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Apple's Product Marketing VP chats to T3 exclusively, about iTunes and the best apps for 2012.
18 Dec 2011
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The world thinnest note book from apple exclusive guided tour on metacafe
16 Jan 2008
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*******AVTR**** Watch Avatar trailer apple exclusive bonus videos! Check out the Scorpion, a large transport vehicle with dual rotor propulsion, air-to-air, and a tri-gun rack set for battles on Pandora. See this futuristic machines 3D rendition in this short video clip, and check out the film in the cinema December 18! Visit AVTR**** for more exclusives like the Apple HD Avatar trailer!
18 Dec 2009
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In between his Capitol Records and Reprise Records time, Frank Sinatra covered the all time classic and Oscar-prized Fred Astaire's gem "The Way You look Tonight", a song originally penned for the movie "Swing Time" in the 30s. The song became even more a classic than it already was, and among the numbers of great artists who have tried it, Sinatra's cut and clean version defnitely stands out. Asked by Apple to being part of a tribute to old Blue eyes's greatness, Maroon 5 and especially Adam were more than happy in pickin up this song and remakin it, being faithful (as Adam stated to Billboard, and as you can read in the introductory notes in this video) to Frank's elegance in his rendition, elegance itself that just suits the boys so perfectly well, always. They worked again with David Campbell - amazing director and yes, the father of Beck Hanson - for the arrangement of this hyper classy track. Excellent choice, like it already was on IWBSBL time (I keep getting shiver thinkin what Campbell made last time at the Grammies with the INCREDIBLE work with Radiohead on the live performance - the true highlight of the whole night, innit? ), as an excellent choice is the one that is now making my beloveds working on Geneva Lake with mighty Mutt Lange for their next album. All in all, I LOVE this cover. God, Adam shines doing Sinatra. I'm just sad there won't be a video for this with them cos the 60's look would work - oh!!!! - so much with them :) I have attempted a sort of funny video for it then: you can see my dummies trying to take care of my Maroon5 record and video collection, that includes Kara's Flowers album and single, all albums, all singles, all video albums, collaborations and everything than any M5 band members has been possibly involved with. Yeah, I'm a completist tyupe of fan. A greedy, devoted type of fan. Even more, in the iPod there is also all that is available and buyable of them anyway, including precisely all stuff with Apple exclusives that you can get only over iTunes (and videos and of course tv shows they've been in, as well). Right... I thought it was a nice way to homage them. Intro and outros in the song are pieces of jazz "Blue Wednesday" and I put them in for the usual discouraging at copying material from web (I am a completist for a reason - I believe in the creators' rights on artistic creations). Next video will be Rain by Operation Aloha, my favourite track on the record and, unsurprisingly, the one that is Jesse's output in full. Oh.. I have to plan this trip round Geneva Lake and Montreux, where I believe Maroon5 are currently recording, before I'm possibly heading to Japan for Summer holidays ;) I wonder if Adam left his Harley home or took it along over the Lake... ;)
31 Jan 2012
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