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Us trying out some explosion and fire special effects just for a laugh... dont slag it off too much, it only took one night. If anyone wants me to do any work on their vids message me on myspace****/deadbee1, i'm always interested in something to practice on.
31 May 2007
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It is a really nice piece of property. High and dry, nice trees, easily cleared for a home or farm. There is a Winn Dixie grocery store, CVS drug store, 2 Dollars stores, Advanced Auto Parts, Hardware store, 2 banks, gas station, Marion County Library, recycling center, police and fire dept, church and more all within 1 mile, yet it is private. It has 437 ft. nice paved road frontage and has just been surveyed. We are less than 15 minutes east of Ocala, in Silver Springs. Less than 1/2 mile off Rt. 40 (Silver Springs Blvd). Marion County Florida is called the "Horse Capital Of The World". This is a wonderful area to live. Ocala National Forest has riding trails, and there is the Florida Greenways trails close by. You can be in Orlando in about 1 1/2 hours. Plus the endless horse events that Marion County has to offer year round. Pat and Linda Parelli, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, George Steinbrenner, Lynn Palm, and more have choosen Marion County, so can you. Counrty singer Mel Tillis lives 4 miles up the street. We were asking $234,000 , but now is priced at $169,000 for a quick sale . We would be happy to show the property to you and answer all of your questions. You can email me at Lisassfer**** or call me at (352)625-1946 , if I am out with the horses, leave me a message and I will call you back. Thanks for the interest, Lisa
4 Jun 2007
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My brothers both made potato guns from instructions on metacafe**** and we decided to go out and fire them, however we lost the daylight so you get to see them light up as they shoot. Enjoy!
18 Jun 2007
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I made an ultimate mix including amazing shots,mini B-ball games,slam dunks,cool music and fire.
26 Jun 2007
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Ricky has had enough and fires Alex. The scene is not complete before he criticizes Alex's fur coat and pledges to join PETA.
26 Jul 2007
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and that for funny reason..... The term gun is often used synonymously with firearm, but this is common only for civilian usage. In military usage, the term refers only to artillery that fires projectiles at high velocity, such as naval guns (which are never referred to as cannon) or tank guns. A gunner is a member of the team charged with the task of operating and firing a gun. By military terms, mortars and all hand-held firearms are excluded from the definition of guns. Two exceptions to this are the shotgun - which is hand-held, has a smooth bore and fires a load of shot or a single projectile known as a slug - and the machine gun - which is a fully-automatic weapon mounted on a tripod or bipod and almost always operated by a crew.
12 Aug 2007
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Colossal robots from outer space battle it out on earth, good vs evil. A high school student and his girlfriend get caught up with the good robots to save the planet, along with the US Military. Tremendous battles with air and fire power along with awesome visual effects make this fast action movie a must see!
24 Aug 2007
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i tried my rocket pistol with a small rocket and firing it with the launch pad used for rocketry, after like 10 tries and 50,000 mosquitos in my face later, i got it to work, i am sooo going back to using safety fuse.
9 Sep 2007
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Magnificent display of rhythm and fire. Fire drum dance
21 Sep 2007
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Spiritual uplifting display complete with skateboarding nuns and fire throwers. Filmed at West Runton church on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast of the UK. The cast was chosen from the local community and blessed by Farther Paul. Song Title - Guardian Angel Words and Music - Andreas Yiasimi Artist - Andreas Yiasimi Director - Andreas Yiasimi Video Production - DJM Norwich, Norfolk, UK
13 Oct 2007
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The Anti-Tank PP-19 fires rockets , the Eryx got a 10 rounds clip and fires fully auto and the pistol fires rockets to.
21 Oct 2007
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A Flint and Fire. An explosion and bright flash. You Can Do It Too! Video shows You how to do it!
23 Oct 2007
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Over the weekend President Pervez Musharraf declared a State of Emergency in Pakistan, instituting martial law, suspending the constitution, and firing the chief justice of the supreme court. Police have also begun rounding up scores of lawyers, judges, and activists, and the state has taken control of many of the private television stations and raided newspaper offices. This puts the Bush administration in a nearly impossible bind: oppose a Musharraf dictatorship or continue to support a leader who has been one of America's lone allies in the region in waging the war on terror. All this under the specter of a nuclear power teetering on the brink of failed statehood.
5 Nov 2007
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29 Nov 2007
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The WX-3 cost $1,000,000 to build and can be considered to be Wiegert's dream car. Even though the W8 was flawed, most of the flaws that plagued it were worked out in the WX-3. Wiegert planned for the WX-3 to go in production, but Megatech bought Vector and fired Wiegert. Wiegert initiated several lawsuits and copyrighted the designs, stamping out any hopes of the WX-3 of going in production. Originally the WX-3 Coupe was painted silver but was later re-painted in an aquablue/green color in which it remains today. Wiegert had also planned a roadster version of the WX-3, named WX-3R, which would have shared all its mechanical components with its closed top cousin. Like the model it was based on, the WX-3R did not pass prototype stage. Both versions were shown at the 1993 Geneva Auto Show.
26 Dec 2007
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it was a doctor car at which a student dropped a cigrette in it and fire caught in leather
30 Dec 2007
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