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Researchers are reporting that a woman who is completely paralyzed has used a robotic arm controlled with nothing but her thoughts. Scott Pelley reports on a triumph in neurobiology and computer science.
21 Aug 2012
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President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev have both announced significant cuts to their nuclear arsenals. But a new arms control agreement has not been reached.
1 Sep 2012
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President Obama canceled a scheduled summit with President Vladimir Putin after Putin decided to give temporary asylum to NSA leaker Edward Snowden. The State Department and Defense Department advised that no achievements were expected in arms control, missile defense or Syria. Major Garrett reports.
8 Aug 2013
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Arms control experts are warning that any plan to secure Syria's chemical weapons will be a huge challenge. CBS News senior correspondent John Miller, a former deputy director of national intelligence, discusses the threat of chemical weapons and challenges officials may face in securing them.
12 Sep 2013
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The mighty Goro from MORTAL KOMBAT in all his animatronic glory! State of the art in 1995 meant heavy electric motors to drive Goro's upper arms, controlled by a telemetry suit feeding info through an umbilical into the 120-pound hero animatronic suit and early lip synch playback to pre-recorded dialogue. Also some quick cuts of the incredibly patient Martial Arts Trainer and Stunt Coordinator, Pat Johnson, who had worked with such icons as Bruce Lee and Steve McQueen. Music by: Mike Larrabee
26 Nov 2013
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Charlie Rose Season: 22 Gary Samore, former White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction for President Obama; Ray Takeyh of the Council on Foreign Relations; Gary Sick of Columbia University and David Sanger of the New York Times.
26 Nov 2013
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