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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, leads an inter-parliamentary coalition conference in London today on best ways to combat anti-semitism.
18 Feb 2009
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BY CHRISTINE SLUSSER Anchor: Jennifer Meckles You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy It’s not just “rowdy” Americans like Charlie Sheen making headlines for being a badboy... even the fashion world has its own star blunders. One of Dior’s top designers, John Galliano, is feeling the fashion heat as he has been suspended for ‘anti-semitic’ remarks...while drunk. Ring a bell, Mel Gibson? (Video: ITN) ...but reports are a bit befuddled, and no one is really sure what happened that night, but everyone has their own opinion -- even CNN, whose reporter called the step against one of the top names in the industry “dramatic and drastic”. “What on Earth did take place in that restaurant in Paris? And what is he alleged to have said? Certainly whatever it was has caused a storm right in the middle of fashion world’s big weeks. ” Witnesses who spoke to the Associated Press claim Galliano was pestered into the outburst, but news site TJ Walker points the finger at Galliano, saying -- he doesn’t get three strikes before he’s out. “This is just not something you can get away with anymore. My prediction: he’s gonna be gone, he’s gonna start his own fashion line again, but this is a severe set back for him.” The New York Times focused less on what could have been said, and more on the fact that Galliano was drunk... really, really drunk. “Mr. Galliano had a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal driving limit, the police official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity in keeping with police regulations.” But what about the life of Dior without its top designer? The Telegraph interviewed Italian Vogue Editor-In-Chief, who said Dior without Galliano would be “a pity”... FRANCA SOZZANI: “You fire or you keep. I don’t see anything in the middle. It’s not like it is you’re a bad boy, go behind the blackboard. No.” REPORTER: “Sit in the corner for ten minutes...” SOZANNI: “No, stay in the corners. I think it’s a point of view.” Finally, the Wall Street Journal reports --Galliano’s not going down without a fight. “Christian Dior designer John Galliano has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Parisian couple...Dior’s enfant terrible is fighting to save his reputation – and possibly his job.” 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your new feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
1 Mar 2011
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Another video proving that stupid people can be found anywhere. This is a hilarious, one, however because they guy says you can't be an anti-semite on tv - and that's what he's doing!
22 Jun 2006
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Armando Navarro is a brown supremacist Professor at U.C. Riverside. He has written a book calling for the Mexican takeover of the United States. Armando Navarro associates himself with other reconquistas, homophobes, and anti-Semites like Congressman Joe Baca, Herman Baca, Enrique Morones and Hector Carreon of aztlan****
18 Mar 2007
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The Durban II Conference proved to be much like its predecessor in being Israel focused. Showcasing the likes of Ahmadinejad, the halls of the UN building in Geneva were filled with anti-Israel energy and condemnation, if not as fervent and vile as we had seen in Durban I. Yet the question that the Leadel team came away asking was: "Is it anti-Israel or anti-Semitism in disguise?" A production of *******www.leadel****, a project of The European Jewish Congress (*******www.eurojewcong****) and made possible thanks to its President Moshe Kantor. Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Feb 2010
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citation of the Jew ציטוטים אנטישמים
16 Apr 2007
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The director retracted his statements about Jews, but some say his apology doesn’t ring true, and others point out his need for publicity right now.
31 Jul 2010
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21 Oct 2017
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For more info see: *******www.laitman**** Rav Michael Laitman, PhD describes the nation of Israel's role in the world, its connection to the wisdom of Kabbalah, and the reason for the present-day rise of anti-Semitism in a talk with European MTV host Eden Harel.
18 Feb 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ Defending Pope Pius XII Pope Benedict XVI defense of Pope Pius XII role during the holocaust is correct. Pope Pius XII was not indifferent or anti - semitic though he did very little to oppose Nazism and help its Jewish victims. The Pope was a diplomat who understood the reality of his times and not a radical preacher. He avoided criticizing Hitler by remaining silent because he knew that his protest could bring an even worse catastrophe and invite retaliation against the Jews. Thus he chose quiet diplomacy and behind the scene action to save as many Jewish lives as possible from certain persecution. Ultimately, his sagacity helped save the lives of 860,000 Jews from certain death at Nazi hands besides maintaining the neutrality of the Catholic Church so that it could provide shelter to the war refugees. High time we should stop accusing the Catholic Church of helping the Nazis or remaining silent during the holocaust. Lasting Euphoria After first time being on the top of the charts in Olympic gold medal lists, the mood in China has been ecstatic. The people after centuries realized that they have potential to be on top of the world, and view from top is really majestic. The Olympic was seen as coming of age from China by everybody, but nobody knew what that meant until it happened. People tried their best to present as good image of their country as possible even after disasters had ravaged the nation. Further interaction with foreigners has also infused confidence in the people who no more wish to remain limited to their country. Olympic has really helped the nation in understanding its true potential and will have an effect for years to come. Against the ban It seems that the Nepali government is bent upon destroying the century old culture and tradition of the Himalayan country. At first the government demolished the monarchy and later completely ignoring the popular belief they declared Nepal as a democratic state, wiping off her status as Hindu republic. Now it is time for the animal sacrifice to face the axe. The Maoist government in Nepal is acting hypocritically. On one hand the government decided to stop Dabur Vatika Miss Nepal 2008 contest saying that it would invite foreign cultural invasion and on the other hand they themselves happen to invade the culture by curtailing the budget for the purchase of necessary livestock to be sacrificed during the eight day Indrajatra festival. This is not fair. Nepalis will never allow their culture to face ruination at the hands of a government which has lost all sensitivity towards popular beliefs and practices. The government should brace itself fo more protests in the days to come. Raging Corruption Malawi which has been infamous for its corruption has done its best to maintain that image. It ranks 115 in Transparency International's new Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) released on Tuesday. Even after government promise to do its best to improve the situation, the country has dropped only three slots and had a mere 0.1-point increase in an index score of 2.8 from 2.7 in 2007. The zero-tolerance drive initiated by government last year has now proved to be nothing more than the fanfare. Corruption continue to be worsening in Malawi which was on position 90 in 2004 before President Bingu Mutharika came to power and dropped 28 places to 118 last year. Depoliticising the enforcement of anti corruption laws and basing prosecutions on the merits of cases and not political considerations can help, but that won't happen until government really think for the people. *******www.instablogs****/
25 Sep 2008
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Kanye West is being asked to apologize after some comments on a radio show have been considered offensive and anti-Semitic.
5 Dec 2013
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Not in My Name takes a critical yet balanced look at the movement of the political Jewish Left Wing community in North America and their position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Filmed over a period of 2 years in the U.S., Canada, Israel, and the West Bank, the film brings to light the conflict that many Jewish idealists must face within their Jewish community. At the same time, the film examines whether these political standings scrutinize the legitimacy of the existence of the State of Israel. The film tackles head-on the issue of the Holocaust being used as a tool by the Left Wing and the cloaking of anti-Semitism behind anti-Zionist rhetoric and propaganda.
18 Dec 2006
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Diane Sawyer recently interviewed Mel Gibson about his anti-semitism and his drunken outbursts. Luckily, BWE was there to translate what he really meant.
5 Jan 2007
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Listen to John Cleese as he addresses rumors that Monty Python were anti-semitic. Brilliant man, he is.
20 Dec 2007
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This song is dedicated to the Jewish Holocaust and is part of the Gedenk movement. The Gedenk (Remember!) Movement A humanitarian campaign to raise youth awareness about genocide through art and education. Gedenk is a word that means "remember" in Yiddish. Gedenk is a movement established in 2006 as a humanitarian campaign that promotes youth education about anti-Semitism and the Jewish Holocaust. Gedenk will use commercial outlets, i.e. music, dance, billboards and celebrities, to communicate its message and make the Jewish Holocaust relevant to today's youth. Those that do not speak up are as guilty as the criminals themselves! Our broader mission is to educate the youth and the general population about the consequences of bigotry and hatred- from the Armenian genocide, during World War I, the Jewish and Roma Holocaust of World War II, Rwanda in the 1990s, to Darfur today. We believe it is no longer acceptable to remain silent, for it is today's generation that is responsible for remembering the history of the world and insuring that such heinous crimes will never be tolerated again. "My father and mother lost most of their family in Iran and in Tunis. They found refuge in the land of Israel at 1948, leaving everything they had behind. With everything that's going on in the world today, my mission is to make my country a better place to live in. In order to do so, we must take the lessons that we have learned from past events, especially with Iran's agenda to deny that the Holocaust never happened, and remember that such tragic events must not be repeated! NEVER AGAIN!" Subliminal, Best selling Hiphop artist in Israel & Ambassador of honor for the Israeli Government. "I am third generation to Holocaust Survivors and it is my responsibility to tell the story. Remembrance of the Holocaust is critical to preventing further acts of genocide, if we don't tell the story of these terrible events we could increase the risk that it will be repeated." Miri Ben-Ari, Grammy Award Winner Violinist Gedenk Web Site: www.gedenkmovement**** Tact Records official site: *******www.tact-records****
7 Aug 2008
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Israel's minister for the Diaspora and fight against anti-semitism admits that it is only natural for his country to defend itself when it is attacked. Isaac Herzog summarises for Hong Kong's South China Morning Post his feelings about the current situation. Will there be an end to war, will talks progress and will Palestine be able to control Hamas' terrorism activity?
18 Mar 2008
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