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Texas Instruments OMAP35x™ processors inspire new inventive applications with unprecedented combination of high performance at handheld power levels TI is first to ship the high-performance ARM® Cortex™-A8 core, offering a 4x performance improvement over ARM9 family cores Consumers are demanding products with more intuitive user interfaces, advanced graphics and the ability to connect any and all devices to the Internet. To empower designers to address these needs, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced at the TI Developer Conference (TIDC) (www.ti****/tidc08multimedia) the availability of four new OMAP™ processors, based on the market's first broad offering of the ARM® Cortex™-A8 core, providing an unprecedented combination of laptop-like performance at handheld power levels in a single chip. With more than four times the processing power of today's 300 MHz ARM9 devices, the superscalar Cortex-A8 core runs up to 600 MHz and is integrated into four new OMAP35x™ applications processors for a wide range of possible applications, including portable navigation devices, Internet appliances and portable patient monitoring devices. For more details, see *******ti****/omap3503pr.
9 Feb 2009
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As developers look at their next designs for medical, audio, industrial and emerging applications, there is greater demand for portability with superior features, such as a consumer-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). The balance between power and performance of a processor has traditionally meant trading off one or the other; now that is no longer the case. Giving engineers the scalable solutions they need to design both basic and feature-laden portable end products, Texas Instruments Incorporated (NYSE: TXN) (TI) today introduced its breakthrough low-power processor roadmap with more than 15 new devices across four product lines. For the first time, designers will be able to easily bring portability to applications requiring high-precision floating-point processor capabilities, as TI's new roadmap includes the industry's lowest power floating-point digital signal processor (DSPs). TI's new devices also enable significantly longer battery life with the industry's lowest power fixed-point DSP. Additionally, customers will have the option to design portability and feature rich GUIs into their products using TI's new ARM9™ and ARM9-plus-DSP applications processors. To view more Multimedia News Release go to, *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/texasinstruments/34003/
23 Jul 2008
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Uni-V presents the UNIV100 50 laptop running Windows CE on a Samsung ARM9 based laptop with full DSP accelerated video codecs playback support. You can watch this video in DivX HD 720p quality at *******techvideoblog****/ifa/uni-v-cheap-laptops-at-ifa-2008/ The exclusive sponsor for the IFA 2008 video coverage at TechVideoBlog**** is DivX Networks.
2 Sep 2008
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TI announces major expansion of embedded processor portfolio with 30+ new ARM® devices. Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced the major expansion of its embedded processor portfolio, adding 31 new ARM® processors that provide customers with scalable solutions ranging from a $1 to greater than 1 GHz in future devices. The new processors include 29 Stellaris Cortex™-M3 microcontrollers (MCU) and the first two devices in the new Sitara™ family of ARM9 family and Cortex-A8 technology-based microprocessors (MPUs). This portfolio expansion builds on TI’s recent Luminary Micro acquisition and adds to the industry’s broadest range of ARM technology-based processors offered by a single supplier. For more information, visit www.ti****/arm-pr. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******multivu.prnewswire****/mnr/ti/39149/
22 Oct 2009
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ARM9 processor, 208MHz system clock Sleek design of the iconic 2-way slide with metal detailing Video chat with friends by imiChatTM Dual SIM and dual standby Built-in GPS with preload multi-country navigation maps Built-in WiFi, free access to Internet with high speed Bluetooth 2.0, EDGE/GPRS 2.75G high-speed data network 2.0 megapixel camera with interpolation up to 4.0 megapixel Frequency/Mode: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
3 Nov 2009
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$199... 7-inch... New Archos Android Tablet... !!! Buy it at ************/dp/B003COZM2C?tag=archosfcom-20&camp=0&creative=0&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=B003COZM2C&adid=035GCN0ZR3XT1XXMF3E6& This is optimized for low power (up to 7 hours video playback on the battery), lower cost Android multimedia tablet features. It is powered by a 600mhz Rockchip 2808 processor, does web browsing pretty well (for an ARM9 processor) and plays all video codecs at up to 720p video playback (at up to limited 2500kbit/s bitrates for 720p). Archos is going to try to sell this device in all retail stores of the world at only $179 in the USA and 149€ in Europe (because European countries have more taxes they don't just convert Euro prices to US Dollar prices), it may quickly become a best-seller and I think it is a great very low-cost alternative to the iPad. For advanced users that absolutely want the fastest OMAP3440 ARM Cortex A8 800mhz processor, there is the Archos 5 Internet Tablet available today below $249 at Radio Shack *******www.radioshack****/product/index.jsp?productId=3843254 or you might want to wait another few months (I am speculating) for Archos to release the next generations of ARM Cortex A8 or ARM Cortex A9 based tablet devices (probably also for a bit more expensive than this Home Tablet series) at all different screen sizes (I speculate and the interviews around the web point to clues towards from 3" to 10" Android Tablets starting at $100...) For now, this Archos 7 Home Tablet is being released this next month or by May already and at this amazingly low $179 price for the 2GB version with MicroSD card slot. There will also be a 8GB version and maybe larger capacities for slightly more expensive. It also has a mini-jack to composite video-output using the headphones jack and micro-USB to USB host features built-in. The built-in stereo speakers are very decent for movie watching and the 7" 800x480 resistive touch-screen is just very fine and does allow for fast text input. Archos is still working on the Android software optimizations, it comes with special video player, audio player and file explorer applications by default. My guess is that the Google Marketplace could be hacked to work onto it by the open development community at *******forum.archosfans**** Also, my expectation is that Google will release an Android 2.2 or so version which will provide the full Google Marketplace experience on all large screen Android Tablets and even on Android Laptop form factors and also to provide such for lower cost platforms than the latest ARM Cortex based ones. See my interview with Andy Rubin and Eric Schmidt about those speculations: *******armdevices****/2010/02/22/i-interviewed-eric-schmidt-and-andy-rubin-at-mwc-off-camera-for-now-watch-eric-schmidts-keynote-video/
4 Oct 2011
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This is normally for wired connection. However there is a way to do it with wireless: ***********/watch?v=0xJm7TF7OW8 First Download the ''Wi-Fi'' Folder With desmume 9.7 *******www48.zippyshare****/v/40468052/file.html Instructions : Before doing anything you should move your roms and saves in the file I give you so you won't have to start new games. (In 9.7 you should go to path settings and set the Wi-Fi folder to all of them) 1. Install winpcap 2. Open desmume and go to config wifi settings. 3. Change to infrastructure and use your network card that your computer uses for internet, you MUST disable all your fake ip and leave one main router only, like closing hamachi. 4. Go to config emulation settings. 5. Check the box "Use external BIOS images". 6. Put biosnds9.bin that is in the Wi-Fi folder I give you in "ARM9 BIOS image". 7. Put biosnds7.bin that is in the Wi-Fi folder I give you in "ARM7 BIOS image". 8. Check the box "Use external firmware images". 9. Put the firmware.bin in "Firmware image" 10. Check the box "Boot from firmware (like the NDS)". 11. Go to "Nintendo Wi-Fi connection settings" or Nintendo WFC setup" with any game with wifi support. 12. Test wi-fi to make sure u see SoftAP on Connection 1 by using "Search for an Access Point". It might not conect the first time. If it doesn't try again. Forget about this, you no more need to do it: Remember that you must do 11. and 12. each time you restart the emulator. Credits go to ahackerjack ***********/user/ahackerjack and to brianuuu ***********/user/brianuuu Also credits go to Warlord3085 ***********/user/Warlord3085 for telling me about this. Trouble Shoooting You need to have a Wired connection or else you will get errocode 52000 If you have a wired connection and still get Errorcode 52000 then you need to Disable Extra Networks and Firewall AND add desmume and winpcap as exceptions in your firewall or anti-virus. Windows7/vista users must go to network and sharing center and make sure that their connection type is set to HOME network and NOT PUBLIC OR WORK If you can't save: Go to Path Settings and set your own paths for cheats saves etc. Windows 7/Vista : You need to run DesmuME as an administrator. For errorcode 20104: You need to download this file: *******www.mediafire****/?9kgmrs59jzdu6mu It is called the firmware.dfc. It has nothing to do with firmware.bin. What it does is allowing you to use my Wi-Fi connection ID to connect cause you will not be able to get one. Download it and place it in the Wi-Fi folder. Open desmume and take look at the output: If it says ''firmware save confing-done'' then you will be able to play. If it says ''firmware save config-fail'' then try pressing CTRL+R and it might fix it. If you want to read the tuttorial: *******forum.romulation****/index.php?topic=54397.0 en español : ***********/watch?v=mt6FaW5utqs
8 Nov 2013
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