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Metacafe EXCLUSIVEJoe Torre sits down with Bob Costas to discuss his final years with the Yankees. Torre discusses everything from the 04 ALCS with the Red Sox to Jeter and Arod coexisting in the same locker room.
8 Mar 2011
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17 Jan 2009
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12 Jan 2009
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Friday, July 25th. Today on Lunchbox Mr. Jon Gabrus, a truly large fan of all things viral, will wax poetic about viral videos, Arod, Madonna, the Dark Knight, bukake, and then someone get's knocked out. Check out new episodes every weekday at *******www.ifc****/video/Web-Series/Lunchbox/ Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 May 2011
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You've never seen Arod like this!
27 Aug 2007
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Who do you feel is a bigger asset to their team...Manny or Arod
13 May 2009
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On today’s show, we whip around the country to hear what bloggers think about their favorite NFL teams; we debate ARod’s place in Yankee history and we show you what went down when we tailgated at the Jets-Pats game. Pinstripe Alley Bleeding
3 Jan 2010
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Since the Dolphins, Heat and Hurricanes all suck, we tell South Floridians how they should better spend their time. Plus, the Bleacher Bloggers Royal Shakespearian Troupe performs an ARod-Boras reenactment; we lament Barry Bonds and his giant head and share some lowlights from the college football world. *******umgoblue****/absolutenm/templates/?a
20 Nov 2007
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Alex Rodriguez admitted that he took performance enhancing drugs in 2003, and perhaps between 2001 and 2003 while with the Texas Rangers. But I don't blame him, I blame Baseball and the Commissioner of Baseball for the "Golden Home Run Age."
10 Feb 2009
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27 Sep 2009
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Novak Djokovic impersonating Sharapova, Nadal, Federer, Roddick, Ivanisevic & Hewitt.
18 Jun 2012
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Alex rodriguez get hit by pitch by ryan dempster - boston red sox vs yankees alex rodriguez hit by pitch ball ryan dempster hit alex rodriguez arod FULL VIDEO 8/18/2013 steroids rodriguez arod vs boston red sox sunday baseball game 8/18/2013
20 Aug 2013
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13 Aug 2013
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*subscribe for more* ***********/watch?v=PabJ4VtdHgk UPDATE!! ACTUAL VIDEO CLIPS ON ABOVE LINK! Hey. I spent forever on this! Here's the list. These Guys hit some massive Home Runs! 1. Arod or Alex Rodriguez-3b/third base (man) New York Yankees-American League 2. Prince Fielder-1st/First Base/1b/ Milwaukee Brewers-National League 3. Carlos Pena-1st Base/1B/DH/Designated Hitter-Tampa Bay Devil Rays-American League 4. Ryan Howard-1st Base/1B-Philadelphia Phillies-National League 5. Adam Dunn-Outfield/First Base/OF/1B-Cincinnati Reds-National League 6. Matt Holliday-Outfield/OF-Colorado Rockies-National League 7. David Ortiz (Big Papi)-1B/DH-Boston Red Sox-A.L. 8. Ryan Braun - OF-Milwaukee Brewers-N.L. 9. Miguel (Miggy) Cabrera-3rd Base/First Base-Florida Marlins-N.L. 10. Jim Thome-DH-Chicago White Sox-AL 11. Lance Berkamn-1B-OF-Houston Astros-nl 12. Carlos Beltran-OF-NYM-New York Mets-NL 13. Carlos Lee-OF-Houston Astros-NL 14. Albert Pujols-1b-st. louis cardinals nl 15. Alfonso Soriano-of-chicago cubs-nl 16. Chris Young-OF-Arizona Diamondbacks-NL 17. Paul Konerko-1b-Chicago White Sox-AL 18. Justin Morneau-1B/UTILLITY-Minnesota Twins 19. Dan Uggla-OF/Second Base/2b-Florida Marlins-N.L. 20. Pat (the bat...not the ball:-)) Burrell-Philadelphia Phillies)-N.L. 21. Ken Griffey Jr. (Griffie, Griff, jUNIOR) Outfield-Cincinnati Reds-nl 22. Brandon Phillips-2b-Cincinnati Reds-NL 23. Jimmy Rollins-SS SHORTSTOP-pHILlies-nl 24. David Wright-3B-New York Mets-NL 25. Brad Hawpe-of-colorado rockies-nl 26. Chipper Jones (chip)-3B/OF-Atlanta Braves-NL 27. Hanley Ramirez-SS-Florida Marlins-nl 28. Barry Bonds (what's his nickname???..cheater? nah. just playin he's cool)-of-san fransisco giants-nl 29. Jermaine Dye-OF-CWS-NL 30. Adrian Gonzalez-1B-San Diego Padres-NL 31. Torii Hunter-OF-MnstaTwins-AL 32. Magglio Ordonez (maggs, maggy crazy guy with the super long hair)-Detroit Tigers-AL 33. Vladimir Guerrero (Vladdy)-Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim oR laa-al 34. Aaron Rowand-Philly-NL 35. Adrian Beltre-3B-Seattle Mariners-A.L. 36. Jack Cust-OF-Oakland Athletics-AL 37. Khalil Greene-SS-SDP-NL 38. J.J. Hardy-SS-MILBREWERS-NL 39. Andruw Jones-OF-ATL-NL 40. Aramis Ramirez-3b-chc-nl 41. Frank Thomas-1B/DH-Toronto Blue Jays-NL 42. Garrett Atkins-3b-colorado rockies-nl 43. Victor Martinez-Catcher/1b-Cleveland Indians-A.L. 44. Hideki Matsui-OF-NYY-AL 45. Gary Sheffield-OF/1B/DH-Detroit Tigers-A.L. 46. Carlos Delagado (The Cat)-New York Mets 47. Alex Alexis Rios-of-toronto-al 48. Grady Sizemore-OF-CLEVELAND-AL 49. bj upton-of-tbdr-al 50 ryan zimmerman-washington nationals-nl What teams are missing from these? Baltimore Orioles Pittsburgh Pirates Texas Rangers Los Angeles Dodgers Btw, this is a list from the entire Major League Baseball in 2007. Thanks so much for listening and watching. Btw, comment who your favorite manager is= Sam Perlozzo Dave Trembly Joe Torre or you should know them! ha anyway have fun Music from David Crowder Band 1. Do Not Move - from A Collision B 2. Here it comes..a beautiful collision its happening now...
28 Aug 2011
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Get On My Level
16 Jun 2013
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5 Jun 2013
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