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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video game review of MotorStorm Apocalypse from Evolution Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3 (PS3). MotorStorm Apocalypse is the third MotorStorm game in the last four years, but the good news is that even the third lap around the track is good for MotorStorm. MotorStorm Apocalypse is a great racing title packed with big explosions and even bigger fun. You play MotorStorm Apocalypse as a miscreant street racer in a stereotypical landscape of urban decay and Mad Max worship. This game is really about its impressive scope and slick gameplay, two things that combine to make Apocalypse a very engaging, edge-of-your-seat racer. This CGRundertow video game review features video gameplay footage of MotorStorm Apocalypse for the PlayStation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
8 Nov 2012
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Mark Speed - Apocalypse Later: a guide to the end of the world by Nice Mr Death
9 Nov 2012
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A new British reality show asks what might happen if you really believed the zombie apocalypse was happening.
14 Nov 2012
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*******filesmy****/file/03eF79 - Download Link!! ******* - More Hacks Features: - Generate Cash - Unlimited Treasures - Ullock All Weapon - Extras - Undetectable - Proxy Support Overrun by a mysterious strain of mutant zombies, Hellthroat Island has never been more in need of a real hero. You, Apocalypse Max, are the lone survivor of this zombie apocalypse. Journey through 20 levels of heart-thumping, adrenaline-pumping action spread out over 9 perilous worlds! Master in-air maneuvers as you find your way around precarious platforms. Discover secret treasures and collect gold as you overcome more than 16 wacky types of zombies. Unlock over 18 insane weapons and find crazy ways to blast past your enemies. Don't like guns? Wanna get up close and personal? No problem! Rip apart your foes with your oversized, battle-hardy combat knife. For the first time ever on iOS, Wandake Studios present to you the re-invention of the classic retro platforming experience. Apocalypse Max combines timeless zombie slaying fun with free roaming, acrobatic platforming awesomeness to create an action packed, hack-n-slash, shoot-em-up adventure like the world has never seen before! Engage in the epic and timeless battle of man against zombie in this fast action, 2D adventure with Apocalypse Max! FEATURES VAST WORLDS-- Explore rich and deep content. Lead Max through 20 unique levels across 9 distinct regions for hours of gaming entertainment. UNIQUE HAND-DRAWN ARTWORK-- See beautifully designed and stylized 2D artwork within each level of the game, along with fast and lively animations. WIDE ARRAY OF ENEMIES-- Test your hand-to-hand combat skills with a variety of enemies, and eliminate 16 different and creepy zombie types ADVANCED WEAPONRY-- Select from a variety of over 20 different types of weapons and ammo that you can use to slice, shoot, and blow up zombies. UNIVERSAL APP-- Enjoy on your iPod, iPhone or iPad! Features: - Works AWESOME globally - No matter where you stay - US, UK, CA - Anywhere!! - Undetectable - You will NOT get banned for using this (100% guarantee) - Tested on daily basis to ensure it's functionality - Easy to use - Simply click Start Hack and you are done! - Generate UNLIMITED items to your game account - items will be added within few seconds! - 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Download and enjoy! - User friendly - each Hack/Cheat is downloadable with a simple user guide! - Auto Update System - If there is a new version available for downloading, your version will Auto-Update!!
21 Nov 2012
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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Pro Zombie Soccer: Apocalypse Edition from Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team and Chillingo for the iPad. Apocalypse Edition is the iPad version of the iPhone game Pro Zombie Soccer. You might think that just means a bigger version of the same game, but Apocalypse Edition is a little more than that. This is Pro Zombie Soccer completely remade for a larger device. Put simply, this makes the zombie infestation on the iPhone look more like a minor inconvenience. You play as a wanna be soccer star who made the mistake of getting drunk the night before tryouts. Evidently, it's hard to play soccer when you're hung over. Therefore, he doesn't make the team, and in a wonderful example of faultless video game logic, this leads to a zombie apocalypse. Thankfully, the dude can play soccer. This video review features video gameplay footage of Pro Zombie Soccer: Apocalypse Edition for the iPad and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
25 Nov 2012
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Rock Band Blitz Apocalypse Special! Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow feature: Rock Band Blitz Apocalypse Special for XBox 360. I was promised death and destruction! The hell, ancient Mayan culture? This means I'll have to continue to deal with things like flat tires and quad-Sigilyph decks and head colds and politics. If you'd prefer a more exciting (and harmonious) end of the world, take a gander (and listen) to four of TJ's favorite apocalyptic tracks available on Rock Band Blitz (and, by extension, Rock Band 3!) Please, no Meat Loaf jokes. This video review features video gameplay footage of Rock Band Blitz for XBox 360 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's TJ.
3 Jan 2013
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20 Jan 2013
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CGR Trailers, from Classic Game Room®, presents a “United” trailer for X-MEN LEGENDS II: RISE OF APOCALYPSE from Activision. X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse was released in 2005 for the Nintendo GameCube, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 2 (PS2), PlayStation Portable (PSP) and Xbox video game platforms. There are also releases on mobile devices and the N-Gage handheld. Enjoy! *******gamehackerz****/tetris-battle-cheat
5 Feb 2013
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A short teaser trailer of a series that we (Tiddy llama gaming) and Hurrdurrgamers: ******* are working on together. This series will be a series of horror/zombie apocalypse type episodes based in Vector city; a city previously over-run by a Zombie infection. the survivors must fight for survival against the zombie infection, and seek out other survivors. Based on the TV series 'The Walking Dead', and the Game; 'Left 4 Dead', we will take on the role of survivors forced to fight for survival in this hostile landscape, seeking out weapons, food, supplies and refuge, and looking for a means of escape. This series will be a Drama/machinima/action film, where theres always something going on, and danger, betrayal and hidden mysteries around every corner, will the survivors survive and find their freedom, or will the zombies hunt them down to their last and devour them before they can do so? Find out soon... The series will be filmed largely form a 3rd person perspective by dedicated camera men, but will also feature first person views throughout. it will contain features of cinematic shots, drama, action and a certain element of random lets play (all 3rd person will be shot using the minecraft camera studio mod) The series will also include dedicated voice actors for each character involved... More teasers, info and behind the scenes will be released on this channel in the coming future, so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to not miss and thing. The first episode will be released as soon as we can, hopefully within the next 2 weeks
11 Mar 2013
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LINK DAY 2: ******* Texture pack is Sphax pureBD craft, Techic 7 Plugin is called: Monster Apocalypse. Day 1: Our Helicopter is out of fuel, and we are stuck in a city none of us recognize, we are trapped in a glass dome with no means of escape, we must find fuel for the helicopter if we have any chance of escape. But first we must prepare for the hordes of savage beasts beating at our door. Video Tour of this map: ***********/watch?v=c0Ix8p7CX2s Map Download Page: ******* Apocalypse Mod: *******
12 Mar 2013
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LINK DAY 3: ******* Texture pack: *******bdcraft****/forum/128x-64xtekkit-smp-21-v19 You might need to download the tekkit and the BD craft bit and merge them not sure. Mod: Monster Apocalypse: *******dev.bukkit****/server-mods/monster-apocalypse/ Day 2: Tiddles grabs some ass.
12 Mar 2013
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LINK DAY 4: ******* Texture pack: *******bdcraft****/forum/128x-64xtekkit-smp-21-v19 You might need to download the tekkit and the BD craft bit and merge them not sure. Mod: Monster Apocalypse: *******dev.bukkit****/server-mods/monster-apocalypse/ We go in search of the vault, for tekkit items.
12 Mar 2013
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LINK DAY 6: ******* Texture pack: *******bdcraft****/forum/128x-64xtekkit-smp-21-v19 You might need to download the tekkit and the BD craft bit and merge them not sure. Mod: Monster Apocalypse: *******dev.bukkit****/server-mods/monster-apocalypse/ In day 5 however, we do more home improvements. x
12 Mar 2013
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Day 7: Coming soon. Day 6 for y'all. Enjoy, Texture pack: *******bdcraft****/forum/128x-64xtekkit-smp-21-v19 You might need to download the tekkit and the BD craft bit and merge them not sure. Mod: Monster Apocalypse: *******dev.bukkit****/server-mods/monster-apocalypse
12 Mar 2013
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Day 8: ******* We stop fapping in our powerplant, to work on the defensive perimiter, I enjoy burning Zombies, so i enjoy this episode, i also enjoy burning Americans........ Well this one anyway. Texture pack: *******bdcraft****/forum/128x-64xtekkit-smp-21-v19 You might need to download the tekkit and the BD craft bit and merge them not sure. Mod: Monster Apocalypse: *******dev.bukkit****/server-mods/monster-apocalypse
12 Mar 2013
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Day 8: Texture pack: *******bdcraft****/forum/128x-64xtekkit-smp-21-v19 You might need to download the tekkit and the BD craft bit and merge them not sure. Mod: Monster Apocalypse: *******dev.bukkit****/server-mods/monster-apocalypse
12 Mar 2013
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