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******* All about male g spot stimulatoins at this link
30 Mar 2011
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The official how to for the Aneros sexual sexual enhancer from *******wwwflehslight****. Aneros is not just another buttplug, it is a hightech ergonomically and anatomically designed pleasure device! *******www.BongX**** is using this video WITH PERMISSION from Fleshlight!! Why be afraid - expand your sexual horizons and see how to use the Aneros. By the way, A really hot blond shows how it's done!!
5 Dec 2009
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Una noche de recuerdos quince aneros !
6 Jan 2009
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You can download the mp3 by watching my video "Happy Hannukah/Christmas/BrentMas" and following the link in the description. Music composed by Yasuaki Fujita Lyrics & guitar/drum arrangement by brentalfloss Special thanks to Mike Matei, Aneros, and that dude who dressed up as Mega Man for halloween. NEW LYRICS: I am Mega Man I got a motherfuckin' gun for a hand Put together by Dr. Right or Light if you're American I eat all my Mega Bran I live in 2-D and it's my duty to destroy the master bots POW POW! If you're aghast and you can't last there's a fast way to pass all those bastard bots: blue and red password dots Mega mega man, mega mega man Mega mega man, mega mega man mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega Mega Man! I am also known as the blue bomb'a I am voting for Ba-Rockman Obama As for robot help, dogs are much preferred 'Cause I can't do shit with a robot bird Meeeeeee-gaaaaaah Maaaaaan, Mega Maaan, Three Part three
1 Feb 2010
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