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The rumors appear to be true: Nintendo 3DS is getting a redesign, or at least another analog stick, in the form of a clunky accessory. Plus, Dead Island PC edition had a bit of a screw up, Arkham City's emo soundtrack has been announced, and Devil May Cry tosses another "collection" on the pile.
8 Sep 2011
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Classic Game Room reviews KONTROL FREEK analog stick enhancement products for PS3, Xbox 360 & OnLive. This devices clip on to your analog sticks to provide 40% greater range in motion (it's simple physics!). Are you looking for that competitive edge in first person shooters or do you want longer analog sticks? FPS Freek and Hoops Freek and TD Freek are Analog Stick Extensions from KontrolFreek**** (Kontrol Freek!). Kontrol Freek may extend analog sticks, but they really need to learn how to spell!! CONTROL FREAKS use Kontrol Freeks when they want convex or concave rubber analog extension tips for PS3, Xbox 360 or Onlive controllers (Does not work with Dreamcast or Atari 5200 controllers)
17 Jul 2012
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Circle Pad Pro review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of the Circle Pad Pro for the 3DS. The 3DS had a noticeable omission when it was originally released, as it had no right analog stick. The Circle Pad Pro gives 3DS players not only this stick (well, pad), but also an extra "R" button to use in games like Resident Evil: Revelations. This will also be useful for lefties who are looking to play Kid Icarus: Uprising. This video review features video footage of the Circle Pad Pro for 3DS and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Gabe.
10 Oct 2012
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With the new psp crystalcase 3in1 Kit for PSP Slim, you can Protect your console, with excellent quality. You can also keep your psp in good appearance and perfect condition.Invest in this protective screen protector with cotton clothes to ensure. Replacement joystick button helps to extend the life of the game console, or even be able to trade-in/sell at a good price when it's upto the time. Check it out now at [ *******www.ishopvideogame****/psp-new-crystal-case-3in1-kit-p-686.html ]
25 Apr 2009
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CGRHD does what Nintendidn't do in the first place. Classic Game Room reviews the Wii NUNCHUK for use with the Nintendo Wii video game system and Wiimote wii remote controller. Be like a ninja when you play driving games, Metroid or whatever with this Nunchaku based controller called the nunchuck. Is it an awesome accessory or just an awesome way for Nintendo to relieve you of your greenbacks? Classic Game Room reviews Wii accessories, controllers, hardware and add-ons like the Wii Nunchuck showing video footage of it in action and how it is not as effective for attacking ninjas as a real nunchuck. We demand the Wii morningstar! Bring it! Bring the medieval pain! CGRHD is the ultimate Wee Wii reviewer screaming Weeeee while playing Wii with Wii controllers and Wii accessories whilst 'illin. What games work with the Wii nunchuck? There are lots of fighting games and boxing games and action games and Mario games that use the Nunchuck controller.
17 Aug 2012
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Power A's MOGA controller could very well be the best analog control stick we've laid our hands on. The Bluetooth connected device, paired with the free MOGA Pivot app, will get you "console gaming" on your Android device in no time.
2 Oct 2012
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Video of playing an Xbox 360 using a hacked version of the controller that uses tilt for one of the analog sticks. Shown: Full Auto, Crimson Skies, Marble Blast Ultra, and Goldeneye 007 (non-xbox) More info at www.adamthole****
25 Jan 2007
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A video of my finished Xbox 360 tilt controller. This uses the tilt of your controller for the left analog stick input. For details on how I did it, etc. visit: *******www.adamthole****
21 Jan 2007
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An Xbox 360 Wireless Controller modded with a 3V tiltBoard (available at adamthole****) and a switch that allows the user to switch between the tiltBoard and the analog stick for input.
5 Feb 2007
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This is probably the worlds first controllable flying elephant. Took a REALLY long time to make because i had to make sure that the whole aircraft was even/balanced and that it would actually fly. Basic Controls: Both analog sticks forward makes the elephant go down Both analog sticks back makes the elephant go up To engage auto-pilot: make sure the aircraft is stable; then get out of the hornet. To turn right hold the left analog stick right To turn left hold the left analog stick left. Takeoff instructions for "Pelican": 1. Hold the left analog stick left until a second after takeoff. 2. Try to stabilize the aircraft. 3. Auto-stabilization technology will work to stabilize the aircraft. 4. Keep the aircraft under control and enjoy flying around Sandtrap! IMPORTANT - You must be host (player with best connection; not Party Leader) to successfully fly the aircraft. Works the best on local lobbies.
31 May 2008
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Crystal case for psp 2000 slim. This hard plastic case heavily shields the PSP 2000 from the dangers of daily use, including shock and impact damage, grease, grime and scratches. Made of Ultra thin polycarbonate material, the Blazero PSP 2000 Crystal gear provides excellent protection to the PSP 2000 system. Cutouts give easy access to headphone jack, power button, analog stick, charging port and synchronization port. This case only covers the front of the PSP.
3 Oct 2009
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amazing glitch that works in matchmaking. All you do is mount a bipod and press up with the left analog stick and the ammo count goes away and you can shout all you want.
29 Dec 2008
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