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*******www****workgurusecrets**** The arbonne business was founded in 1975 in Switzerland by Peter Morck. His goal was to create a wide range of botanical based skin care products which enhances beauty naturally. The company eventually expanded into the United States in 1980. Due to the ambitions of the arbonne business they now have a wide range of products which can meet the needs of anyone inside and out such as skin care products, detox formulas, products for babies, vitamin and mineral supplementation and more. Because of the advanced and superior technology of their products and the expenses required for product development arbonne business has chosen network marketing as it’s distribution channel. The company fully believes in honesty and integrity and now growing a business based on greed and promises of easy wealth. Because of the transparency of the arbonne business and the quality of its products they now have more than a million distributors world wide and creates dozens of new millionaires every year. It has taken some MLM companies decades longer to achieve this kind of success. If your goal is to become a millionaire through the products of the arbonne business your goal is highly achievable. Even in today’s economy, skin care is one of the top 3 health related needs of consumers. It is your job to think like a business owner and have a passion and believe in your products and find those people. Lead with the products and not the opportunity Arbonne business pays their distributors based on the amount of products being consumed in your downline and not the amount of distributors you enroll. In most network marketing companies where you are taught to make promises of being your own boss and having financial freedom with hard work, people just purchase the bare minimum of product in order to qualify for commission. The second problem with leading with opportunity is there is always a better opportunity out there and if a person doesn’t make money they move to the next opportunity. Think like an expert Because of the superior botanical and all natural product quality, they are slightly more expensive than other competitive skin care products. This is the second reason arbonne business has chosen network marketing as its distribution channel. They realize that personal and one on one explanation is required to explain why their products cost more. This requires you to take the time to educate yourself in the market place of your audience. Understand their needs, fears and how the products can be a great benefit to others. To discover more arbonne business building techniques and obtain a free report titled “The Heavy Hitter Report To Enrolling 3 Reps A Day”, visit *******www****workgurusecrets****
23 Jan 2010
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