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This is the 4th leg and there's 9 teams left. We travel from Ghana to the Arctic Circle. The show airs Sunday on CBS at 8/7c ***********/primetime/amazing_race/ Twitter: (#teamjumba) *******www.twitter****/kevjumba Facebook: *******www.facebook****/kevjumba Website: www.kevjumba****
3 Apr 2011
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Update May, 2011 - Who in the world is France 24 and why are you submitting copyright claims to this video? I personally shot every single photo and made the video. I composed the song with the Korg iMS20 iPad App using a template that is designed for people to, well, make songs. But just in case I even got written verification from the template owner about that ******* Show thyself cowardly France 24 and YouTube stop taking them seriously! ----- More Detail ----- I shot a photo roughly every two miles between take-off in San Francisco and landing in Paris CDG to make this airplane time lapse. More of these wacky time lapses at *******beepshow**** and for some reason the Vimeo version of this is more linked to: *******vimeo****/21822029 Shot with a 5d2, a time-lapse controller, and a 16mm - 35mm, mixed with some iPhone shots. The flight path from SF to Paris goes well over greenland and the arctic circle, where you can see "northern" lights from all sides of the plane, which explains why I could shoot them facing South. Big thanks to the folks at *******uxlondon**** for inviting me to europe to speak - if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have made the trip. The music is a modified template of "Gain" used with permission from DETUNE ltd. denkitribe *******soundcloud****/denkitribe/gain - I created this arrangement on the Korg iMS20 iPad App, and it's my first custom score. Edits and pans in After Effects CS5 and iMovie. The photos during take-off and landing are all computer models and totally rendered because I would never use an electronic device during times when the FAA prohibits them. I did get lucky and have a whole row to myself to setup the tripod and gear. Thanks to my neighbors for not minding an SLR click every 2 to 30 seconds for 11 hours, and thanks to the whole Air France flight crew for being insanely friendly and allowing me to shoot. Thanks to ztaylor for showing me the Korg iMS20 iPad App. Thanks to jayzombie and the #nerdbird on the way to SXSW this year for helping me come up with the idea. Thanks to somnabulent for the idea of live scoring. Thanks to you for actually reading this far. You are a champion.
3 Jun 2011
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THE BIG BANG THEORY's Simon Helberg, 'Howard Wolowitz', joins Chris Harrison in the Hollywood 411 studio to talk about the guys' trip to the Arctic Circle. He enlightens us to the phenomenon of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.
21 Nov 2011
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The clip the northern lights from The Polar Express (2004) Look. The northern lights. Hey. You three. We just crossed it. Latitude 66?33'. The Arctic Circle. And do you see? Those lights in the distance. They look like the lights of a strange ocean liner sailing on a frozen sea. There... the North Pole. It's a magic carpet on a rail It never takes a rest
25 Nov 2011
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The clip hoffman and ed meet from The Last Winter (2006) Boy, he's sure in a hurry. What ya got in the bag, boss? Mind your damn manners, Motor. Hey, Dawn, where's those glasses? Oh. This is Elliot Taylor. He is doing the impact evaluations. I thought the new green flag was named Hoffman. That's my boss. They sent two guys? This what you were looking for, Motor? Mm-hmm. A little fish. Cigarettes. This one looks sexy. Ooh! Harvest Nights. Stogies. Good one, Ed. And... more fish. Is this gonna be Maxwell? Hi. James Hoffman, meet Ed Pollack. How ya doing? I'm doing fine. Before your time. Listen up. This is what I want to say. Now, I know you've... all been in a holding pattern, and I want to apologize for that. These ice roads have been a bitch to get in, and Hoffman can give you the reason for that. Uh, it's not cold enough. Hell, it feels cold as a witch's boob out here to me. Well, you need a sustained sub-zero to build those roads. Well, then find me some sub-zero! I mean, we're in fucking Alaska! It's the Arctic Circle! It's the dead of winter here! Well, that's exactly the problem. The temperature's been all over the place. So, um... how is it that you come to work for North? I mean... you're not the type. We don't work for North. We work for the American people
29 Nov 2011
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Thank you to the men and women of the Canadian Forces, Karl PROST - consultant Robert Ottaviani Otaviani - Post-production : Sigrid CONRAD - With our partner Yves DEBAY Assaut Magazine - LEOPARD 2 Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Rheinmetall Successfully deployed till far into the 21st Century The LEOPARD 2 is synonymous for internationally leading battle tank technology. The armed forces of 16 nations rely on its multifaceted superiority. KMW supplies these tanks as general contractor. With over 3,000 units delivered, KMW has achieved a globally unique commercial position. The LEOPARD 2 can be found in service from the Arctic Circle to the Alps and the Andes to the Mediterranean, as well as the Pacific, thus justifying its nickname, the Global LEOPARD. Réalisation Karl PROST
19 Dec 2011
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RAGE - MIDSUMMER'S EVE A group of American, English and Finnish friends living and studying in Finland decide to spend their last summer holiday together and to visit the Finnish Arctic Circle to experience the "White Nights" when the the sun never sets above the Arctic Circle. Enthusiastic horror fan and daughter of an African American father and a Finnish mother, Ms. Tii Ricks, brings you a horror story honoring the best horror films of her childhood and teenage years which was filmed entirely at real locations during the Midnight Sun. Rage - Midsummer's Eve is set for release in 2012. Director: Tii Ricks Studio: La Brea Pictures LLC Country: USA Year: 2012 WIN A TRIP AND MEET THE DIRECTOR IN L.A. To get behind the scenes and to secure your chance to win an 8 day trip to Los Angeles for two persons* - including a dinner with the film's director, Ms. Tii Ricks - just press the link below, "Like" the official Facebook -site and follow the instructions on the site. Joining the Sweepstake is absolutely free. Your friends would love to travel to Los Angeles with you and you alone, so feel free to share the Official Teaser Trailer on your website and to your friends on social medias so that they too can join the Sweepstake* to maximize your chance to win. * The Sweepstake is free to join and is open to all people internationally. Normal visa requirements apply when entering the United States of America. Please read the official rules of the Sweepstake which can be found on the Official Facebook -page Rage - Midsummer's Eve. JOIN US ON FACEBOOK: *******www.facebook****/ragemidsummerseve OFFICIAL WEBSITE: *******www.ragemidsummerseve**** RAGE MIDSUMMER'S EVE ON IMDB: ***********/title/tt1905005/ WHAT IS THE MIDSUMMER'S EVE: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Midsummer
29 Jan 2012
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***Final Part*** B-29 Frozen in Time follows Darryl Greenamyer and his crew as they try to retrieve an almost intact B-29 from the Arctic Circle. The airplane crash-landed nearly 50 years earlier during a secret mission for the United States. The pilots survived the crash and were rescued, but the B-29 was left in the harsh and unforgiving climate 250 miles north of Thule, Greenland. Greenamyer, a former test pilot who set a low-altitude speed record in a jet he built from spare parts, believes that he can actually fly the plane after performing some maintenance and building a short runway. He flies in parts for the B-29 and a massive bulldozer to clear the runway, but every takeoff is dangerous in these conditions, and he and his crew have a short window for success due to the brief summer. Greenamyer also faces a limited budget and other difficult hurdles as they try to resurrect a piece of history and fly it home. ***Property of Nova, No copyright infringement intended***
10 Feb 2012
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Big Miracle Trailer 2012 - official movie trailer HD - starring Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski and Kristen Bell. Big Miracle movie hits theaters on February 3, 2012 Inspired by the true story that captured the hearts of people across the world, the rescue adventure Big Miracle tells the amazing tale of a small town news reporter (John Krasinski) and a Greenpeace volunteer (Drew Barrymore) who are joined by rival world superpowers to save a family of majestic gray whales trapped by rapidly forming ice in the Arctic Circle. Big Miracle official movie trailer 2012 is presented in full HD 1080p high resolution. BIG MIRACLE 2012 Movie Genre: Drama, Romance Official site: *******everybodyloveswhales**** Cast: Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski, Kristen Bell, Dermot Mulroney, Tim Blake Nelson and Ted Danson Directed By: Ken Kwapis Produced By: Steve Golin, Michael Sugar, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellne Big Miracle movie trailer 2012 official HD, courtesy Universal Pictures. Cieon Movies is your daily dose of "everything movies", a mainstream channel with wider coverage from G-rated to R-rated movies and includes both theatrical and DVD releases, with an extended selection of officially licensed movie trailers and movie clips. Tags: "big miracle trailer" the big miracle movie trailer 2012 official hd 2011 " big miracle movie" - big miracle trailer 2011- big miracle official trailer - big miracle 2012 - teaser trailer "drew barrymore" "john krasinski" "kristen bell" movies trailers film films today this week month year new
25 Feb 2012
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Watch as Porsche engineers rigorously test the all-new 2012 Carrera 911 in South Africa and the Arctic Circle. Our engineers took the car on the most demanding road trips imaginable while in the most punishing of climates. They pushed the test vehicles to operating extreme months before the cars global debut. Why? To guarantee that the seventh-generation 2012 Carrera 911 will perform to Porsche Standards on the German Autobahn, interstate highway in the U.S. and anywhere else a car's owner might be.
12 Aug 2012
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In October 2006, NASA launched two spacecraft that would, for the first time in the history of space exploration, capture space-born, high-definition 3D images of the Sun. In 3D SUN, the leading NASA scientists from the mission unveil these images and take us behind the scenes to tell the story of the Sun and why it is of crucial importance to all of us. 3D SUN gives the audiences a chance to see the Sun up close in startling 3D. Stand above the arctic circle and witness the most brilliant auroras on Earth; take a ride on a solar blast from the Sun's surface to Earth's Magnetosphere, and come to a deeper understanding of what this vast sea of fire means to life here on Earth.
14 Aug 2012
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The Finnish icebreaker Otso cutting sealanes across the Gulf of Bothnia in the arctic circle. See un-edited footage at ***********/watch?v=R66NrHz6xx8 on YouTub channel - theandyhumphreys. Lighting Camera Andy Humphreys. www.andyhumphreys******
3 Sep 2012
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Heimo Korth is the last man standing in 19 million acres of Alaskan wilderness. His neighbors are polar bears and caribous. Say good bye to civilization and see how they do it in the arctic circle on the last frontier in America. In 1980, Jimmy Carter established the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the Alaskan Interior, cutting off 19 million acres of prime boreal wilderness from the mitts of fur trappers, oil tycoons, and would-be lodge owners alike. Only six families of white settlers were grandfathered in and allowed to keep cabins in the refuge—of them, only one still stays there year-round living off the land. His name is Heimo Korth, and he is basically the Omega Man of Americas Final Frontier. Hosted by John Martin & Thomas Morton | Originally released in 2009 at *******vice**** Part I: First Night (00:00) Part II: Learning to Survive (15:46) Part III: Life in a Cabin (19:20) Part IV: Man vs. Beast (33:36) Part V: Death of a Daughter (44:41) Part VI: Going Home (49:27) Subscribe for videos that are actually good: ******* Check out our full video catalog: ***********/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: *******vice**** Like VICE on Facebook: *******fb****/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: *******twitter****/vice Read our tumblr: *******vicemag.tumblr****
22 Nov 2012
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Santatelevision****: Santa Claus Reindeer Ride in Rovaniemi in Lapland Finland - Father Christmas & reindeer - Finnish Lapland Reindeer ride with elves at the Arctic Circle in Santa Claus Village
21 Dec 2012
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The Ferrari FF and Bentley Continental V8 are put through their paces at a unique test track on the edge of the Arctic Circle. The Stig arrives on a hovercraft to do a timed lap on an inch perfect recreation of Silverstone... on ice! Subscribe to see all the reviews, races and challenges: ******* Top Gear YouTube channel: ***********/topgear TopGear**** website: *******www.topgear**** Top Gear Facebook: *******www.facebook****/topgear Top Gear Twitter: *******twitter****/BBC_topgear Latest Top Gear videos: *******
24 Dec 2012
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Nat has absolutely no issues being inside the Arctic Circle, appreciating both the incredible vistas and the comfortably cool weather
26 Jan 2013
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