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26 Oct 2011
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27 Oct 2011
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27 Oct 2011
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27 Oct 2011
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10 Nov 2011
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#writing a #resume *******www.onebuckresume****/ *******writingaresume.yolasite****/contact-us.php *******www.slideshare****/writearesume/facts-on-writing-a-resume-for-beginners *******www.scribd****/doc/88407432/Writing-a-Resume-that-Stands-Above-the-Rest
8 Apr 2012
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Instacrt, created by Martin Strom, Ruben Broman and Erik Wåhlström, runs your images through an actual CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor. A DSLR camera then shoots the screen and sends the image back to your phone!
7 Jun 2012
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Shortfilm created by Barcelona University students.
13 Jun 2012
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Hippie Glenn and Prager discuss the Twitter controversy in NBC's coverage of the Olympics as well as the new Digg****.
7 Aug 2012
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24 Dec 2012
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AnaloG and BeatZ are not sellouts, but they want you to know that SAW III comes out on DVD - January 23rd
21 Jan 2007
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* BEST BUY pulls all analog sets off store shelves. * MYSPACE officially announces developer platform. * THE DAILY SHOW to launch mega-site this Thursday. * NIELSEN and ESPN track viewers across multiple platforms. * KEVIN MARTIN tries to roll back media ownership rules. Get the Story at Media30****
18 Oct 2007
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* THE NTIA begins accepting orders for converter box coupons. * THE FCC will allow some broadcasters to stop analog signal early. * LATE NIGHT talk-shows return tonight. Only Letterman brings his writers. * NFL TRI-CAST scores big. Brings in 34 million total viewers. * E.W. SCRIPPS shuts down 126-year-old Cincinnati Post. Get the full story at *******www.Media30****
3 Jan 2008
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* FCC launches auction of coveted analog spectrum today. * NBC clarifies pilot season stance. * MINDSHARE research shows impacts of strike on TV viewers. * CBS unveils ad-supported on demand music via * NETFLIX beats earnings and reaches 7.5 million subscribers. * MYSPACE to add BBC video content. Get the full story at *******www.Media30****.
26 Jan 2008
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These slippers are designed with two analog inputs each. They sense the pressure being weighted the toes and heel of both feet. This is not just about drawing, but about tracking motion and the drawing application is a great way of visualizing this. I'm also currently developing game and rhythm applications for the slippers. How to make your own: visit Instructables: Joy Slippers Version
20 Feb 2008
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ADOBE launched Adobe Media Player 1.0 and Adobe TV. The media player offers content from CBS, MTV, Universal Music Group, PBS, Scripps and CondeNet. It allows Flash downloads and content subscriptions in 1080p, 720p or 480i. Adobe TV is a network in the player with programming related to Adobe products. With Flash on almost every computer and Adobe bundling this software with Flash updates, Adobe Media Player should end up on a computer near you. FLICKR has added support for video. The popular photo-sharing site will now allow paying “pro” users to post videos up to 90 seconds in length and 150 MB in size. With those limitations, the site is not really aiming to compete with the major players in the online television space. Rather, Yahoo’s Flickr is sticking to its roots, encouraging “video snapshots” that play a similar function as photographs. DISNEY will release all PIXAR films in 3-D starting next year. The move will help differentiate the theater experience from the large HD screens filling living rooms at a rapid pace. Only around 700 theaters currently have the technology required to exhibit films in 3-D. However, Disney’s strong support of the format increases the chance that theater-owners will upgrade to draw people out of their HD-equipped homes. THE NTIA will relax rules related to converter box coupon redemption. Citizens residing in assisted-living and nursing homes will now be eligible for the coupons. This erases a major complaint against the program and will make it easier for many elderly television viewers (who are more likely to own an analog TV set) to make the switch to digital. The program will also now accept P.O. Boxes as qualified addresses capable of receiving coupons. KEVIN MARTIN agreed to relax the dual carriage mandate that required all cable systems to carry stations in both analog and digital starting next February. The changes apply to operators with bandwidth of 552 MHz or less. Analog-only systems will be allowed to provide only analog support for must-carry stations. Digital providers can provide must-carry signals in analog if their digital set-top boxes will receive them. Martin is also circulating a proposal that would allow smaller cable operators to down-convert must-carry HDTV signals into standard definition. YOUTUBE is now being blocked by four Indonesian Internet service providers for hosting a user-submitted video that accuses the Koran of inciting violence. Read more at *******www.ShellyPalmer****
7 Jan 2010
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