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At the third annual meeting of the CGI, CNN's Anderson Cooper moderates a dramatic discussion on the global education crisis. Watch former UN Special Envoy Steven Lewis and others describe the dire challenges faced by the millions of children denied the most basic knowledge, and explain how poverty, HIV/AIDS, and school fees bar access to classroom.
15 Oct 2007
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Traveling Gringos run into CNN's Anderson Cooper while traveling in Venezuela.
27 Nov 2007
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Anderson Cooper Drunk
24 Jan 2009
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Anderson Cooper: It's hard to talk when you're teabagging Anderson Cooper 360.
16 Apr 2009
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05.12.09 10:15 pm - Anderson Cooper interviews Lt. Dan Choi on coming out as a gay service member, the harmful effects of DADT on valuable members of the military, and his vow to continue to fight expulsion from the armed services based on his sexual orientation.
13 May 2009
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CNN's Anderson Cooper Admits: "I Went To Studio 54 With Michael Jackson When I Was 10" - 06/25/09 CNN Anderson Cooper Studio54 Michael Dies Dead Hospital Cardiac Arrest Heart Attack pedeophile sex offenders list child child molester
25 Jan 2010
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Anderson Cooper Asks ABC's Bachelorette "How Many Guys Did You Sleep With?" CNN's Anderson Cooper Asks ABC's Bachelorette Jillian Harris "How Many Guys Did You Sleep With?" CNN Anderson Cooper Asks ABC
30 Oct 2009
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Anderson Cooper Destroys Florida Republican Party Head Jim Greer President Obama School Speech
6 Sep 2009
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Anderson Cooper: Balloon Boy Falcon Heene "Who The Hell Is Wolf?" CNN Anderson Cooper Balloon Boy Falcon Heene Who The Hell Is Wolf Cooper Laughs Balloon Boy Vomming NBC Meredith Vieira 10/16/09 Falcon Henne Balloon Boy Hoax
21 Oct 2009
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*******www.blackinspirationtv**** Haiti relief. Wyclef Jean and Anderson Cooper discuss ways to help Haiti earthquake victims.
16 Jan 2010
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Pauly Shore gets personal with Anderson Cooper and discusses adopting. Check out more from Adopted at www.paulyshoreadopted**** available in stores June 15th. Special thanks to Funny Or Die (www.funnyordie****)
10 Jun 2010
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Believe it or not - Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper are drinking buddies. The CNN anchor reveals he and the outrageous pop star recently hung out and all it took was a little Irish whiskey. The New York Daily News quotes the anchor’s confession. “We actually ended up [one] day in a pub in London drinking Jameson, which I don't really drink. So, she got me to drink like two of them, and by the end I was ready to have the interview be over because I really sort of couldn't ask any more questions." Cooper was interviewing GaGa for an upcoming segment for “60 Minutes.” He tells the Insider, in addition to the tipsy interview, he also spent a few weekends on GaGa’s tour. "To be able to spend a couple of weekends with her in various places over the course of several months, it's really cool, and very interesting. I'm learning stuff about her I never saw before." Cooper says he admires Gaga, calling her “fascinating.” But it seems others are fascinated by something completely unrelated. Almost all the comments about the story on gay news site Advocate**** focus on Cooper’s sexual orientation. “Since Anderson Cooper is speaking openly about getting drunk with Gaga…I hope he will also soon talk about his inborn sexual orientation and live-in life partner.” But their “Whisky Romance” might be a “Bad Romance.” KXAS in Dallas thinks CNN’s silver fox is just another headline-making performer. “Cooper sounds a bit like a lightweight, but he's definitely a ‘Little Monster’…. The hour-long show isn't slated to air until 2011, but the journalist is already gushing about the Grammy-winning singer.” Cooper’s interview with Lady Gaga is slated to air February 13th, 2011, the night of the Grammy Awards.
2 Dec 2010
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