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Cool finally got my camera from****/angryaussie If you dont know who this guy is and you live in Australia your an IDIOT
22 Jul 2008
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Here's a little bit of a tour of Melbourne in HD. I shot a bit of the less obvious stuff around town to give an idea of the diversity in Melbourne. I tossed up whether to do some commentary, do a rant (like the graffiti one) or just put music over it. By coincidence, when I edited the video I wanted it was almost exactly the same length as the Angry Aussie theme music (done by the one and only NSG ***********/user/nsgmusic ) So that was what I went with. Let me know what you think works better. If you like the AA theme you can download an MP3 from *******www.filedropper****/angryaussie for free!
7 Sep 2010
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sick of babies being a drag on the economy: was going to go to great lengths to point out this was a joke but then I decided if someone's stupid enough to get worked up over an obvious joke.
7 Aug 2008
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