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my puppies having fun. the chiuaua didnt get hurt at all!! so dont accuse me of animal cruelty or any of that BS. my sister just got it and i was introducing them to each other.
7 Feb 2007
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stop animal cruelty please watch
4 Jun 2007
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Yesterday Khairul and I went to Hare Krishna temple nearby Penang Botanical Garden to have our vege meal. This month, October, from 11th till the 19th, we are celebrating the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. Almost everywhere you can see stalls decorated with Chinese calligraphy 'Nine Emperor God' selling vegetarian food, in fact they are all vegan food since during these 9 days no dairy are allowed at all and even the utensils have to be new and never been used. The reason I became vegan surely not because of this festival, it is purely because of animal cruelty, so I couldn't tell you more about this festival. You have to google it by entering a phrase such as ' Nine Emperor Gods Festival ' and you will see a bunch of links and photos which are related to it. Come on, just for nine days you are being merciful? I am speechless, really I am. Video above isn't about the festival really, it is where were we during the first day of the festival and the 4 female cows :) ps : the cows are lovely to touch and they are so big!
13 Oct 2007
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CSI star Jorja Fox, talks to Marie Oser about Animal advocacy and ACI, Animal Cruelty Investigations, a brand new humane enforcement organization for the protection of farm animals.
29 Oct 2007
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animal cruelty at it's funniest lol
5 May 2008
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IFAW' Doctor John Singh: "The fate of the world" whales is in jeopardy.Japan may have a simple majority at this year's IWC meeting if they do, the IWC will be in the hands of the whalers for the first time since the 1970's. Dr. Signh promotes Whale Watching as a viable industry in the caribbean, making whales more valuable alive than dead. Founded in 1969, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) works to improve the welfare of wild and domestic animals throughout the world by reducing commercial exploitation of animals, protecting wildlife habitats, and assisting animals in distress. We seek to motivate the public to prevent cruelty to animals and to promote animal welfare and conservation policies that advance the well-being of both animals and people. IFAW has offices in fifteen countries and a staff of more than 200 experienced campaigners, legal and political experts, and internationally acclaimed scientists. The International Fund for Animal Welfare works to improve animal welfare, prevent animal cruelty and abuse, protect wildlife and provide animal rescue around the world. From stopping the elephant ivory trade, to ending the Canadian seal hunt and saving the whales from extinction, IFAW works to create solutions that benefit both animals and people.
6 Mar 2008
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******* Help To Prevent Animal Cruelty! (Donation Help WSPA)
11 Mar 2008
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This is a disgusting display of animal cruelty remove this now!
28 Apr 2008
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NEW YORK -- One of the most barbaric forms of animal cruelty has an underbelly which for years has remained literally hidden in darkness: “Trunking” is dog fighting’s ugly secret.
26 Aug 2008
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Animal Cruelty – The Cruel Fate of Cows In this series we take a look at the dairy industry and how cows are treated. “if you love animals then don’t eat them” Think! Before you eat! Source: *******suprememastertv****
27 Feb 2011
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Pets are becoming Victims of the mortgage crisis. Foreclosure pets brings Pet awarness to people that are losing their homes and will hopefully inspire them to bring their pet to animal shelter rather than leave them behind. Remember Pets are victims of foreclosure to and It's not their faul. Say No To animal Cruelty. Brought to you by www.EJhomesolutions****
19 Dec 2008
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animal cruelty truth on factory farms no longer farms
1 Mar 2009
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A group of animal rights activists made their stance on animal cruelty crystal clear Friday in downtown Spokane by standing naked at the intersection of Main and Howard in coffins.
6 Sep 2009
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** –STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY Mothers, Not Machines: The Misery Behind Milk. Episode: 1125, Air Date: 13 October 2009.
2 Dec 2009
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** –STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY Ending Exploitation: Animal Liberation of Australia. Episode: 1132, Air Date: 20 October 2009.
25 Dec 2009
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THE REDISCOVERED LOST ADVOCATE An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers As Geoffrey Robertson QC points out in the foreword to this now wildly popular biography of the lost advocate from Waterside Press - following the recent television series - William Garrow was the first great cross examiner at the English Bar who ‘truly can be said to have revolutionized the practice of criminal law’. Before Garrow, (an advocate at an earlier incarnation of the “Old Bailey” for 10 years from 1783), the supposedly admirable edifice of English law which had evolved over several centuries, was deeply flawed. When Garrow began his practice, those charged with capital felony “could not be represented by counsel” – a state of affairs that would be deemed unimaginably appalling today. Even while this ancient anomaly was breaking down, counsel were still not allowed to address the jury on the prisoner’s behalf. Garrow, almost singlehandedly we surmise, with his trenchant and aggressive adversarial skills, persuaded juries to acquit his often hapless clients, winning battles for them against unscrupulous bounty hunters whose income derived mainly from the blood money they ‘earned’ in accusing the innocent of crimes. The authors’ stated purpose in the publication of this biography is ‘to introduce the reader to the life of a remarkable man in the context of his time and family…and secondly to present him as the criminal lawyer who led the way in altering the whole relationship between the state and the individual by his role in the revolutionary introduction of adversary trial.’ Garrow helped revolutionise criminal trial procedure – a process of which he, and certainly his contemporaries, were only dimly aware, but which would lead inevitably to reinforcing and extending the principles of justice and fair treatment which are at the heart of current human rights legislation. As the authors have observed, “adversariality”, ‘with its lasting impact on worldwide jurisprudence has been ‘a contributing factor in the establishment of a culture of human rights’. So, even if you’ve seen the excellent TV series, do read this 170 page book anyway and immerse yourself in the wealth of factual information and comment in the 17 chapters which will give you breadth to the birth of modern advocacy. Much of the information in the 3 appendices sources at the back has been gleaned from original documents, many quoted verbatim and there is an excellent timeline which gives biographical perspective. Also, there are startling insights into Garrow’s family life and any number of references made to the social and political issues of the time in which he was involved and the injustices against which he fought, from slavery to animal cruelty. Following his ten year career as a young barrister of note, Garrow became a Member of Parliament and later Solicitor General, Attorney General, judge and lawmaker. As Attorney General, it was Garrow who had overall responsibility for the trial and conviction in 1817 of John Hannay, a slave trader, after the passage of the Slave Trade Abolition Act of 1807. Following the efforts of William Wilberforce and others to secure such a law, ‘we must conclude’, say the authors, ‘that it was finally implemented by William Garrow.’ John Hostettler and Richard Braby (a direct descendent of Garrow) have written a blockbuster of a book, avidly perused not just by the legal fraternity, but by the general public. We now wait expectantly and anxiously for the next TV series as this rediscovered lost advocate is now, rightly, a distinguished 21st century star, two hundred years on, and we are the better for it as the advocacy of the past is unveiled. ISBN: 978-904380-55-9
4 Jan 2010
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