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Pequeño vídeotutorial realizado por Mikonos, que muestra la forma correcta de eliminar las soldaduras del transformador de líneas o flyback de un chasis de máquina recreativa usando el soldador y una bomba de succión con el fin de sustituirlo. Este clip de vídeo forma parte de un documento más extenso sobre las reparaciones en el chasis de vídeo de la máquina recreativa. Este vídeo ha sido realizado por Mikonos para la web: "Zona Arcade - Construye, Restaura y Decora tu Máquina Arcade y Pinball". Si desea saber más sobre este espacio y el autor del vídeo diríjase a la siguiente dirección:
4 Aug 2010
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Penny Arcade Expo video highlights. Duke Nukem, Tron bike, booth babes, and the dancin' Kinetic Guy.
6 Sep 2010
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X-Men Arcade - Reveal trailer
12 Oct 2010
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That's right, a new free games site has been released on the Tadimo network. This site includes the latest and greatest arcade games for online play. Check out the new site below:
27 Oct 2010
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tunis les arcades avenue bourguiba
11 Nov 2010
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download file here: Here is some pics of the Xbox 360 Arcade edition Console box and the inside along with the game disc which has 5 arcade games that include UNO, Pacman, Luxor. The console comes with a wireless controller instead of the wired and has a HDMI port. However there is a 256 MB memory card instead of a hard drive. It is rumored to replace the Core version and to stay at 199.99. Microsoft has already released this in the world wide market. By the way I did not do the unboxing here, a friend of mine did. Xbox 360 Arcade unboxing, Xbox 360 Arcade unboxing. Here is a Q/A which might have dumb questions that a few people ask. ----------------------------------------­----------- Q: Does the Xbox 360 Arcade play Xbox 360 games? A: Yes, otherwise it would not be an Xbox 360. Q: Then why is it called the "Arcade"? A: Thats because its marketing focus was on Arcade games and since it is bundled with 5 Arcade games. Q: Can you play original Xbox titles on the Arcade? A: Yes and No. It does support original Xbox titles but you need to buy the hard drive since it does not come with one. Q: Is it technologically low spec compared to the other 360 models? A: No, it has identical internal tech specs as the other 360's. Only difference is that less accessories are bundled in and the DVD tray is White instead of Chrome. Q: How much is it? A: It is currently 199.99 US dollars. Q: How is it HD, there are no HD cables? A: Microsoft did not include HD cables in the Arcade to make the price lower. You can buy HD cables separately such as the Component/Composite cables for 39.99 US dollars and the HDMI/Optical RCA pack for 49.99 US dollars. Q: Can you connect to Xbox Live like the other Xbox 360 consoles? A: Yes you can, Xbox Live is no different on the Arcade than it is with the other 360 consoles. However you will need to purchase a Xbox 360 hard drive to enjoy the full online experience. Q: Is playing online free? A: No. You need Xbox Live Gold to play online. When you first make an Xbox Live account on your Xbox 360 you are automatically enrolled in Xbox Live Silver which is free but you cannot play online. Every new Xbox 360 however offers a free 1 month trial for the first TWO gamertags you create on your Xbox 360. After your trial runs and you still wish to play online, you will need to purchase Xbox live gold. Here are the current pricings. download file here:
17 Nov 2010
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Enjoy the thrill of the arcade right in your own home. This novelty coin pusher comes with a big bag of plastic coins and all the lights and sounds of the fair. Switch it on and choose whether you want lights only, high /low lights or music. You can also activate the tilt alarm to discourage all those would be cheaters. Now you're ready to start playing. Simply feed the coins through the two slots on the top and use your skill to drop the coins at just the right time to push all the coins over the edge. A great little game to have sitting on the bar, or just to amuse friends! Product features: Accepts real 5c pieces Recommended for kids 8yrs+ Requires 4 x D batteries (not included) Measures 255 (L) x 187(W) x 325(H) mm China supplier: Email : Skype ID : chanceller819
23 Dec 2010
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20, Rue de la Corraterie, 1204 Genève - Tele.: +41 22 3111554 - 1001 bijoux de créateurs L´Arcade est une Bijouterie basée dans le centre de Genève depuis 18 ans. Elle propose un grand choix de bijoux et accessoires de différents créateurs, classiques ou vintage, pour répondre à tous les goûts. galerie bijoux, bijouterie or argent, pierres, précieuses créateurs, bagues, colliers, boucles d´oreilles, cadeau
2 Feb 2011
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We're one of the first to get our hands on the Mad Catz MvC3 Tournament Stick. Check out the sexy unboxing inside. Full review of the Arcade Fightstick coming soon.
16 Feb 2011
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Back in the 20th century we used to go to bed dreaming of blip-blopping aliens then wake up buzzing at the thought of hanging out down the arcade. Sadly we’ve all got jobs now (well, sort of) and the arcade as we knew it is no more. But high tech consoles and the death of a genre are not enough to quell our joystick-twiddling cravings. That’s why we now wake up to a cacophony of reassuringly familiar gaming sounds courtesy of the Arcade Alarm Clock. Standing 15cm tall, this LCD alarm clock looks just like a retro arcade cabinet, complete with colourful invaders-style artwork. The only things missing are the fag burns and puerile graffiti. Joystick controls and snooze button Just use the joysticks to program the alarm and rest your geeky head, safe in the knowledge you’ll be shaken out of boboland by a barrage of jingly jangly beeps. Game (and snooze) over! China supplier: Email : Skype ID : chanceller819
3 Mar 2011
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Fingerless day-glo gloves. Betamax. Flashdance. Frankie says. Yes siree, the Eighties have got plenty to answer for. And let’s not even mention all that pocket money you squandered on arcade games. Thankfully your one-time financial nemesis is about to become your fiscal saviour because the brilliant Arcade Machine Money Box will swallow your shrapnel for all the right reasons. Simply deposit a coin and prepare to be amazed as this retro-tastic machine comes to life, allowing you to play a thumb-blisteringly addictive invaders-style game for two minutes. No need to smash it with a hammer! When only thirty seconds of thrilling dodging and shooting remain, an alarm sounds – insert another coin or it’s game over. Aargh! If only real banks offered such a compelling incentive to deposit cash. Crummy interest rates? Pah! Put this evocative 15cm cabinet on a desk or shelf and we guarantee the memories will come flooding back – high scores, blippity-blop music, the smell of burning retinas, the incessant clattering of coins. Mum, lend us 10p! It even has a retro style box Sadly this particular cabinet is a bit too small to side-slap in frustration, and it’s battery operated so you can’t unplug it from the mains when you’re about to lose (or was that just us?). On the plus side the thought of blasting blocky aliens should provide sufficient motivation for all you old-school vidiots to save a considerable pile of wonga. Then in true Eighties style you can go and blow the lot down the arcade. It’s like the last thirty years never happened. Game (and short term financial crisis) over! China supplier: Email : Skype ID : chanceller819
3 Mar 2011
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Pequeña secuencia de la película "Los Cazafantasmas", donde puede verse una espacio recreativo arcade en el cuartel general de estos. Las máquinas que podemos ver son, de izquierda a derecha: Arcade Cabinet "Missile Command" (ATARI), arcade cabinet "Star Castle" (Cinematronics) y mesa pinball "Star Gazer" (STERN). Este vídeo ha sido realizado por Mikonos para la web: "Zona Arcade - Construye, Restaura y Decora tu Máquina Arcade y Pinball". Si desea saber más sobre este espacio y el autor del vídeo dirígete a la siguiente dirección:
11 Mar 2011
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The Walking Dead es una serie de televisión norteamericana basada en un cómic de terror de zombis. En el presente capítulo, un grupo de supervivientes liderados por Rick Grimes llegan al CDC (centro de control de enfermedades)de Atlanta. En la sala de ocio podemos ver varias muebles arcades y pinballs. A saber: cabina arcade MS Pacman, pinball World Poker Tour (STERN), pinball NBA Fastbreak (Bally) , máquina de Karaoke, diana de pared y una jukebox. Este vídeo ha sido realizado por Mikonos para la web: "Zona Arcade - Construye, Restaura y Decora tu Máquina Arcade y Pinball". Si desea saber más sobre este espacio y el autor del vídeo dirígete a la siguiente dirección:
11 Mar 2011
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We check out a bevy of the latest downloadable arcade games, including Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, Moon Diver, Hard C.O.R.P.S. Uprising, Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, and more!
5 Apr 2011
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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - Oni Akuma vs Evil Ryu gameplay
12 Apr 2011
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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - Yun vs Yang gameplay
12 Apr 2011
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