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Learn the proper technique for the dumbbell bicep curls in this how-to video on arm exercises.
30 May 2008
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*******www.liftingrevolution**** Only for women, learn some great arm exercises to get rid of that flabby under arm flubber... or... just tone up and get feminine ripped arms!
7 Sep 2009
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push-ups are a good exercise to work your chest but you can add in a light dumbbell row to really work your core to the extreme while you get your chest and back. This is not a mass building or strengthening exercise. If you are looking to functionally train your core or just try something new this a fun and challenging exercise to choose. Remember, if you are a man or woman, child or adult, your exercise program must include exercises such as squats, dead lifts, bench presses, pull-ups lat pulls, military presses, etc. to be successful. Exercises such as this are supplementary and are best used sparingly. also; In order to change your body intensity is the most important variable to monitor in your weight training program. Intensity is how high the weight you are lifting is to your 1RM. Make sure you use periodization and you will not plateau and achieve your fitness, strength and body composition goals.
3 Oct 2009
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These biceps curls on the total gym are a great way to isolate the biceps and eliminate any cheating by rocking your torso like a fish out of water like some people do. Some bodybuilders claim that hanging upside down before an upper body set or performing exercises upside down allow more blood to flow into the muscles. They claim a bigger pump = bigger muscles. Whether they have any scientific basis behind what they are saying is debatable but there is no debate that these biceps curls on the total gym give you a great pump in your biceps. Remember to get full biceps work do not flex your wrists and fully supinate your arms. Personal Trainer Michael Behnken, MS, NASM-CPT-PES, CSCS
11 Dec 2008
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5 May 2009
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*******www.myosource****/newupperbodyproduct.htm The Myosource Kinetic Bands Upper Body product offers over 70 different exercises variations for your arms shoulders chest biceps triceps wrist back abs obliques scapula forearms punching flexibility and endurance. adding the Lower body kinetic bands give you a full body workout . sexy arms shoulders Distributed by Tubemogul.
12 Mar 2010
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You'll really start to pack on some serious arm and chest size with this modified bench dip exercise you do in the gym. For the first 3-to-5 weeks - Do this exercise twice a week (taking at least 2 days rest between workouts) and... When doing this arm & chest exercise for the first 3-to-5 weeks do 4-to-6 sets of 8-to-12 reps - (You should notice some mass gain in your pecs, triceps, shoulders, and mid-back after your 2nd-to-3rd week) and... After 3-to-5 weeks... You're going to use 80-to-95% of your 1-rep max and do 8-to-10 sets of 3 reps. Your 1-rep max is the most you can lift or do on this chest & arm exercise and when you do these high number of sets and low reps like this.... That's when you're arms & chest muscles will really start getting big!
25 Apr 2008
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30 Jan 2010
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22 Oct 2011
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3 Dec 2008
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Reverse EZ curls are a tremendous forearm and upper arm exercise. They primarily work your brachialis, brachioradialis and biceps as well as your wrist extensors and flexors Perform these on your any day except for the day after a pulling (back and/or biceps) day.
11 Dec 2008
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*******www.realcoachingradio****/ Bring it on! Jimmy Petruzzi got everyone warmed up with some arm exercises. Then he talk about Susan Boyle who has the "Bring It On!" attitude in her new found career. *******myrxforliving****
23 Nov 2009
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WEBSITE: *******www.synergy-athletics**** ORIGINAL POST: *******synergy-athletics****/effectiv... YOURWORKOUT MANUAL: *******www.bullstrength**** Enter the dumbell row. The back muscle row is a quick and effective exercise, and not always as basic as people think. Dumbbell Row Variations and a Plataeu Shattering Exercise Row Pyramid Set - The row pyramid is only performed for one set, as it is a high volume exercise. Example pyramid (this is a single arm exercise, perform the reps with BOTH arms individually and then move on) - 2 reps x 100 lbs, 4 reps x 95 lbs, 6 reps x 90 lbs, 8 reps x 85 lbs, 10 reps x 80 lbs, 8 reps x 85 lbs, 6 reps x 90 lbs, 4 reps x 95 lbs, 2 reps x 100 lbs. This one set should take 2-3 minutes and is performed near the end of the workout. **NOTE** Just because it is a "simple variation" and you been training for a long time, doesn't mean it isn't valuable. Put all the variations into your exercise tool box and use them when progress is slowed with other rowing exercises. - Joe Hashey, CSCS - Keywords: back exercise, strength workout, muscle workout, kroc rows, dumbbell row, db row, db row progression, db row variations, back plateau, build back muscle, core workouts
1 Mar 2010
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***********.au/ If you have heard about the benefits of personal trainers then you must be well aware that personal training is much better than working out by yourself in a gym. Personal trainers help clients perform exercises better and they keep the client motivated till the client reaches his goal. There are many personal trainers in Adelaide who can help you meet your goal of losing weight, toning your body or build muscles. These trainers are trained to help you out with various exercises like abdominal exercises, back exercises and arm exercises so that you can meet your goal as soon as possible. The following paragraphs will elaborate on a few ways personal trainers in Adelaide can help you with abdominal exercise.
30 May 2010
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*******www.CombatSportsWorkout**** - Crossing Arm Exercise with Battling Ropes
3 Jun 2010
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Exercise name: Tricep Extension, Plank The plank tricep extension is an effective exercise for developing the tricep muscles without using weights, and is performed by the elbows and hands on the floor in a plank pose and extending at the elbows. For more great arm exercises visit WorkoutBOX****. Distributed by Tubemogul.
1 Aug 2010
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