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17 May 2013
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Less than a decade after the Ansari X-PRIZE was won, a NewSpace revolution began with several companies on the verge of launching private suborbital flights in the next two years. With so many teams competing for their piece of the $30 million purse in the Google Lunar X-PRIZE, the question must be asked: What will come from all of this? Presenters: Bruce Pittman Jim Crisafulli Jonathan Hofeller Amanda Stiles Rex Reidenoure
28 May 2013
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Almost 8 years after the Ansari X PRIZE, suborbital vehicles are coming online for research and passenger usage. How long until we can expect to see regular suborbital flights? What are some of the major hurdles to overcome before suborbital spaceflight becomes common? What is the current status of suborbital development efforts?
28 May 2013
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A beautiful song by bushra ansari for her TV Serial" Kuch Dil Nay Kaha" Its the remake of Lata mangeshkar's original song " Kuchh Dil Ne Kaha"
24 Oct 2009
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Edited version of the song called "O Stormy Night" by Shariq Ansari *******darkesword****
7 Dec 2009
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Access Hollywood "Parks And Recreation" star Aziz Ansari discusses the success of his new show. Plus, why does he feel that IMAX is ripping people off?
25 Apr 2010
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Annual Dua By Al Shaikh mohamad Saeed Al Ansari at Khanqa naqashbandia Gafhooria mujadadia Idreesia Sadikabad. Beautiful Dua by Al Shaikh mohamad Saeed Al Ansari. he recieved his religious education from Jaama tul imaam Mohamad bin saud Riyadh. KSA. Now he is preaching Islamic education and Tasaawuf. Mehfil e Muraqba. He is author of many islamic books.He is Khaleefa e majaaz of al Shaikh Hazrat Moulana Mohamad Idrees Ansari. .
17 Aug 2010
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Although Shaykh ul islam Prof Tahir ul qadri had already started his Islamic education under his father two years earlier, his formal Islamic education was initiated in Al-Madina-al-Munawwara at the age of 12, in Madrassa-tul-Ulum ash-Shariyyah which was situated in the blessed house of Sayyidina Abu Ayub al-Ansari,the first residence of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) after his migration. By the time he had received a First Class Honors Degree from the Punjab University in 1970 he had also completed his Classical Islamic Studies, having spent over ten years under the tutelage of his father and other eminent Shayukh of his time.
8 Nov 2010
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The funny Aziz Ansari was here for the first time to tell Ellen about his hilarious show, "Parks & Recreation." He shared what it's been like to work with Amy Poehler, talked about his stand-up...
29 Sep 2011
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Me and my twin sis fatima ansari with bro hammad ansari
21 Jan 2012
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[Media Slap] Stand Up By Aziz Ansari
10 Apr 2012
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The View Season: 15 Episode: 139 Aziz Ansari talks about his new stand-up on The View.
16 Apr 2012
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Check out my music blog! *******tipsylights**** The makers of CIROC Ultra Premium vodka debut their 'Perfectly Smooth' ad campaign featuring Sean "Diddy" Combs and a surprise, up-and-coming comedian Aziz Ansari. Check it out!
26 Apr 2012
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The best part I think in the film "Observe and Report" with Aziz Ansari and Seth Rogen. "It's fucking delicious!"
25 May 2012
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Breakout comedian Aziz Ansari has actually been a comedian for years. He has a new comedy special coming out online. He speaks with Gayle King, Charlie Rose, and Erica Hill about it.
13 Sep 2012
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"The Cutaway" host, Jenna Sakwa, asks actor, writer and comedian, Aziz Ansari about success.
13 Sep 2012
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