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*******myosource****/ Basketball Skill and Core training for technique speed power explosion balance endurance hip power offense defense. Core training quads hams glutes abs hips hip flexor offense and defense drills skills technique Dennis Still Basketball football baseball softball rugby soccer wrestling bootcamp resistance bands elastics resistance tubing training coaching myosource kinetic bands Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Jan 2009
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*******www.myosource****/ Danny demonstrates drills with the Myosource Kinetic Bands and talks about the benefits of Resistance Training. Dennis Still, who played 20 years of professional Basketball overseas, runs drills and talks to the kids at basketball camp.Dennis Still played Professional Basketball for 20 years in the Argentine basketball League. Work the "Core" quads, hams, glutes, hip, hip flexor for speed, quickness, agility, cardio, leg strength, vertical, acceleration. These young athletes are getting great training for muscle development and sport specific training. speed power explosion jumping fast quick feet lateral core strength leg strength speed quick feet endurance stamina acl prevention rehab resistance bands myosource kinetic bands resistance tubing resistnace therabands boys girls youth high school college pro baseball basketball football soccer track volleyball fist step slam dunk defense offense ball handling conditioning Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Jan 2009
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exercise demo
20 Feb 2009
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I've got a new toy and I'm enjoying it (^-^)
9 May 2009
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Download from here : *******savefilefree****/Clywd90612/BlackOps Treyarch have completely made glitching dead. Is it one of the worst things they could have done? Maybe. Are they killing what could have been a great game? Certainly. Hope you enjoy this, i know there are no glitches in this. Its because i uploaded this last night and then they patched the Launch glitches so i took it down (and because hardly anybody got it in their sub boxes) So far this game is turning out to be the best CoD made. Single player is just amazing and has had so much effort put into it. Mulitplayer is still filled with campers and try-hards, nothing different there. I think am starting to understand that this could be another MW2.
18 Dec 2010
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See title, watch in the background on the left. This is what can happen when you don't wear underwear. (Yes, I understand some of you think the guy put his shirt in his shorts.) Thank you.
12 May 2011
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Kids inflatables, jumping castles and triple lane bungee for hire in Geelong as well as combo castles for hire. Perfect for birthday parties, christmas parties, corporate functions and more, with inflatable jumping castles at the most affordable prices in Geelong.
7 Jun 2011
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Hiya guys another yet again fun packed track day, this week the sun was out and boy was it hot! Dave had trouble with his 1/5th shenqi, Richard kept bending the drive shafts on his hyper and snapped a pin and lost a wheel. Steve upgraded his gearing on his HPI Bltz and this week it was flying! John had his Phoenix xb this week and smashed it up driving head on into Daves Traxxas Slash. Dave brought down a monitor and hooked it up to a wireless camera. So Dave and Steve were driving around there Short Course looking directly at the monitor and not the cars cool hey? Live footage was great the range suffered a little so Dave came up with innovative ways to keep the receiver up high. For example tieing it to a tree with bungee cables. Enjoy the video guys! The sound track was unknown this week and was used from TheOttolikesrccars Epic RC Car Crash
27 Jun 2011
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This week we had more electric cars than nitro, these weren't just any electric cars these were brushless. Losi XXX - SCT, Traxxas Slash, HPI Vorza Flux, Thunder Tiger Phoenix XB. These were all supped up running on 2s and 3s lipos with 60mph+. The nitro cars were Hyper 7, HPI Trophy 3.5 & Hot Bodies Lightning. We also had a couple of standard electric cars the Thunder Tiger Phoenix ST and the Maverick Strada SC. We were racing, bashing and crashing all day long, plain and simple the video better explains the day. Enjoy the video!
1 Aug 2011
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******* Get kids moving with Maisy! Just pull the tabs, and your favorite mouse will show off fun actions that children will want to imitate. Maisy is full of energy, just like the toddlers and preschoolers who love her. With this interactive picture book, children are invited to channel that get-up-and go into stretching, jumping, running, playing ball, jumping rope, somersaulting, and lots more. Like Maisy, of course, they'll want to take time for a nutritious snack -and hunker down for a good night's sleep when all that activity is done. You can find out more about Maisy at *******www.maisyfunclub****
11 Apr 2012
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Ski lovers who gather to alpine ski on dirt.
5 Apr 2013
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Ski lovers who gather to alpine ski on dirt.
7 Apr 2013
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