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Author and talk show host Rob Simone records an antigravity experiment High voltage causes ionic attraction to suspend itself in the air. Possible UFO technology ?
6 Nov 2006
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Antigravity the zero point , pushing it farther and higher.
28 Mar 2009
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'''►► *******Magnet4Power.Net -''' GROUP III ELECTROMAGNETIC-AC Oscillating electromagnetic fields Filmed 1991-1996, 11 of 15 methods of levitating an object known to the author John Iwaszko, edited from the video Antigravity the reality made in 1996. The antigravity method shown in this edit, was introduced and was referred to as Magnetic Pulse Propulsion which has now been reclassified by the author as Electromagnetic AC Group IIIB ii) Electrodynamic Suspension (EDS)-Induced currents/Eddy currents- Oscillating electromagnetic Fields- DC Pulse, AC (LF, & HF) The 12th Method of antigravity is achieved in a very similar way to that of the previous method 11 but instead of mechanically inducing Relative motion between conductors and magnets, relative motion is induced by time varying currents of electricity generally referred to as alternating currents or AC. The simple experiment showed that if we raise a magnet away from a conducting loop of wire, the movement of the magnet generates a current through the loop in this direction that it opposes the change of the Magnetic field in the upward direction then the coil will produce a magnetic field in the opposing direction attracting the magnet. If we reverse the situation and push the magnet towards the coil the current will reverse in the loop and the magnetic field repelling the magnet. This is shown here demonstrating that a magnet can push a ring of non ferrous metal such as aluminum away by relative motion and that the effect is also reduced when the ring is open circuit. We can use this general principle to create levitation or negative gravity that generally pushes conductors away but can also be made stable by various means other than pivoting or tethering which we will now discuss.
10 Apr 2010
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author and chat flash host filch simone records an antigravity experiment lanky voltage causes ionic attraction to suspend itself importance the air.
26 Oct 2009
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T-shirt available here: *******roswellboutique.wordans****/t-shirt/ufo-antigravity-propulsion-112189
26 Oct 2010
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______________________________________________________________________________________________________tedesco ***********/watch?v=cq-PAB8OpN8 ***********/watch?v=XIfVmNSdDzk ***********/watch?v=INGshQYfRC0 ***********/watch?v=IlUQPBpM_jU Antigravitation ® Yoga-Lehrer ZERTIFIZIERUNG Grand *******, December 18-19, 2010 Grand *******, 03 bis 06 DEZEMBER 2010 AntiGravity Yoga is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for the AntiGravity Yoga ******* Islands Teacher Training to be held at Flow Therapeutic Movement in Grand ******* from December 3– 6, 2010. Antigravitation Yoga ist erfreut bekanntzugeben, dass wir ab sofort Bewerbungen für die Antigravitation Yoga Teacher Training ******* Islands bis 3. Dezember stattfinden wird bei Durchfluss Therapeutische Bewegung in Grand ******* aus - 6, 2010. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity and make our world-renowned technique your own! Wir ermutigen Sie Gelegenheit nutzen diese einmalige und machen unsere weltbekannten Technik Deine Eigene! · Trainees are allowed to purchase up to two (2) AntiGravity Yoga hammocks (not otherwise available for retail purchase) after completion of the Teacher Training. · Die Praktikanten dürfen den Erwerb von bis zu zwei (2) Antigravitation Yoga Hängematten (nicht anderweitig zur Verfügung Kaufdatum) nach Abschluss der Lehrerausbildung. · Trainees, who pass the course, are able to teach the technique in a non-commercial space, ie private studio, or in an AntiGravity Yoga-licensed yoga studio. · Auszubildende, die natürlich passieren das der Lage sind, Raum lehren die Technik in einer nicht-kommerziellen, dh privaten Studio oder in einer Antigravitation Yoga-Lizenz Yoga-Studio. AntiGravity Creator, the fitness mastermind behind what The Doctors TV Show has named one of the Top Ten Health Trends of 2009, has designed this amazing course to provide you with hands-on instruction and in depth knowledge of the technique! Antigravitation Schöpfer, der Fitness-Drahtzieher, was die Ärzte TV Show 2009 hat als eines der Top-Ten-Health Trends der hat natürlich gestaltet diese erstaunliche, um mit Ihnen praxisorientierte Anleitungen und detailliertes Wissen über die Technik! Applicants should be in good physical shape and adhere to a consistent fitness routine prior to enrollment. Bewerber sollten Form sein in guter körperlicher und halten eine konsistente Fitness-Routine vor der Einschreibung. Previous fitness teaching experience is strongly recommended in order to pass the course. Zurück Fitness Lehrerfahrung wird dringend empfohlen, um den Kurs zu bestehen. Positions are limited. Die Positionen sind begrenzt. Places are reserved first-come, first-serve, based on experience and training. Die Plätze sind reserviert first-come, first serve ", basierend auf Erfahrung und Ausbildung. Your prompt application submission is appreciated. Ihre sofortige Antragstellung geschätzt wird. Program Dates: December 18-19, 2010 Program Hours: 9:30 - 5:30 daily Programm Termine: Dezember 18-19, 2010 Programm Öffnungszeiten: 9.30 Uhr bis 05.30 Uhr täglich Program Location: Flow Therapeutic Movement #31 Orchard Lane George Town Grand ******* ******* Islands Programm Ort: Flow Therapeutische Bewegung # 31 Orchard Lane George Town Grand ******* ******* Islands Program Fees: $ 3,0 euro /h USD (made payable to LLC) Programm Preise: $ 3 euro/h USD (zahlbar an Antigravitation Fitness LLC) Accepted Payment Methods: Credit card (using an online invoice, provided), wire transfer, money order, or certified checks only. Akzeptierte Zahlungsweisen: Kreditkarte (über ein Online-Rechnung, zur Verfügung gestellt), Banküberweisung, Postanweisung, oder bestätigte Schecks nur. Application Deadline: december 11 15, 2010 Anmeldeschluss: 15. december 11 2010 Payment Deadline: december 11 26, 2010 Zahlungstermin: 26. december 11 2010 Application Process: Antragstellung: Applicants in the United States and Canada: Submit a complete professional resume and a short biographical paragraph statement of your previous fitness, dance, sports and yoga experience. Die Antragsteller in den Vereinigten Staaten und Kanada: Schlagen Sie einen kompletten beruflichen Lebenslauf und eine kurze Biographie Absatz Aussage über Ihre bisherigen Fitness, Tanz, Sport und Yoga zu erleben. International applicants: Applicants residing in the EU, Australia, Switzerland, and Turkey only. Ausländische Bewerber: Bewerber mit Wohnsitz in der EU, Australien, Schweiz und der Türkei nur. Must be fluent in English. Muss fließend Englisch. Submit a complete professional resume and a short biographical paragraph statement of your previous fitness and yoga teaching experience. Schlagen Sie einen kompletten professionellen Lebenslauf und eine kurze Biographie Absatz Aussage über Ihre bisherigen Fitness-und Yoga-Unterricht zu erleben. Note that international applicants are subject to the regulations implemented by our international program representatives. Beachten Sie, dass internationale Bewerber Vertreter unterliegen dem Programm Vorschriften umgesetzt durch unser internationales. Send applications to: Bewerbungen bitte an: In the subject line, please include: Grand ******* Teacher Training In der Betreff-Zeile, geben Sie bitte: Grand ******* Lehrerbildung In the body of the e-mail, please include: Im Textkörper der E-Mail, geben Sie bitte: Name (Last, First) Full Address Phone Number Email Address Attach resumes and bios as a MS Word document or PDF file. Name (Nachname, Vorname) Full-Adresse Telefonnummer E-Mail Adresse anhängen fortgesetzt und bios als MS Word Dokument oder PDF-Datei. Important note for beginners: MASTER CLASSES: For participants of the AntiGravity Yoga Teacher Training who have NO experience with AntiGravity Yoga, it is mandatory to take 4.5 hours (3 classes) prior to the training date. Wichtiger Hinweis für Anfänger: Meisterkurs: Für Teilnehmer des Anti-Schwerkraft Yogalehrerausbildung Yoga, die haben keine Erfahrung mit Antigravitation, ist es zwingend auf dem neuesten Stand zu 4,5 Stunden (3 Klassen) vor dem Training. MASTER CLASSES AVAILABLE: $25 CI or $31 USD per class Wednesday, December 1, 2010 9:30- 11:00 am OPEN LEVEL 5:30 – 7:00 pm RESTORATIVE 7:30- 9:00 pm OPEN LEVEL MASTER Klassen zur Verfügung: $ 25 oder $ CI 31 USD pro Klasse Mittwoch, 1 Dezember 2010 von 9.30 bis 11.00 Uhr Open Level von 5.30 bis 19.00 FÜLLUNGSTECHNIK 7.30 bis 21.00 Uhr Open Level Thursday, December 2, 2010 5:30- 7:00 pm OPEN LEVEL 7:30- 9:00 pm RESTORATIVE Donnerstag, 2 Dezember, 2010 von 5.30 bis 19.00 Uhr Open Level von 7.30 bis 09.00 Uhr FÜLLUNGSTECHNIK Note: Submission of an application does not guarantee a spot in the Teacher Training. Hinweis: Die Einreichung eines Antrags keine Garantie für einen Platz in der Lehrerbildung. Participation and certification does not guarantee a license to teach AntiGravity Yoga in a yoga facility that has not made a previous licensing agreement with AntiGravity, Inc. If you know of a facility where you would like to teach AntiGravity Yoga, please have the owner of the facility contact our Licensing Department at Teilnahme und Zertifizierung garantiert nicht eine Lizenz zum Yoga zu lehren Antigravitation Yoga in einem Yoga-Anlage lehren, dass Antigravitation nicht gemacht eine frühere Lizenzvereinbarung mit Antigravitation, Inc. Wenn Sie wissen, wie eine Anlage von wo würden Sie, halten Sie bitte den Besitzer des Anlage an unser Licensing Abteilung In accordance with US law, you may teach AntiGravity Yoga in a non-commercial space, ie private studio, and at an AntiGravity Yoga-licensed facility only, after completion of Level 1 certification. Nach US-Recht können Sie Platz lehren Antigravitation Yoga in einer nicht-kommerziellen, dh privaten Studio, und bei einer Anti-Schwerkraft-Yoga zugelassenen Anlage nur nach Abschluss der Stufe 1 zertifiziert. Additional Information Airlines offering flights to Grand ******* are: AMERICAN BRITISH AIRWAYS ******* AIRWAYS CONTINENTAL AIR CANADA DELTA US AIRWAYS WESTJET Zusätzliche Informationen Airlines bieten Flüge nach Grand ******* sind: AMERICAN BRITISH AIRWAYS ******* Airways CONTINENTAL DELTA AIR CANADA US AIRWAYS WestJet The above have kitchen options, internet, breakfast included and are located on Seven Mile Beach which is steps from the beach and walking distance to wonderful eateries, grocery, pharmacy, shopping, Public transport to the studio is very easy to use- however, assistance for scheduled pick and drop off to the studio during the training sessions will be arranged. Die oben genannten Optionen haben eine Küche, Internet, Frühstück und inklusive sind Restaurants befindet sich auf Seven Mile Beach Walking die Schritte vom Strand entfernt und die Entfernung zu wunderbar, Lebensmittelgeschäft, Apotheke, Einkaufsmöglichkeiten, Verkehr, um das Studio Öffentliche sehr einfach zu bedienen-aber Hilfe geplant für Pick-and-Drop-off ins Studio während der Trainingseinheiten wird gesorgt. Fee for this service will be divided by number of people sharing the ride. Gebühr für diesen Service wird die Fahrt werden geteilt durch Anzahl der Personen. The Only 16 positions are available for the training.g. Applicants should have normal upper body strength and strong abdominals. Nur 16 Positionen sind für das training.g. Bewerber sollten Bauchmuskeln haben normale Kraft im Oberkörper und stark. AA background in one or more of the following is recommended but not required: Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Martial Arts. AA Hintergrund in einem oder mehreren der folgenden wird empfohlen, aber nicht erforderlich: Yoga, Pilates, Tanz, Kampfsport. Prior teaching experience is highly recommended! Vor Lehrerfahrung ist sehr zu empfehlen! A submission for registration does not guarantee a slot in the training., LLC reserves all rights in selecting Instructor Candidates. Participation in the Instructor Training does not guarantee a license to teach AntiGravity® Yoga, unless participant successfully completes the course. Eine Vorlage für die Registrierung übernimmt keine Garantie für einen Schlitz in der Ausbildung. Antigravitation Fitness, LLC behält sich alle Rechte bei der Auswahl Instructor Kandidaten. Beteiligt an den Instructor Training übernimmt keine Garantie für eine Lizenz für Yoga zu lehren Antigravitation ®, es sei denn, Teilnehmer erfolgreich den Kurs. -- ******* email : loveenricovalbonesigmail**** phone : +39 3294167403 +393281616331-3457001076 skype : enricovalbonesi _____________________________________
12 Nov 2010
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GROUP VIB PHOTONIC - ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE TRANSMISSION & CONVERSION PROPULSION (Method 15b) “Antigravity” Method 15b of 15 – PHOTONIC - ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE TRANSMISSION & CONVERSION PROPULSION (Method 15B) Group VIA ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE CONVERSION PROPULSION Methodology can be achieved mechanically or electrically, and can be broken down further into three subdivisions:- a) Direct Mechanical Conversion, b) Electrical Conversion and c) Mechanical Pressure Electric Conversion. Type a) Direct Mechanical Conversion example include Solar thermal rockets which could make use of solar power to directly heat reaction mass, and therefore does not require an electrical generator as most other forms of solar-powered propulsion do. The engine thrust is directly related to the surface area of the solar collector and to the local intensity of the solar radiation. The device shown is a good example of a solar thermal rocket. Type c) Mechanical Pressure Electric Conversion Propulsion has already been described in Method 15a but grouped here as well because the electrical energy required for laser propulsion can be converted from solar cells or other devices in space. Masers could be used to power a painted conventional solar sail, with a layer of chemicals designed to evaporate when struck by microwave radiation. Type b) Electrical conversion examples include solar cells that receive electromagnetic radiation mainly in the visible spectrum and convert it into electrical energy that can then power a propulsive force. Electromagnetic radiation including ‘light’ is a self propagating wave with both magnetic and electrical components. Radio waves are also Electromagnetic waves of much lower frequency than visible light. Wireless power transfer by resonant inductive coupling with a continuous wave MF (Medium Frequency-short wave) oscillator. (Tesla Coil) Continuing on from the right and towards the visible light spectrum, we now move from LF to MF, the Medium Frequency Band, which is slightly higher than the Medium Wave (MW) radio band, and within the shortwave region, a frequency of approximately 2.2 MHz. This small Tesla coil a fairly typical air core design is of a type that was originally developed by Tesla to be used for wireless power transmission and reception. This particular coil is powered by a primary high-voltage source of 5000VRMS at only 15 Watts, contains some high voltage capacitors, and a quenched spark gap which self oscillates the primary circuit at a rate that equals the operating frequency required to excite the LC (inductance-capacitance) tank circuit, with periodic bursts of high frequency current. The multiple-layer primary helical coil is tuned to resonate at the same frequency as the secondary LC circuit. Excited by resonant inductive coupling, creating a dual-tuned resonant air-core transformer. The secondary elevated helical coil is connected to the terminal capacitance or "top load" sphere. The terminal capacitance forms one 'plate' of a capacitor, the ground or earth becomes the other 'plate' and is capable of continuous wave oscillation of non-radiating electromagnetic field energy, which a Tesla coil receiver is designed to receive. I now put the secondary back, which is a grounded quarter wave tuned secondary coil, and have on the other side of the room a virtually identical receiver coil which is in resonance with the transmitter. In this system devised by Tesla, a connection to the earth is essential, and the receiver coil shown is illuminating a combination of common GLS 240V 15W mains voltage and low voltage light sources that includes a 14W Fluorescent lamp, the receiver is energized through the earth while an equivalent electrical displacement occurs in the air. It was an extension of the transmission through a single wire without return that convinced Tesla that distance was of no consequence and energy could be conveyed from one to any point of the globe, in any desired amount.
22 Sep 2011
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******* AntiGravity Entertainment, AntiGravity Fitness and AntiGravity Yoga founder Christopher Harrison choreographed The Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2012. Catch the AntiGravity Pop Circus featuring Super Model Adriana Lima as the ringmaster and performances from GRAMMY Award-winning artists Rihanna and Bruno Mars and GRAMMY Award-nominated artist Justin Bieber on CBS Dec 4. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is expected to get hotter and spicier than ever before. *******
5 Dec 2012
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4 Dec 2006
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'''►► *******Magnet4Power**** -''' The mystic tube slows down the falling. It takes three times longer to fall through the alu tube than the plastic tube.
22 Apr 2007
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Amazing effect with a card
10 Sep 2007
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Amazing experiment with a net and water.
15 Sep 2007
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DIY project, using only few very simple and cheap electronic components.
4 Jan 2008
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A video showing how to make the illusion of no gravity, like in a space craft.
26 Mar 2008
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*******vanguardsciences****/dvds.htm This will get you dreaming and realizing this is so close to happening to us all soon if Sheldan Nidles right about 1st contact very soon i would guess certainly by 2013 maybe even 1-2 years judging from what i have found and have revealed with my channel. This was presented by the host of Keelynet**** s Jerry Decker you can buy the 60 minute mp3 for afew dollars online or video from address above ask me questions if you like enjoy
9 Jan 2010
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*******canadianwind**** many years alternative energy enthusiasts portal Distributed by Tubemogul.
5 Aug 2010
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