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Meet Gil Scott-Heron's father, trailblazer in Scotland's Soccer / Football folklore .Black Arrow FC A new community dedicated to connecting black culture through soccer. Collective of like-minded folks utilizing soccer/futbol as a vehicle to connect, break bread, and explore culture.
10 Aug 2017
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Black Arrow FC A new community dedicated to connecting black culture through soccer. Collective of like-minded folks utilizing soccer/futbol
27 Jul 2017
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This guy here has some serious archery talent. Watch him hit 2 swinging bottles with a single arrow and it's pretty amazing.
10 Aug 2017
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The ancient China civilization has seen a variety of martial arts and battle techniques. The ancient Chinese army won many famous battles and was a very successful force in the Asian continent. And weapon of course played an important role in it. These ancient weapons were masterpieces of engineering and helped Chinese army succeed much easier. Below is a list of top 10 ancient Chinese weapons. If you feel like any important weapon is excluded in the list, please let me know in the comment section. Gong The bow is called “Gong” in Chinese language and it enjoyed a long history in ancient China. According to archaeological materials, the use of bow by ancient Chinese went as early as 2800 years ago. the archers had always been an important branch of the imperial army until the late 19th century. In ancient China archery has always been an essential subject of the military exam for official selection. Qiang Qiang, a type of spear, was an important weapon in ancient China. The common Qiang could was a kind of spear with a long staff and a steel mounted tip. The Qiang was used in battles for long distance combat including throwing these spears, even after fire weapons were introduced by the Qin Dynasty. Jian The Jian, a double-edged straight sword, was regarded as the king of all weapons in ancient China. The double bladed Jian was a harder weapon to control than a single-blade Saber, so in ancient China Jian usually was owned and used by the educated class or skilled warrior. Dun The Dun (made of metal or wood or bamboo) is Chinese name for shield. It is a big board held in the hand to protect against the attacking of other weapons such as arrow and spear. It was usually used along with a dagger-axe or saber. Yue Yue is an axe-shaped arms used in China about 3,000 years ago. It has a threatening expanded blade and is usually decorated with a magical animal in Chinese myth. Yue was created especially for against heavy-armor
16 Aug 2017
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The Red Arrows, the british aerobatic display team of the Royal Air Force fly nice and low over the camera man in this vid!
21 Feb 2006
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The Red Arrows at Dunsfold Airshow in England... Along with some nice music
19 Feb 2006
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Koeran archery player somtimes hit the middle of another arrow. Korean TV show proves it.
14 Sep 2006
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Red Arrows training in cyprus
25 Nov 2006
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Don't you feel desktop icons' arrow is so ugly and annoying?Check this out and learn how to remove these arrows in 10 second.
18 Dec 2006
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shot with an arrow from a crossbow, stabbed by a dagger what will it take to stop this beast?!
5 Jan 2007
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i turned a toy bow and arrow set lethal!
19 Jan 2007
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Place the 4 arrows in such a way, so that you create a fifth one.
21 Jan 2007
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