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We knew it was coming, but now it's official - Apple will announce something on January 27th. Let the speculation begin. Also, Revision3 makes a play for Conan O'Brien. Find out more on TechVi Now. Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 Jan 2010
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CNET's portable-entertainment editor Donald Bell joins the Buzz Out Loud crew to discuss what to expect at the September 1 Apple music event in San Francisco. See original video at *******cnettv.cnet****/cnet-apple-event-predictions/9742-1_53-50092354.html?part=metacafe-cnet
31 Aug 2010
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We're on our way to Atlanta for CEDIA and kept up with Apple's "It's only Rock and Roll" event while in the car. Forgive the low quality video. It's the only way to get it uploaded while moving down the road! :) iPhone 3.1 -- Genius will make suggestions for apps you might like based on apps you already have -- 30,000 ringtones will be available for $1.29 each iTunes 9 -- Genius Mixes will pick out and play songs from your music library that it thinks go together -- Improved syncing includes the ability to manage pages and apps from iTunes. You'll also be able to copy songs or movies onto your iPod from other libraries on your network. -- Available now Touch -- Unfortunately we don't get the camera and microphone on the touch as we predicted -- 8GB $199 -- $299 16GB -- $399 64GB iPod Classic -- The 120GB iPod Classic is upgraded to 160GB, but stays at same price of $129 Nano -- The Nano DOES get the camera and microphone addition -- One click sends videos to YouTube -- Adds FM Radio -- Adds Pedometer -- 8GB $149 -- 16GB $179 -- Available Today
10 Sep 2009
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Apple finally confirmed their January 27th event, where they're expected to announce the Apple Tablet. I'll be live on Ustream at at 10:00 AM Pacific during the event. The AirStash is a new kind of solution for dealing with all your files. It's a USB drive with tricks up it's sleeve. Asus announced the DR750 eBook reader. It's full color and plays flash video. The Kodak Slice Touchscreen camera shoots 720p HD video at 30 frames per second, and has optical image stabilization and face recognition. Mahru-Z is a robot with a 3D sensor and six fingers. It moves really slow right now, but the makers believe that as it develops, it'll be very useful.
20 Jan 2010
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It's a big week for tech unveilings, with events from Apple, Samsung and Microsoft on the schedule.
24 Oct 2012
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I recap today's Apple event where they announced the new iPad 3rd generation along with a new AppleTV!
17 Mar 2012
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Brian Tong gets his hands on the Apple iPad and finds a feature Apple didn't show at the keynote.
28 Jan 2010
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21 Feb 2010
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Since this event has already passed, the guys discuss what they want and expect in future Apple devices.
5 May 2010
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BY BRANDON TWICHELL You're watching multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. Apple continues to be cryptic about the anticipated release of the iPad 2, but techies are all abuzz over speculation the company is delaying the release date. Or is it? Let’s note at the outset -- there is an entire cottage industry in the media -- created and fed by nothing but Apple rumors. This time Information Week reports -- those rumors are being fed -- by Apple itself. “On Wednesday morning, it sent invitations to reporters for an event scheduled for March 2. The invitation shows an iOS app being peeled from an iPad. It reads ‘Come See What 2011 Will Be The Year Of.’ The invite alone more or less confirms that Apple will announce the iPad 2 next week.” Forbes Eric Savitz says, hmmm. Maybe this IS open to interpretation and speculation. “I thought it was the year of the hare. The Year of the Cat? The Year of Living Dangerously? The year the Cubs finally win a pennant?” Others say, duh, it’s about time for lots of other reasons. A writer for Free PC Guides notes old iPad prices are dropping, store shelves are going empty - and are not being refilled. “[T]he official giant retailer from the U.K ... has now sold out all the 64 GB WiFi-only iPads and, moreover, all versions of the iPad 3G as well … European carriers ... have both dropped their iPad pricing at almost half the previous costs.” Today’s Apple tease puts to rest a plethora of postings about a rumored delay. As Bloomberg notes, the manufacturer itself reported “production bottlenecks” which it said could reduce the number of new iPads created. “Our checks suggest new issues are being encountered with the new production and it is taking time to resolve them... As a number of Android 3.0 tablets are being launched in April and May, the delay in iPad 2 shipments may give the Android camp a brief window of opportunity.” But a writer for The Loop says the media has become adept at jumping to conclusions on all things Apple. “It seems amazing that rumors of Apple missing product deadlines are running rampant when Apple hasn’t even announced the product yet. The only deadlines that have been set are by the media, not Apple. Having said that, the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 are not delayed.” In fact, by all appearances. If Apple’s tease is any indication, iPad 2 is just around the corner, and right on time. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for daily updates. Get more tech video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
26 Feb 2011
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Ty gives the rundown on all the iPad 3 rumors.
1 Mar 2012
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Ty answers question from viewers about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5G and the New iPhone!
2 Sep 2012
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