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Featured on CNN**** *******www.ireport****/docs/DOC-230885 A response to the choice by producers of HBO's "Big Love" to depict portions of LDS temple ordinances. This episode of The Anglə has been featured on CNN**** via iReport**** *******www.ireport****/docs/DOC-230885 I first heard about the temple episode of "Big Love" on March 13 through an LDS Film e-mail list that I signed up for on LDSFilm****. I really wasn't too surprised by it and it certainly isn't unprecedented for HBO, their 2003 miniseries "Angels in America"--based on Tony Kushner's play--featured Mromon characters and borrowed imagery directly from Mormon theology. It also discussed LDS temple garments and even showed characters wearing them. It surprised me then, but I wasn't offended. "Angels..." is a very popular work of fiction that deals with a great number of social topics and Mormonism was just one of them. "Big Love," on the other hand (as far as I know), deals specifically with characters that identify themselves as Mormons but are living a lifestyle that is not compatible with that of members in full fellowship with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. From what I could infer from the scene I watched online, one of Bill's wives apparently has a current temple recommend, hence her ability to go into the temple, but is aware that her choices may result in disciplinary action by the Church. Members who choose to practice polygamy today are excommunicated. I imagine it was just a matter of time before more details of the LDS Temple Endowment would make their way into the main stream media. Much of the narrative of the endowment ordinance has been on the internet for years and there are certainly many disgruntled former members who think nothing of disregarding covenants they made when they were still members of the Church. If "Big Love" didn't do it, we may very well have seen it in another TV series or film. i was very pleased with the Church's official response to HBO's "preemptive apology" which pretty much amounted to acknowledging that some members would be offended but the Church doesn't instigate boycotts as such actions draw more attention to the cause of those trying to illicit an angry reaction from the Church. ***********/ldsnewsroom/eng/commentary/the-publicity-dilemma Personally, I wasn't offended by it, for reasons expressed in my iReport. I prefer to remember the counsel given by David A. Bednar, an Apostle in the LDS Church, that if we become offended by something it's usually because we choose to be offended. If we simply make the conscious choice to not take offense by the sayings or actions of others, we'll live a much more peaceful life. ***********/conference/talk/display/0,5232,23-1-646-32,00.html Orson Scott Card's National Review essay on "Big Love": *******article.nationalreview****/?q=MmJmZDFiYmVkOTdlYjVmZmNiMzhhODEwYmYzMTRlMzg=&w=MA== Another Card essay in the Mormon Times: *******www.mormontimes****/mormon_voices/orson_scott_card/?id=6685 An essay on what's sacred (in reference to "Big Love") by Terrance D. Olson in Meridian Magazine: *******www.meridianmagazine****/churchupdate/090310sacred.html *You can also subscribe to The Anglə on YouTube: ***********/user/josephpuente And CNN's iReport****: *******www.ireport****/people/puente Distributed by Tubemogul.
12 Apr 2009
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Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned Mission Walkthrough Video (NO SPOILER - Storyline cutscenes are not shown in this video) Watch this mission WITH CUTSCENES in Full HD (1080p) here: ***********/watch?v=HFroymJJdHg Mission No. 002 Location: Alderney, Liberty City Mission Name: Angels in America Mission Boss: Billy Grey For more, visit: ● *******www.gta-series**** ● *******www.gta-downloads****
20 May 2013
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NBC TODAY Show A devastating earthquake and its horrid aftermath couldn’t stop a doctor and his wife from helping one little Haitian girl get the cardiac surgery she desperately needed. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.
22 Feb 2011
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Patrick Wilson, star of Little Children and Angels in America, performs the final act of The Full Monty together with the original Broadway cast during the 2001 Tony Awards
2 Feb 2010
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THE AMAZING BEAUTY OF NATURE. WHISPER OF A THRILL \ MEET JOE BLACK SOUNDTRACK (1998) \ 100% you will watch again! :) just enjoy my video!.. Thomas Montgomery Newman (born October 20, 1955) is an American film score composer. Throughout his career, Newman has been nominated for ten Academy Awards for his work. Thomas Newman \ Compositions: 1980s 1984: Reckless 1984: Revenge of the Nerds 1984: Grandview, U.S.A. 1985: Desperately Seeking Susan 1985: Girls Just Want to Have Fun 1985: The Man with One Red Shoe 1985: Real Genius 1986: Jumpin' Jack Flash 1987: Less Than Zero 1987: Light of Day 1987: The Lost Boys 1988: The Prince of Pennsylvania 1990s 1990: Men Don't Leave 1992: The Player 1992: Fried Green Tomatoes 1992: Scent of a Woman 1993: Flesh and Bone 1994: Little Women (Academy Award nomination) 1994: The Shawshank Redemption (Academy Award nomination) 1994: The War 1995: How to Make an American Quilt 1995: Unstrung Heroes (Academy Award nomination) 1996: The People vs. Larry Flynt 1996: American Buffalo 1996: Phenomenon 1996: Up Close & Personal 1997: Red Corner 1997: Mad City 1997: Oscar and Lucinda 1998: The Horse Whisperer 1998: Meet Joe Black 1999: American Beauty (Academy Award nomination; Grammy Award; BAFTA Award) 1999: The Green Mile 2000s 2000: Erin Brockovich 2000: Pay It Forward 2000: Boston Public (TV; main theme) 2001: In the Bedroom 2001: Six Feet Under (TV; main theme) (Emmy Award; Grammy Awards; remixes by Photek and Rae & Christian are available) 2002: The Salton Sea 2002: Road to Perdition (Academy Award nomination) 2002: White Oleander 2003: Finding Nemo (Academy Award nomination) 2003: Angels in America (TV) 2004: Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (Academy Award nomination) 2005: Cinderella Man 2005: Jarhead 2006: Little Children 2006: The Good German (Academy Award nomination) 2008: WALL-E (Academy Award nomination - Best Original Score, Best Original Song; Grammy Award nomination) 2008: Towelhead 2008: Revolutionary Road 2009: Brothers 2010: Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (in production) 2010: The Debt (pre-production) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Meditation to Relax \ Release Stress Management \ Quietly and comfortably \ Calm & peaceful \ Close your eyes \ Inner Peace of Mind.
8 Apr 2010
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My top 20 all-time favourite awards moments: 20. ROBIN WILLIAMS (Good Will Hunting) Academy Awards 1998 "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" 19. MERYL STREEP (Angels In America) Emmy Awards 2004 "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie" 18. JENNIFER ANISTON (Friends) Golden Globe Awards 2003 "Best Actress in a Television Series - Comedy" 17. RUSSELL CROWE (Gladiator) Academy Awards 2001 "Best Actor in a Leading Role" 16. DENZEL WASHINGTON (Training Day) Academy Awards 2002 "Best Actor in a Leading Role" 15. MICHAEL CAINE (The Cider House Rules) Academy Awards 2000 "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" 14. SANDRA OH (Grey's Anatomy) Golden Globe Awards 2006 "Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie" 13. SALLY FIELD (Brothers & Sisters) Emmy Awards 2007 "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series" 12. JAKE GYLLENHAAL (Brokeback Mountain) BAFTA Awards 2006 "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" 11. MERYL STREEP (The Devil Wears Prada) Golden Globe Awards 2007 "Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy" 10. MILLION DOLLAR BABY Academy Awards 2005 "Best Motion Picture of the Year" 09. CHRISTINA AGUILERA (Beautiful) Grammy Awards 2004 "Best Female Pop Vocal Performance" 08. NICOLE KIDMAN (The Hours) Golden Globe Awards 2003 "Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama" 07. CATE BLANCHETT (The Aviator) Academy Awards 2005 "Best Actress in a Supporting Role" 06. MARTIN SCORSESE (The Departed) Academy Awards 2007 "Best Director" 05. JULIA ROBERTS (Erin Brockovich) Academy Awards 2001 "Best Actress in a Leading Role" 04. JENNIFER ANISTON (Friends) Emmy Awards 2002 "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series" 03. HALLE BERRY (Monster's Ball) Academy Awards 2002 "Best Actress in a Leading Role" 02. NICOLE KIDMAN (The Hours) Academy Awards 2003 "Best Actress in a Leading Role" 01. CHRISTINA AGUILERA Grammy Awards 2000 "Best New Artist" May I kindly remind viewers that these are MY top 20 favourites. When it comes to opinions of this sort, agreeing to disagree is only natural. Christina's my all-time favourite singer and I hold her first Grammy win and how surprising it was for her close to my heart. I just love that moment. Period. At the same time, thanks very much to those who've kindly said nice things abt the video. Appreciate it. P.S. To those who asked, Sarah Jessica Parker, Adrien Brody, Marion Cotillard, Hattie McDaniel and the Hepburn-Streisand tie take the 21st to 25th places. Credits: Music composed by Rachel Portman for the 1999 film, "The Cider House Rules".
30 Jun 2011
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MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4 trailer: ******* BATTLESHIP trailer 2012: ******* Amazing SPIDERMAN trailer 2012: ******* Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer - Official HD The end begins as Harry, Ron, and Hermione go back to Hogwarts to find and destroy Voldemort's final horcruxes, but when Voldemort finds out about their mission, the biggest battle begins and life as they know it will never be the same again. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint head back to Hogwarts one last time for the final showdown between good and evil wizards with "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" (July 15). The adaptation of J.K. Rowling's finale to her fantasy series was split into two films, the first leaving off with last fall's cliffhanger involving the death match between Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and dark Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes). Radcliffe provides a refresher in case anyone has forgotten where things stand. "There are two concepts that you have to understand. There are seven Horcruxes that we're tracking down. They're pieces of Voldemort's soul that we're going to kill. I'm looking for them, and there are the three Deathly Hallows. Voldemort's looking for those, and it's a race to see who can get to which ones first." Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer courtesy Warner Bros. Official Site: *******www.harrypotter**** Director: David Yates Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Helena Bonham Carter, Jim Broadbent, Robbie Coltrane, Warwick Davis, Tom Felton, Ralph Fiennes, Michael Gambon, Ciarán Hinds, John Hurt, Jason Isaacs, Matthew Lewis, Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, David Thewlis, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters, Bonnie Wright Writers: Steve Kloves David Yates is an English director of film and television, best known for directing the final four films in the Harry Potter franchise. His first two Potter films (Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince) became the highest-grossing entries in the series after the first installment, which was later surpassed by Yates' Deathly Hallows, making him the most commercially successful British director in recent years. Daniel Radcliffe is an English actor who plays the titular character in the Harry Potter film series. Radcliffe made his acting debut at age ten in BBC One's television movie David Copperfield, followed by his film debut in 2001's The Tailor of Panama. Cast as Harry, Radcliffe has starred in seven Harry Potter films since 2001. In 2007 Radcliffe began to branch out from the series, starring in the London and New York productions of the play Equus, and the 2011 Broadway revival of the musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. The Woman in Black will be his first film project following the final Harry Potter movie. Emma Watson is an English actress and model who plays Hermione Granger, one of three starring roles in the Harry Potter film series. From 2001 to 2010, she starred in seven Harry Potter films alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint; she will return for the final installment: the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Emma Thompson is a British actress, comedian and screenwriter and her first major film role was in the 1989 romantic comedy The Tall Guy. Thompson won multiple acting awards, including an Academy Award and a BAFTA Award for Best Actress, for her performance in the British drama Howards End. In 1995, Thompson scripted and starred in Sense and Sensibility, a film adaptation of the Jane Austen novel of the same name. Other notable film and television credits have included the Harry Potter film series, Wit, Love Actually, Angels in America, Nanny McPhee, Stranger than Fiction, Last Chance Harvey, An Education, andNanny McPhee and the Big Bang. "Deathly Hallows: Part 2" joins other action franchises that are going the 3-D route for the first time, among them the "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Transformers" sequels. "Dark of the Moon" reunites "Transformers" star Shia LaBeouf and director Michael Bay as an event out of Earth's past touches off a new round in the struggle between two warring robot races. Megan Fox, who co-starred in the franchise's first two movies, is gone this time, but other returning cast members include John Turturro and Tyrese Gibson. NO GOOD FLIX is your daily dose of everything movies, including the best of no good world, ngtv, nogoodtv & Streaming Flix and officially licensed movie trailers. NOGOOD FLIX brings to you the movie and celebrity programming from our passionate team of NO GOOD producers and affiliates. Carrie Keagan continues to guide you on our exclusive celebrity packed fun episodes, which feature raw, real and uncensored interviews with the biggest stars in Hollywood. Let the games begin!
18 Sep 2011
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i dedicated this movie to a guy who i have much respect for. to sonny barger the president of Hells Angels in America. with the music of Hells Angels - Hells angels never die.
8 Feb 2013
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Entertainment Tonight Season: 32 Venerated actor Al Pacino is a towering Hollywood icon, with one Oscar, four Golden Globes and two Primetime Emmys, one of which he won for his widely-praised performance in Angels In America at the 56th Primetime Emmy Awards in 2004....
19 Aug 2013
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