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Ever wonder how to put a face on an inanimate object like the Annoying Orange? In this tutorial, I will show you how you can put any face on any object to make something that once was inanimate alive! This should work on all CS versions of After Effects. Hope this tutorial Helped! Thanks for Watching! Contact through YouTube or Email Email: robertrobertsproductions**** Created By: *******robertsproductions****
20 Jul 2010
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Playing shooters online can be fun but it comes with many annoyances. We ask our users what their most irritating annoyances are and list a few of our own in this week's Verdict.
21 Oct 2010
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Learn how to draw the annoying orange in a few steps! Get the tut here: *******www.dragoart****/tuts/6574/1/1/how-to-draw-the-annoying-orange.htm
7 Dec 2010
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This Is The Annoying Orange
26 Dec 2010
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This Is The Annoying Orange 2 Plumpkin
26 Dec 2010
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This Is The Annoying Orange Toe-May-Toe
26 Dec 2010
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Damn you Annoying Orange
14 Apr 2011
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PBG gives you his top 10 most annoying things in video games!
16 Jun 2011
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Paris Hilton Gets annoyed during an interview. She just wants to promote her new show, but the interviewers have other ideas. Watch what happens when she leaves. Watch the full ten minute interview here: *******www.celebritysequence****/video/66/paris-hilton-in-an-awkward-radio-interview.html
12 Jul 2011
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annoying orange voodoo you do dolls torture black magic witch attack funny fruit screaming talking animation daneboe gagfilms weird sitcom version pear midget apple hey apples strange mad angry revenge national eating scary banana butter juice anthem time jelly scared fire maze hendrix cereal game creepy food peanut butter
24 Jul 2011
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That freakin lion! How dare he annoy me! I'm gonna burn him tomorrow.
24 Aug 2011
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Annoying Pig Game is a helicopter style game where the objective is to dodge frying pans. Collect coins to gain a higher score, and collect tornado's for a score multiplier. Compete against your friends with OpenFeint leaderboards. Download for free off the Android Market. Download Link: ******* or ***********/details?id=com.ninjapigstudios.annoyingpiggame
18 Sep 2011
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Kim Kardashian was voted as the most annoying celebrity of all time as per a poll carried out by a magazine. Kim beat Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and Snooki to take the top spot. The magazine was quoted saying, "Everywhere you look, there seems to be a Kardashian. famous for being famous, Kim, in particular, has been inescapable, with her recent wedding and honeymoon reported just about everywhere. Perhaps all that exposure is why she earned the title of Most Annoying Celebrity in our poll, with 29 per cent of the vote."
28 Sep 2011
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*******www.natural-adhd-cure**** People with ADHD are annoying. This is a common perception and the person's reaction very much depends on how much they know about ADHD. The person with ADHD should be aware of how annoying the bouncing and speed talking is and should either take medicine to calm down or some other treatment such as a herbal remedy or homeopathy which can work really well, in some cases. It is in relationships that most often problems arise. The partner may not realise that ADHD is at the root of all the problems with forgetting appointments and commitments and may interpreted as a lack of respect or something worse. The person with the ADHD is conscious of the constant pestering so that is why they should be doing something about their condition so that relationships will not suffer too much.
18 Jun 2012
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Annoying Orange hangs out with the whole gang. Spoof of the old Budweiser commercials. FREE version of my video game Kitchen Carnage is out!!! iTunes: Android: MERCH: AO TOYS!
27 Jul 2012
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Jigsaw wants to play a game. Annoying Orange wants to play something else. FREE version of my video game Kitchen Carnage is out!!! iTunes: ******* Android: ******* MERCH: AO TOYS! ******* T-SHIRTS: ******* iPHONE iPOD GAME: ******* iPAD GAME: ******* ANDROID GAME: ******* FOLLOW ME: TWITTER: *******twitter****/annoyingorange FACEBOOK: *******facebook****/annoyingorange WATCH ALL MY EPISODES: CREATED BY: DANEBOE: youtube****/daneboe DANEBOE GAMING CHANNEL: youtube****/superboebros DANEBOE 2ND CHANNEL: youtube****/user/gagfilms
27 Jul 2012
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