration" returns to Pismo Beach for its annual event for amputees and the disabled. Many of the participants are veterans. The highlight of the four day event is surfing and surf instruction at the Pismo Beach Pier.
16 Aug 2009
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Amputee exercise and rehabilitation equipment. The new Limbar(TM)Has been designed specifically for amputees to assist with strength in the residual limb. It will improve balance increase mobility and decrease the possibility of secondary amputation. By working out on a specifically designed machine you will stimulate blood flow and build muscle. It is one of many products to improve mobility for amputees available on our web site *******www.hydraujoint**** where mobility matters
12 Jul 2009
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Here is the first body-powered artificial thumb for amputees. Here you can see how the device can be used to lift an object
11 Feb 2008
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First above knee amputee to ski cross country style standing on both feet thanks to his own invention of a specialized prosthetic knee (the XT9 ESPK) device which mimics quadriceps function.
11 Mar 2007
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An inside look at a ball person’s experience at the US OPEN. Kelly Bruno, an amputee, along with a 49-year-old rookie, and some 10-year-veterans show what it takes to have the best seats in the house.
30 Aug 2008
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If you are a disabled,Welcome to join us.Make friends with disabilities around the world,We are not alone.Let's fly,We can. *******letusfly****
8 Apr 2013
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Taped in MyStudio for only $20 in less than 5 minutes, hilarious comic John Edward Barnett performs his original material. If you'd like to enter one of our many exciting contests and auditions, please visit MyStudio**** for details under "contests" and "auditions." If you'd like to leave John a comment, view his profile, send him a message or watch his other videos, go to MyStudio****/onelegcomic. You can create a profile there for free, and all videos are available in hi-res. If you are in the Scottsdale, AZ area and would like to record your own videos in MyStudio, it is located on the ground floor of Scottsdale Fashion Square, in the Palm Court (just east of the food court). Videos are automatically uploaded to our website and kept private until/unless you make them public. Please visit MyStudio**** to plan your session and to create your free profile. Distributed by Tubemogul.
3 Aug 2009
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