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In this episode of The PopCrunch Show, Sarah East tries to sing like Amy Winehouse on crack, which sounds a lot like Jenna Jameson in bed. Plus, NKOTB plan a bloated boyband reunion, giving Jonas Brothers fans a picture of what they have to look forward to in the future. We also dismiss the rumor that Angelina Jolie is depressed about being pregnant with a white kid. Oh, and Lindsay Lohan has put herself on a daily spending budget while France declares, Britney Spears Blackout to be album of the year.
7 Apr 2008
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www.ilookisee****** Hear from Amy a student at Birmi,gham University tells of how she Converts to the fastest growing religion in the world and their experiances as a new Muslim. Amy - Revert from Wales , UK.
9 Feb 2008
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Amy sweeps the grammys and Nank sweeps the living room. Directed by: Will Watkins Written by: Ryan Templeton Starring: Ryan "Dank" Templeton and Scott "Nank" Nankivel Media Guy: Josh Vincent Distributed by TubeMogel www.dankandnank****
11 Feb 2008
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Doodling with Amy winehouse making her into a cartoon caricature
13 Feb 2008
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For Amy, Heart Adam.
16 Feb 2008
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Amy Smart and Kyle Busch
21 Feb 2008
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This episode of The PopCrunch Show takes a look back at Grammy Awards fashion. It's award season and celebrity fashion and style is on everyone's mind. We take a stab at Evanescence, Amy Lee, Cher, The Beastie Boys, The Jackson Family, Rolling Stones, Chris Brown, Fantasia, Dennys, ihop, Fergie, Rhianna, Seal, Velcro, Carrie Underwood and Mr. blue98starwars.
25 Apr 2009
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Entertainment News from getthedaily**** - Your Online Source For News. Today in entertainment, I'll tell you about how Jessica Simpson is coming back, plus Amy Winehouse, entrepreneur? And what the DEA wants to know about Heath Ledger. Hi everyone, welcome to get the daily**** your online source for news. I'm Andrea Rene and I've got your entertainment update. America's sweetheart Jessica Simpson has decided to donate her time to a worthy cause by entertaining US troops! Yes the blonde hottie will fly to Kuwait to perform a concert for military members stationed there. She is currently working on her new country album, but decided to take a short break to show her support for the troops and her country. Someone better tell her not to forget her burqua! Bad girl Amy Winehouse will become the latest celebrity to creaee her own empire, beginning with a clothing and makeup line. Known for her signature eyeliner look, Winehouse is in talks to create her own eyeliner brand, plus who could forget about hairspray? She must use a can a day on that beehive! Winehouse's lines are also expected to include headscarves, and it wouldn't be complete without a perfume. Do you think she'll call it Rehab? Earlier this month, actor Heath Ledger's death was declared an accidental overdose, yet the Drug Enforcement Agency has begun a probe into how he acquired the six prescriptions pills found in his autospy report. The DEA wants to stress they are not looking into his death, but where he got the prescriptions, and if it was legal. So far they have discovered some of the pills came from a doctor in California and some from a doctor in Texas. Further investigation is needed to determine if Ledger was specifically seeking these drugs or if they were wrongfully prescribed to him. I'll have more details on that when they become available. You just heard the entertainment update from me, Andrea Rene and where'd you find it? At get the daily****.
1 Mar 2008
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Amy Winehouse gets bitchslapped!
17 Mar 2008
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Interview from SXSW with Amy Dotson and Jihan Robinson from IFP a 29-year old, not-for-profit membership and advocacy organization that supports and serves the independent film community by connecting creative talent and the film industry.
26 Apr 2008
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Amy Kuney feat. Amy Kuney. Juno Song: "Anyone Else But You" by Moldy Peaches Amy is playing Bleeker AND Juno :) For more information on Amy Kuney, please visit: www.myspace****/amykuney
13 Oct 2009
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mes amies parceque je les aime 4
6 Apr 2008
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