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Explorer naufraga en La Antártica Chilena. Resumen y conclusiones de los dramáticos hechos. Compañía de Seguros miente a familiares para evadir demandas por daños y perjuicios. Capitán Wiman no quiere hablar de los hechos. Náufragos regresan a sus hogares. Europa consternada. Reportaje UC. TV.
31 Jul 2008
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Isn't this awsome!?
23 Sep 2008
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Base Showa, 1958 : la première base construite par les japonais en Antarctique. L'équipe est composée de onze membres, scientifiques pour la plupart, et de dix neuf chiens des neiges. Après le terrible hiver, l'équipe doit être remplacée par un deuxième groupe. Mais le pire va survenir : en raisons de conditions climatiques abominables, les scientifiques vont devoir abandonner leur base et les chiens, sans savoir quand la deuxième équipe va pouvoir se frayer un passage à travers les glaces afin de prendre possession des lieux. Après examen de la situation, une décision est prise : personne ne viendra remplacer la première équipe. Personne pour s'occuper des chiens. Personne, non plus, pour simplement les détacher, leur laisser une infime chance du survie... ANTARCTICA (1983) A.k.a : Nankyoku Monogatari Genre : Aventure / Drame Durée : 2h23 De : Kurahara Koreyoshi Avec : Takakura Ken, Watase Tsunehiko, Okada Eiji, Natsume Masako, Oginome Keiko, Kusaka Takeshi, Kôyama Shigeru, Yamamura Sô, Eto Jun, Sato Koichi, Taro, Jiro et la voix de Robert Hossein (VF)lt
21 Dec 2009
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15 Dec 2012
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6 Jan 2013
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Main Set 1. Creeping Death 2. For Whom the Bell Tolls 3. Sad But True 4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 5. Master of Puppets 6. One 7. Blackened 8. Nothing Else Matters 9. Enter Sandman 10. Seek & Destroy
5 Jan 2014
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7 Jan 2014
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VITYAZ TRANSPORTERS By 1985, an intensive research and development program to create a family of what is known to be the Vityaz two-unit CTVs had been completed. This family includes: ? two-unit transport vehicles DT-10, DT-20 and DT-30, with a load-carrying capacity of 10, 20 and 30 tons, respectively; ? two-unit amphibious transporters DT-10P, DT-20P and DT-30P with similar specifications as the regular transporters. Currently, Vityaz CTVs are in use throughout the whole territory of Russia, as well as in the harsh regions of the Arctic and Antarctica. They are an invaluable part of the transport services for prominent companies such as Gazprom JSC, Rosneftegazstroi, Rosneftegaz JSC, etc. They serve as primary transport vehicles for the personnel who service the extensive oil and gas pipelines throughout Russia, for geologists and scientists who research the dangerous, faraway destinations of Antartica and the Arctic regions. The construction and service industries are also benefiting from the advantages of these vehicles. The DT-30K crane, the DT-30E excavator, refuelling vehicles, mobile workshops, mobile oil refineries, passenger transporters, firefighting vehicles, etc. are mounted on Vityaz chassis. These vehicles are in demand not only in Russia, but throughout the countries of the Middle East and Asia, as well as in North and South America. Years of operation of these vehicles have proved their reliability and robust design. The vehicle-s design primarily features an unconventional pattern of four active track envelopes providing for large surface contact with the ground for greater stability. In addition to this feature, these ATVs ensures the so called -kinematic method- for turning the articulated tracked vehicle through the -forced folding- of its units. The kinematic method of turn provides a positive tracking force for all tracks during linear movement and while making turns. A combination of the kinematic method of turn and a powerful multifuel engine, along with a hydromechanical transmission, unique track and suspension system with wide band tracks, road wheels with rubber pads, and vertical hydraulic cylinders which allow the two vehicle units to move vertically in relation to each other, make the articulated vehicles with a maximum weight of up to 60 tons more capable in terms of their swamp-, moving sand- loose soil- and snow-going capacity, than any type of single-unit swamp- and snow-going vehicle. As the two units can be turned relative to each other in the vertical and horizontal planes via hydraulic cylinders or, conversely, can be fixed, the two-unit vehicle can negotiate short (equal to the length of one unit) sections of difficult terrain and such obstacles as ditches and walls and come out of water onto an unprepared bank, ice, or peat. Owing to their unique design, the Vityaz family of ATVs are capable of operating in conditions impossible for other all-terrain vehicles, for example: ? amphibious return to a mother ship; ? off-road movement with one unit disabled or without one, or even without both tracks of one of the units; ? negotiating ditches and clefts up to 4.0 m wide. ? unloading of a ship offshore if it cannot come close to waterfront (i.e. in the Arctics and Antarctica regions, or in flooded regions, etc.); negotiating waterways in severe ice conditions; ? operation in mountains up to an altitude of 4,000 m. The DT-10P and DT-30P ATVs are widely used by Russian troops deployed in challenging environmental regions, on islands (for transporting army elements, ammunition, equipment, FOLs and installation of weapon systems). These vehicles are also used by various industries in regions with poor access roads and climatic conditions. They are used to transport various cargoes; deploy digging, forest-working, power, and firefighting equipment; deploy mobile polyclinics and bakeries; transport cranes, excavators, water tanks, etc.; make amphibious unloading of cargoes; tow ships; heave off ships and barges; as well as perform prospecting work on shallow areas of shelf zones.
9 Nov 2008
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Beautiful french ecological song for Antartica. Think about Earth
21 Mar 2009
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nick- ok were here *takes the bandana off* olivia- omg is this where i think we are?? joe- were here shaye- *takes off the bandana* omj the beach how did u know that i love the beach? joe- just a hunch olivia- THE FALL OUT BOY CONCERT omj! nick- yup i got front row tickets and a private meet and greet. olivia- how did you do that? thats amazing nick- im nick jonas. remember olivia- *smiles and kissis him* thank you! nick- *dreamily* wow i have to do this often olivia- *laughs* lets go *joe has his hand in shayes and their walking down the beach. shaye gets cold so joe put his jacket on her shoulders and puts his arm around her waist* shaye- look at the moon its beautiful. joe- yeah you are.. i mean yes it is. shaye- smooth joe- *smiles* i try shaye- *laughs* joe- so... waht do u want to do for the rest of the night shaye- idk what do u want to do joe- i have an idea. *lifts her chin so her face is inches from his. he closes in and starts to kiss her. things start to heat up and joe starts to move his hands up and down shayes back. shaye holds on tight to his shirt.After a while, Shaye pulls away, she didn't want to get carried away* joe- sry got a little carried away there *looks at his promise ring, and then at hers* shaye- its fine *blushes* *thinks in her head: what would happen if i didnt stop him. what would he have done. would he have stopped or kept going. would they have ended up having- *she shook this out of her mind* no he wouldnt have done that. would he??* nick- *over the noise* u having fun olivia? olivia- YES!! nick- ready to meet them? olivia- *excited* yes!!!!!! nick- ok lets go *they meet fall out boy and talk for a while. then they go to a restraunt and eat some pizza* olivia- this is great pizza nick- I know Its amazing Olivia- this whole nite has been great. Thank you. Nick- *smiles* I wanted to show you how much I care about you and love you. Olivia- *blushes*Soo...what do u want to do 4 the rest of the nite? Nick- how about we go back 2 my house and watch a movie? Olivia- sounds great Only one prob how are joe and shaye sopposed 2 get home. Nick- how about u txt shaye that were gonna take the car so thay don't freak out and tell them they can walk home if thats ok olivia- OK *pulls out her phone* To: Shaye From: Olivia nick an I are takn the car back 2 his place. It ok if u an joe walk home? *shayes phone vibrates* shaye-oo I have a txt from olivia joe- what does it say shaye- *repeats wat the txt says* joe- fine with me shaye- k.Lemme txt her back To: Olivia From: Shaye Thats fine with us.see u back at the house Olivia- ok they say its fine with them nick- ok Lets go. *they get the car and drive home and pick a romantic movie* nick- yawn*puts his arm around olivias shoulder* olivia- *laughing* your such a dork nick- *smiles*I just wanted to see if it worked olivia- wanna make some popcorn? Nick-sure. Lemme go make someCan u pause it? Olivia- sure *goes 2 pause it while nick turns on the microwave and hears the corn popping**nick comes in the room and sneaks up behind olivia,and gives her a backwards hug* Olivia- *screams* omj u scared me I thought u were patrick or someone *puts a hand on her chest.u almost gave me a heart attack Nick- *sheepishly* im sorry *looks at his feet and then looks up with his puppydog eyes* olivia-Who can resist those puppydog eyes? Nick- *Sad* how can I make it up 2 u olivia- I know one way nick- *smiles* oooh *starts to kiss olivia and backs her up to the wall. It becomes an intense makeout and things get heated up. Olivia can feel nicks tounge wanting in so she lets him. (A.N. I know its gross but Im tryn 2 make these stories as realalistic as possible so its hard tlkin about kissing)They go back to the couch and keep makn out. Nick starts to unbutton his shirt and olivia starts to untie her dress...* I know that wasnt a very good chapter. Could have had a better ending, but I was running out of room so sry. Also kevin is coming back soon. I wonder if he will ever find a girl.. Anyway. here goes the suspensful part. WILL OLIVIA AND NICK BE STOPPED BEFORE MAKING A HORRIBLE MISTAKE?? WHAT HAPPENED TO JOE AND SHAYE ANYWAY? DID RONALD MCDONALD KIDNAP THEM??? UH OH WHERE DID MILEY GO??? ANTARTICA (LETS HOPE SO)
1 Oct 2009
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RATE COMMENT FAVE Heres a video of vlogging tips on how to vlog. 4 vloggers at the end if annotations dont work ***********/thatzak ***********/wannabealoserr ***********/jussttom ***********/youraverageadam mystery guitar man mysteryguitarman mgm joe penna jp guarana antartica mystery guitar man mysteryguitarman mgm joe penna jp guarana antartica mystery guitar man mysteryguitarman mgm joe penna jp guarana antartica mystery guitar man mysteryguitarman mgm joe penna jp guarana antartica mystery guitar man mysteryguitarman mgm joe penna jp guarana antartica mystery guitar man mysteryguitarman mgm joe penna jp guarana antartica mystery guitar man mysteryguitarman mgm joe penna jp guarana antartica mysteryguitarman mystery guitar man mgm joe penna jp mysteryguitarman mystery guitar man mgm joe penna jp mysteryguitarman mystery guitar man mgm joe penna jp
19 Jun 2010
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This is a Flight Simulator 2004 recreation of the crash of Air New Zealand Flight 901. On November 28th, 1979, an Air New Zealand DC10 on a sightseeing flight to Antartica crashed into Mt Erebus on Ross Island in white-out conditions killing all 257 people on board. This remains as New Zealand's worst air disaster.
25 Jan 2011
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Parque antartica dia 05/06/2010... Veja: ***********/watch?v=Yf_L2MUoTog
18 Mar 2011
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I edited this trailer of Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind for a film class. I was happy with it enough that I figured it could turn more people on to Hayao Miyazaki's films. The music used are Kid 606 - "Defective Boy" and Antartica - "Absence".
23 Jun 2011
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Antarctica holidays. See all of our holidays to Antartica at [*******www.pura-aventura****/holidays/antarctica-holidays]
1 Jul 2011
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la máquina de música(Shaun) dirigiendo la orquesta(Karla) antartica(Kimee) patinando(karla)
23 Aug 2011
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