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Web: *******agerak.blogspot****/2007/04/andrea-gerak-sings-rorogwela.html Hungarian singer Andrea Gerak and Spanish composer Angel Oros (also known as Cambridge 2003) present a song originated from Oceania, the famous Rorogwela. The melody was made well known in Sweet Lullaby, the probably most recognized song of Deep Forest, which counts as a ground breaking piece in creating the World Music genre, and is a widely adored success track, since 15 years. Their first version was followed by several remixes and Jan Garbarek also fell in love with the theme and made a jazzy saxophone piece out of it, the Pygmy Lullaby. Through the years, other musicians also arranged this song, but interestingly enough, no new vocal recordings can be found. This was the challenge for Andrea Gerak when picking up this particular song. She got the final inspiration kick from the album that came out just a few weeks ago: Deep Forest "Sweet Lullaby" Remixed by Toronto based Existence Records, which approaches the song from 16 different facets of techno, presenting new moods in each. The question was given: can something new still be done with this theme? First of all, as lyrics of the original Rorogwela recording were not available, Andrea listened to the authentic singing of a late Baegu woman called Afunakwa, and wrote down the text, reconstructing it syllable by syllable, which is a great contribution to preserving a treasure of world traditions. With her enchanting singing, Andrea Gerak lived up to the challenge, as well as Cambridge 2003 who, in his New Age, sound track and electronica works is always trying to respect and convey the feeling of the subject. So did he very well in two versions of the song. The Rorogwela Blue Beach mix is more exotic and epic, it is based on the text of the song. It has the pathos and respect towards the deceased father of the children, and another source of inspiration was Whale Rider by Lisa Gerrard. Spicing it up with a few tunes from Eastern-Europe makes it even better connected to the globe. The Rorogwela Sunset mix is sweeter and lighter, and is more based on the delicacy of Andrea Gerak's singing. One feels the sweetness and sensuality of the islands of Oceania in a well-balanced track. Uniting the special sensitivity of Andrea Gerak's vocals and the knowledge and creativity of Cambridge 2003, the result is a creditable tribute to a pearl from the people of Solomon Islands. Credits Theme: traditional Baegu song from Malaita (Solomon Islands), sung by Afunakwa, recorded by Hugo Zemp in 1968, released on the Fataleka and baegu Music of Malaita CD by UNESCO.
16 May 2009
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alessandro bonfanti intervista andrea bellavite direttore comunit
30 Nov 2009
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El Matador - Marseille Feat Lois Andrea
1 Mar 2009
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Andrea Fellers * LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival
11 Jul 2012
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Andrea Alton, video trailer from new "Rock" Version of Aerial Hoop act. Filmed in February 2009 Bielefeld, Germany. For more info go to www.altonandrea****
14 Apr 2009
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Andreas Konstantinidis- Eksigise Moy
5 Apr 2010
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This video may show you some shortage in game GTA San Andreas.
16 Mar 2009
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san andreas tricks with bike
30 Mar 2009
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GTA San Andreas Mountain Bike Stunts ...
25 May 2009
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*******www.andrearodriguez**** Andrea Rodriguez se confieza ante Magaly Medina en el programa MagalyTeve acusando de intento de violación al abogado William Galindo Peralta. La modelo Andrea Rodríguez presentó una denuncia en la comisaria de Trujillo donde acusa al abogado William Galindo Peralta de haberla intentado violar. “Trato de violarme pero no lo logró. Gracias a Dios escape sin zapatos. Me realicé las pruebas correspondientes, pero nunca llegó a tenerlas”, señaló la modelo tras indicar que el abogado botó a sus amigos del departamento con la ayuda de sus guardaespaldas. Asimismo, Andrea Rodríguez dijo que el abogado la amenazó con una pistola, la obligó a beber cerveza y una sopa de gallina tras lo cual se desvaneció. En una grabación telefónica, William Galindo Peralta, desmintió a la modelo y dijo que Andrea Rodríguez lo intentó extorsionar por 3 mil dólares. La modelo, quien se presentó en el programa “Magaly TV” para comunicar la denuncia hecha ante la policía trujillana, señaló que varios vecinos fueron a auxiliarla. “No quiero que ninguna mujer más por algo así, me ha quedado un trauma psicológico y se lo puede hacer a cualquier otra mujer”, dijo la modelo tras agregar que varios vecinos han declarado ante la Policía y sustentan su denuncia.
31 Mar 2009
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Situated in the hills within the D'Andrea master planned community in Sparks, Nevada, The Villas is one of northern Nevada's incomparable gems. Treat yourself to a world of style and fine living. Come up to The Villas at D'Andrea Apartment Home rentals. It's everything you've been looking for in an apartment home....for less than you would expect. View these apartments for rent online at ForRent****: *******www.forrent****/apartment-community-profile/999905339.php
31 Mar 2009
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ROCKSTAR Energy Drink - Andreas Wiig Profile - Party Like A Rockstar
2 Apr 2009
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Andrea Vadrucci - Drums Checkout Andrea Vadrucci videoclip here www.andreavadrucci****
2 Apr 2009
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GTA San Andreas Funny Flip and Rotation in SA-MP
7 Apr 2009
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Visit *******www.playboy****/recon to see the full style rundown of Andreas Wiig
7 Apr 2009
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san andreas gameplay
9 Apr 2009
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