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K-G is on a mission. Every song he and his band plays, every interview he gives exhibits his passion for music and performance; but there's more: this musician, a native of Kenya who moved to the States in the spring of 2002, believes that it is time for music from East Africa to take its rightful place in the spotlight. "When people think of African music, they believe the good music comes from West Africa and Southern Africa—not from my region in the east," he explains. "Our music gives people the opportunity to experience East African Urban music; my hope is that it will pave the way for other East African musicians. He considers the band's music to be Afro-Urban with an East African influence and a mainstream touch. Critics have embraced the unique sound: "It is an authentic sound," reported; and Michael Simyu of Mtaa FM said, "You've got to see them live to believe it." On the new CD, Live in "06," produced by Ramsees Mechan and is due for release Summer 2007, K-G's soulful lead vocals are melded with Craig Cobb on solo and rhythm guitar; Jason Gloria, lead electric guitar; Andrew Trotter, saxophone; Freddie Green, trumpet; Harry Bayron, violin and keys; Geoff Melvin, drums; Michael Lorden, bass; and Eric de la Cruz as guest percussionist/drummer. When you consider that K-G had his musical epiphany in high school, you realize that this is a musician who's come very far, very quickly. He's a bit more reflective: "I've thought, 'if only I had started out in the U.S. in '98 maybe I would be very far.' No matter; destiny always has it own ideas." The band feeds its musical soul from a variety of sources: Matthews, Marley, Harper, Jean, Wemba, Kidjo and Maal. They all come together and create art that thrills audiences and brings K-G one step closer to his ultimate gig: Wembley Stadium. Until he steps onto the stage at that legendary venue, he has a much more pragmatic view: "I want the audience to feel that they got something new with a positive and energetic message," he says. "Most importantly, they should feel like they had fun." K-G and the Band is experiencing the gravitational pull of a rapidly-growing fan base, and he's very honest about what might come with a major label signing. "That's the million dollar question, isn't it?" he muses. "Right now, I have direct control over my music. Signing would change that dynamic; I might have to fight my way through to retain my artistic integrity." For someone so dedicated to his mission, that shouldn't be a problem. Check out for more information about this exciting band and their new CD, Live in "06."
Part 1 of the final Harry Potter film.
15 Sep 2010
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It's 2010 and the government has erected concrete barriers around the hard-to-handle suburbs near Paris. As a public service, local lad Leito is busy destroying 20 kilos of heroin in the bathtub of his tower-block apartment when reps of local kingpin Taha come looking for him. Leito escapes, however in retaliation, Taha sends his baddies to kidnap Leito's sister, Lola. Soon, Lola is strung out on heroin and Leito finds himself doing sit-ups in prison. Meanwhile, undercover cop Damien captures a Latino crime boss and shuts down his illicit casino, against very stacked odds. As a reward, Damien is assigned to penetrate notorious Suburb 13 and stop the countdown on a deadly bomb that was hijacked by Taha.
9 Apr 2006
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The most gorgeous woman ever seen! And the ending is brilliant!
17 Apr 2006
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Enjoy the dancing and the music of these hilarious bloopers collection.
16 Jul 2006
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Some of the most breathtaking surfing I have ever seen. The waves are gorgeous and the surfer is incredible - did you see how he rides those waves without falling off? He makes it look so easy!
31 Aug 2008
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Every day, Therapy Dogs are doing amazing things for those who need them. The cesar® brand and the American Humane Association support these Hero Dogs. Visit cesar**** to learn how you can make a difference.
21 Jun 2011
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Summer in a new suburb of Paris. Marie, Anne and Floriane are 15. Their paths cross at the pool where love and the violence of desire erupts, bringing them together and tearing them apart. www.kochlorberfilms****/Theatrical/infopage.aspx?Id
7 Apr 2008
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An average Joe meets the perfect woman, but his lack of confidence and the influence of his friends and family begin to pick away at the relationship.In theaters March 12, 2010.
10 Mar 2010
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9 Jan 2007
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This weeks Trending Topics features two of your favorite things on earth: monkeys and babies! Oprah wrapped up her show, Kung Fu Panda 2 and Hangover 2 release, and the French Open begins! The NBA Conference Finals rage on, aall your favorite reality shows finale, and Lady Gaga released Born This Way. A big week in Trending Topics, tune in!
26 May 2011
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Check out how these three brothers use Word to create compelling documents...about their rabbit! Find Word on Facebook for support, tips and the latest news: *******
22 Dec 2010
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WOW GUYS WATCH THIS !!The ball is struck from half way between the goal keeper's area and the half way line.
4 Jul 2009
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