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1 Jun 2010
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3 Jul 2010
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BY NICOLE GARNER AND KELSEY WAANANEN ANCHOR ANA COMPAIN-ROMERO You're watching multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. The rumors are true. After much speculation, the iPad 2 is here. A sick Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance at the iPad 2 launch in San Francisco, where he promoted Apple’s newest tablet. And if CNBC is any indication -- talk of Job’s health overshadowed some of the launch. HOST 1: “He looks very thin.” HOST 2: “I think he looks thinner than the last time around, unfortunately.” HOST 3: “It’s a shame to see that, but he is ill and he’s taken a medical leave of absence.” Although Job’s health was of interest during the launch, the iPad 2’s new features quickly stole back the show. New features include two cameras for video chatting, a 10-hour battery and the option of a black or white model. Apple released new accessories with iPad 2, including the Smart Cover, which protects the screen and folds into a stand for the tablet. Gizmodo outlines new features of iPad 2 -- most notably, its speed. “It's astonishingly fast—much faster than the original iPad. This is most evident when playing games, where the added graphics boost comes into its own.” Popular Science says it wasn’t unexpected for Apple to have created a thinner tablet. “The hardware has been rejiggered in the typical Apple way--ever thinner, in this case whittled down to a mere 8.8mm thick (thinner than the iPhone 4, even) and lighter, down from 1.5 to 1.3 pounds (the Motorola Xoom, in comparison, weighs 1.6 pounds).” Jobs declared 2010 the year of the iPad, and expects 2011 to follow suit. The BBC notes the product has changed the tablet market. “Of course there are a lot more tablets coming out right now. A whole series of Android tablets hitting the market in the next couple of months, providing quite a lot of opposition for this. But I think the key thing to say is this device really has created a whole new category out there, a whole new industry and the competition’s going to be a lot more intense over the coming months.” Forget changing the tablet market -- writes ComputerWorld’s Jonny Evans. The iPad 2 -- he writes -- changes tehcnology as we know it. “I don't think we should get obsessed with the tech-specs... I think we should be obsessed with what we can make this new device do. I think the iPad 2 is opening up a whole new conversation, brand new opportunities at the heart of art and technology. The iPad 2 is a canvas ready to receive, share, consume and create our ideas in the post-PC age.” The iPad 2 will be available for purchase in the United States on March 11th, and March 25th in the U.K.. The 3G iPad 2 will be available on the AT&T and Verizon networks. Transcript by Newsy.
5 Mar 2011
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BY SAMANTHA MCCLENDON ANCHOR SALEM SOLOMON You're watching multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the new iPad 2, you may have to wait a little longer. IHS iSuppli reports the disaster in Japan could cause shortages of Apple's iPad 2 tablet computer. According to the report, there are five components made in Japan, including the touch-screen glass and battery. Long Island’s News 12 has more. “Apple admits it could be weeks before they could get those parts so if you didn’t get an iPad 2 last weekend when it debuted, you could wait a bit. Apple sold up to 600,000 in the first weekend.” MSNBC reports the iPad 2 is already in high demand and sales have greatly exceeded expectations. A reporter for CNN says this demand combined with a short supply could raise the price of the product. “If those shortages in products happens, we could see prices go higher. It’s simple supply and demand. What it’s really going to depend on is how long these shut downs lasts.” And the LA Times reports -- consumer panic is already starting to show itself. “On EBay, the 16-gigabyte iPad 2 models were selling for about $900 on Thursday afternoon, while 64-gigabyte models were listed for more than $1,300.” A writer for Planet Insane spoke to a quote- “industry insider” who says, it might not be as big of a deal if Apple can find alternative suppliers -- but there’s one thing they won’t be able to get anywhere else. “The batteries that are made for the iPad2 are thinner than your regular cell phone battery. The companies that made the batteries for the iPad2 are the same ones who pioneered the lithium ion battery and batteries for cell phones. Those batteries would not be able to be made anywhere else except for in Japan.” Finally, a CNBC reporter says it’s too early to tell how long the tech commodity will be off the shelves. “Most important, it’s just far too early to draw conclusions about what the impact might be anyway.” “What you find inside can vary from one iPad 2 to the next. Once you crack it open and you see Toshiba NAND and the next you might find Samsung NAND and looking inside, you can’t tell what the part stockpiles are or really what the preparations have been made.” So, iPad fans, are you willing to wait out the dry spell -- or are you willing to shell out the extra cash? 'Like Newsy' on Facebook for daily updates. Get more multisource world tech news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
22 Mar 2011
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iPad 2 Specificaties: Korte specificatie video van de Apple iPad 2. Meer op *******
5 Apr 2011
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Since the Apple iPad is such an excellent mobile companion, you'll probably find yourself using it quite a bit in conjunction with your social profiles. Here is the list of the best social networking apps for your iPad 2.
14 Apr 2011
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19 Sep 2011
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In this video, I take a look at the current and future state of tablets. I'll be talking about the iPad 3, Kindle Fire, and Nook Tablet.
27 Nov 2011
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In this episode, I show you some of the latest apps currently running on my iPad. Check them out!
8 Jan 2012
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The new iPad arrives, Woopra hits Google Play, Google Hangouts get compatibility with Google Docs and Samsung considers an Android-powered camera.
17 Mar 2012
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In this episode, Jon talks about the potential March 7th announcement date for the highly anticipated iPad 3, as well as providing speculation on what kinds of features it may have. He also shares his thoughts on the recently released PS Vita and gaming.
15 Apr 2012
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In this episode, Jon talks about the potential March 7th announcement date for the highly anticipated iPad 3, as well as providing speculation on what kinds of features it may have. He also shares his thoughts on the recently released PS Vita and gaming.
16 Apr 2012
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