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Whether you need to replace an aging unit or extend the life of your current HVAC system with regular maintenance, our ac repair company in Gilbert is here to help. We employ expert technicians who ensure dependable service hours as well as around-the-clock emergency solutions. Bruce's Air Conditioning full service team takes routine home and building maintenance to the next level! Address : 330 E. Chilton Drive, #1, Chandler, AZ 85225, USA Phone : 480-968-5652
30 Apr 2019
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VU Bistro’s Tommy Holloway has been in Arizona 35 years, and considers himself a native. He started out his career as a gospel singer, singing throughout the country, and then was headliner on cruise lines & at casinos. "100 years of music in 12 genres.”” He performs on weekend nights. Bringing a pink margarita, Heidi said, “That is one of our signature margaritas. It's a prickly pear margarita, and we harvest that right from the desert. We make a lot of different dishes from that,” pointing out that VU Bistro’s Chef, Kenny Curry, would be showing some dishes that they use prickly pear for. She’s anxious to meet Gregory Asplin of Desert Cider House, Arizona's oldest operating cidery, because they actually ferment hard ciders here in Arizona and one of them is a prickly pear cider. “Oh, we'll have to get that!” It IS a nice Margarita, “and it looks like the sunset.” VU Bistro’s Chef, Kenny Curry, brought a marvelous dish, saying, “What we have is everything indigenous to Arizona, I have a sauteed smoked Nopales cactus with tequila lime, high-country raised Black Angus from Arizona, and this is a short rib. Also prickly pear gastrique. Describing it as “Just a little bit of Arizona,” he elaborates, “What we're trying to do here is keep everything local.” VU Bistro will be putting in a garden following their “farm-to-table philosophy”. Kenny also discussed his herbs, and long-term plans. “We wanted to do something for homeless vets and I'm going to try to get 6 other restaurants and 7 bakeries involved.” “There's a lot of things out here people don't realize that are edible. Probably everything out here is edible." Chef Kenny’s classically trained in French and European cuisine, but wouldn't know what cactus would be in French.“I'm an Irishman.” VU Bistro. 14815 E Shea Blvd, Ste 100, Fountain Hills, Arizona 85268 480 375 8670 vubistro(.)com
30 Apr 2019
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Want to stay Independent and facing disability then NEMT is a good option for you. DD Med Trans provide affordable and safe NEMT rides in Arizona, Call at 866-220-3834 to know more.
25 Apr 2019
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Mold removal in Tucson AZ has recently become one of the most common service residents in Tucson are looking for. This further confirms the data, why Tucson ranks number #3 spot in the list of cities most affected by mold in Arizona State. Address:- 8110 S Houghton Rd Ste 158-509, Tucson, AZ 85747, USA Phone:- 520-214-7214
6 May 2019
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The California condor is a New World vulture, the largest North American land bird. This condor became extinct in the wild in 1987, but the species has since been reintroduced to northern Arizona and southern Utah, the coastal mountains of central and southern California, and northern Baja California. Wikipedia
7 May 2019
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Arizona RP Yuma
10 May 2019
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Secure mobility is a huge issue among seniors. DD MED Trans Provides safe and secure NEMT rides for seniors also in Arizona. To know more call at 866-220-3834.
13 May 2019
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Anthony Magliozzi (Chef Antonio) Roma Cafe Ristorante 7210 East Main in Mesa. 480-654-055 In business 14 years in Arizona. “We have a large amount the customer where they love Italian food in this area and very very very very comfortable when they come in. Familiar." It IS a family restaurant Anthony runs with his wife, Anna, and sons Marco and Cosmo. Anthony hails from Gaeta, an Italian city located in south Roma and northern Naples, on the ocean. Gaeta is the base for the Sixth Fleet. Naturally, they feature seafood. I come in the States to the first time I was like 19 years old and knew work, pizza, pasta, because my family have a little shop over there. They make spaghetti meatballs and then my daddy say, “Wait, what you were learn here? You need to go out and give me ideas when you come back.” so I went to my uncle, I stay like six months in California, I love it. I promised myself one day I come back. That was 1988, and in ’94 he opened his first, a little café, Cosmo, in Hermosa Beach, California. The first Roma Café Ristorante was on McKellips and the response was “very good very good.” “Do I need advertising for more customers? No! I want to show my face to you. Come here and see me." Roma Café Ristorante serves pastas (“al dente”). Veal. Sea Bass, sauteed with olive, capers and fresh chopped tomato with white wine lemon sauce. Of course they have fried calamari, fried mozzarella - Buffalo Mozzarella, with fresh tomato sauce, a robust Basilico and the number one olive oil imported from Italy. Anthony says, “I no tell you the recipe by the phone. No. This is real Italian food. Authentic Italian food, Signore. Come see me. I show you what I do.” They run Specials weekly, like Osso Buco, lobster (sometimes lobster Diablo) over linguini (very nice, spicy). Roma Café Ristorante is on Facebook. Their website is www romacaferistorante(.)com, and they can also be found at restaurant(.)com/romacafe. 4:00 to close, Tu-Su. “Mille Grazie!”
19 May 2019
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Bucket List Idea: Go River Rafting In Grand Canyon Arizona River Rafting - A leisure sport activity which is popular since 1950s. An experience that will get your pulse racing to make it one of the most unforgettable activity of your life. Would you like to add River Rafting to your bucket list? If yes, then connect with Woovly to get in touch with people who have accomplished it.
24 May 2019
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Los consumidores consiguieron una victoria en la corte estatal de Arizona. Un juez de la corte estatal dictaminó que el estado de Arizona no puede confiscar fondos destinados a México de otros 26 estados de la Unión Americana. En años recientes, el estado de Arizona ha confiscado unos $17 millones de dólares a destinatarios de Arizona a través de empresas de transferencia de dinero. Western Union dice que seguirá defendiendo los derechos de sus consumidores. La empresa líder a nivel mundial en transferencias de dinero es como una cuerda de salvamento para millones de personas. Las remesas enviadas por inmigrantes en los estados unidos son vitales para la supervivencia de muchos poblados mexicanos. Las transferencias de dinero están consideradas como la segunda fuente de ingresos superada únicamente por el petróleo
18 Jan 2007
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Ufo - Arizona 06-05-05
30 Jan 2007
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Resort Travel Arizona is beautiful and Sedona, Arizona is one of the country’s truly chic towns. Travel to one of the major resorts in Arizona. Enchantment, the gateway to Arizona’s Red Rock country. The gateway to the Grand Canyon. Resort Travel in Arizona, to Boynton Canyon, is a New Age Travel Experience. Welcome to Enchantment Resort, a true destination resort in Arizona. Enchantment Resort is sacred to Native American tribes and the sheer beauty of this Red Rock Canyon in Arizona is breathtaking. Our Travel Video PostCard™ gets up close and personal to the dramatic cliffs that surround Enchantment Resort. Enchantment Resort is in Boynton Canyon, a few miles from Sedona, Arizona. It’s one of Arizona’s best resorts and Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona has been voted one of the worlds top destination resorts for New Age experiences and Native American traditions. Enchantment is a resort for Adventure Travelers and Spa Travelers; Spa Travel and for those interested in Spiritual Travel. A perfect place for Family Travel. Enchantment Resort has the world’s best golf courses. New Age believers will appreciate the powerful Vortex that’s Boynton Canyon and Enchantment. Our Travel Video PostCard introduces viewers to the exceptional Enchantment Resort in Arizona’s most beautiful settings.
8 Feb 2007
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