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This video shows how glass jugs are made, how they are given the desired shapes and also the colour. Visit this place if you wanna try yourself to create a water jug.
14 Apr 2018
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19 Apr 2018
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Boxer Has Baby And Mom Cracking Up With His Performance, The Belly Laughs Are Epic
20 Apr 2018
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"THE DISTORTION 4: The Burn Videos : PART 07 : The Things You Are Not, Film by the Artist XAQ"
23 Apr 2018
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Get an extra key to protect your data through Cloud-based backup services. For more info on Cloud, call ICTechnology.
26 Mar 2018
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While the guy seems to be busy on what looks like an ATM machine, a thief from behind is concentrating to steal from the guy in front.
28 Mar 2018
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Desktop Repair services in Dubai from VRS Technologies. We provide all brand Desktop Repair Services and Computer Repair, and Laptop Repair services at low cost with Expert Technicians in UAE. Call us at +971555182748. t
29 Mar 2018
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This guy might be bored but the idea is lit as sh*t. I never thought a table fan can be turned into a ‘Hail Hitler’ moving figure, you ever did?
30 Mar 2018
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Nowadays Icecream vendors have been trying out new strategies for sale where they use tricks on the customer. But this customer was cleverer.
1 Apr 2018
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I have never find Lamas to be everyone’s favourite and this video might explain the reason why. Just watch that attitude it has!
2 Apr 2018
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It's a rare recording......must watch and subscribe my channel for more cool content.........
2 Apr 2018
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Read more of this description, (with a lot of links), at Mike Overson at Vimeo at class 253. If YouTube can get away with being this unfair and illegal to me, (the 1), how much more could they do this to anybody else. It's like when I explained “Liberty and justice for all means no exceptions”, (in class L97 at Vimeo). At 1 minute in this class 253 I show class^L97, (is also at 24 min in class 248 at Vimeo), as the first of three strikes that YouTube gave me as an excuse to close my account and take away my playlists. That's like the third strike when YouTube closed my account due to class^248 after I said to YouTube that it's been at Vimeo for over a month, (since 1-27-18), without any problems. At 1 min I show the description of class 248 and how much the FBI and YouTube were trying to block me from making that class because they were defending how evil the church has become. At 43 min I show YouTube closed my account on Good Friday 3-30 which is the number for “egg”. In class 99 (at 38 to 44 min at Vimeo), I compare “Wall Street laid an egg”, (at the Great Depression when the stock market crashed), to New York laid an egg again at the 9/11 disaster because Easter eggs were a prophecy that “the powers that be” would try to kill me so hard that it would cause the 9/11 disaster and cause Jesus to die of a broken heart on the cross. The main point of telling that^Easter egg^story is YouTube and the church walked into a trap by taking away my YouTube playlists on Good Friday 3-30-18 because it was parallel to when fake men of God were so jealous of a real man of God, (Jesus), that they killed him out of envy. Now the church, the FBI and YouTube have told on themselves that they took away my YouTube playlists out of envy.
3 Apr 2018
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