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Satanic Sacrifice Illuminati Rituals. From "Beast Of The Bible Belt" a new video by Anthony J Hilder. Little does the general public know that so many of the local fraternal orgainzations are aligned with Satantic Forces without their knowledge.
18 Jul 2010
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*******www.freeworldfilmworks****/fwa.htm “Form a Free World Alliance...that is our strength against the United Nations. A World Free is not United, A World United is not Free. I spoke to a black gentleman over here … and I went over and he gave me his card....and I found out he was from The Aruba Tribe, the Clan, the linguistic nation group in Nigeria which has 40 million people. Its about half the size of England. They are suppressed, and I said I want to do an interview with you....Let us recognize their linguistic nation-state.....Let us all recognize them now. “ Anthony J Hilder Join Anthony Hilder in the Free World Alliance to recognize the right of people around the world to free of Tyranny Suppression and Control and form their own nation states around their own tribal and linguistic groups. It is far easier for World Government to control large combined groups of different peoples than small nations. What we have to do is to recognize what is happening and then stop cooperating with the forces that want to centralize dictatorial control over us.
5 Aug 2010
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Nellis Air Force Base Commander denies any UFO actvity, secret weapons, saying that information is classified. This is a one time occurence since a public hearing was required if area 51 was to expand its territory to exclude the public. Prior to this you could hike to to top of a hill and see the base in the distace and still be on Burean Of Land Management Land. Anthony Hilder corners the commander with questions ...which he denies all knowledge and will not comment upon. It is here for the record and the circumstances surrounding this situation will probably not occur again.
18 Aug 2010
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Clips taken from “ALIEN 51” a film and dvd by Anthony J Hilder Free World Film Works *******www.freeworldfilmworks****/ Anthony Hilder attends a public event where citizens are allowed to ask Nellis Air Force Base Commanders about why they want more BLM land for their reserve. This includes Area 51 where secret flying craft, back engineered UFOs, biological warfare chemicals, and research were taking place. Mr Hilder rose to the microphone to ask questions of the Air Force Panel. The question were revealing in that the panel refused to answer any of the questions...because of national security. This leads to the questions and airs concerns over what exactly is done on the base. There are reports of people exposed to hazardous chemicals there that were denied and left untreated by the Government. By their silence they are condemned. The BLM land asked for was to expand the territory of area 51 to keep UFO watchers out. Wackenhut provides security for the perimeter. They are armed and confront any who get too close. This kind of open public meeting will probably not occur again.
18 Aug 2010
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Live interview with G Edward Griffin maker of the new film "What In The World Are They Spraying". The film has had much sucess and Anthony HIlder talks with him about Who exactly is behind the mass spraying of the Earths Atmosphere. Nano Particles......Slow Acting Poison......They justify it by telling us that they are making things better for us...Improving the atmosphere. Were not Chemtrails legalised in Congress. They were doing it years before the legislation. They also told us who the perpetrators of 9/11 were, Didnt they? Werent They?? Are those responsible at higher posts than the national leaders (misleaders). You decide. *******freeworldfilmworks****/ *******ourenglanduk****/ *******commoncrime****/
14 Dec 2010
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Mike Murphy, producer of G Edward Griffins "What in the World Are They Spraying" talks to Anthony Hilder about the "Death Dumps". Resperatory illness in store for more and more people
25 Mar 2011
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For high quality, dual layer DVD's, please visit: *******www.projectdisobey**** Some of the topics covered in the film: The New World Order, Federal Reserve, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, North American Union, the Rockefeller/Rothschild families, Freemasonry, Bohemian Grove, the Illuminati, Illuminati symbolism, Problem-Reaction-Solution, 9-11, war profiteering, the phony 'War on Terrorism', the impending 'Big Brother Surveillance Society', the war on civil liberties, microchipping, mind control, media control and 'education system' indoctrination. Featuring: Alex Jones, David Icke, Aaron Russo, Jordan Maxwell, G. Edward Griffin, Jim Marrs, Bill Hicks, Daniel Estulin, Jim Tucker, Ted Gunderson, Anthony Hilder, Professor Steven Jones, Webster Tarpley, John Taylor Gatto, Charlotte Iserbyt, Dave vonKleist, Stan Monteith and others... Please spread the word as much as you can! Torrent: *******thepiratebay****/torrent/4391414
17 Jun 2013
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