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Come fantasize with Stay At Home Dad Visit for more awesome episodes. Stay At Home Dad shares a disturbingly in depth fantasy with a mother of four. Director: Adam Jones Writer: Brandon Williams Adam Jones Dave Bradley Adam Jones Cast: Brandon Williams Anne Bobby music: Judson Crane editor: Dave Bradley Cinematographer: Kevin Jones
8 Mar 2011
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The clip arguing with brother at dinner from Born on the Fourth of July (1989) with Tom Cruise, Caroline Kava They burn the flag. They demonstrate against us on the cover of the paper today. They have no respect. They have no idea what's going on over there and the men that are sacrificing their lives. Nobody here seems to care. It's a bunch of goddamned shit. Don't take the Lord's name in vain in front of the children. I agree with everything you say. I served my country. They just want to take from it. Love it or leave it. The other side's angry because we're not winning. How can we win? Tommy, what's the matter? Nothing. Anybody listening here? Tommy? What? Tommy's going to fail English. He doesn't believe in the war. What? He thinks we're doing the wrong thing over there. He thinks it's all a mistake. Mistake? What's this? Spit it out. You believe in demonstrators? Huh? What? I just don't agree with everything you're saying. I don't think you understand. What does Tommy know? I don't understand? He's hanging around with longhairs who take drugs! That's not the reason. Have they ever worked? You want to burn the flag? Huh, Tommy? What is this? You want to bring down this country? Love it or leave it, Tommy. All they're trying to say, Ronnie, is they don't want more people to come back like you. That's an easy excuse. Where were they when their country needed them? You served your country. What did you get out of it? Look at you. Well, look at me.
27 Nov 2011
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The clip Returning home from Born on the Fourth of July (1989) with Tom Cruise, Raymond J. Barry Susanne, he's here. Ronnie's home. O.K. Out on 3. All right, 1... 2... 3. Oh, that's great. Did you paint the house, Dad? Yeah. I painted it. Yellow. It looks good. It looks pretty good. I got that. That's all right. Let's go. The kids have been talking about you. They can't wait to see you. It's great to be back in the neighborhood. I got it. I got it. Everything looks so different. Major. Hey, Major. Major, you know who this is? Yeah. You know who this is? He's gotten old, huh? Just like your old man. Hey, Tommy. Good to see you. Look at that hair. Dad lets you look like that? I don't have much say. How are you, Jimmy? Good to have you home. You're out for good? I'm out for good. Patty, gee, look at you. Timmy. That's Jackie. Jackie? I wanted to visit you in the hospital. How many pull-ups you do, huh? You know, I did 23-- 23 pull-ups. 23 pull-- I'm O.K. I'm O.K. I'm all right. Ronnie. Susanne. Good to have you home. You didn't tell me she was this beautiful. She's a woman, huh? I'm sorry. That's O.K. I can't feel anything anyway. I'm only paralyzed. You look great. Yeah? Ronnie. Mom. Ronnie. Hey, Mom. Oh, look at your hair.
11 Nov 2011
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