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...Art House Media bring us fascinating public mourning ( 1:22) and 朝鲜央视播报金正日逝世讣告 -在线观看-播客视频-搜狐视频 and the 24-million population on the verge of insanity and the public should faithfully follow the leadership and protect and further strengthen the unified front of the party, military and the public...
2 Jan 2012
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...and Art House Media brings us Dr. Paul is hated because his policies might not be #winning ( 0:15 ). CNN doesn't make up 2 much stuff but Fox News can show their biased side and Rick Perry knows kids that can't openly celebrate Christmas and Newt Gingrich thinks democrates are weird and Mitt Romney knows that the honey badger doesn't give a care...
2 Jan 2012
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...Art House Media shows us people rioting in u.s stores ( 0:54 ) waiting overnight for air jordan shoes ...refused to move when ordered and smashed the door to enter and get the shoes... one lady left her kids in the car windows had to be smashed to get them... police pepper sprayed many and arrested others as there's a shotgun chug of a Colt 45 Blast grape flavor 12% abv 23.5oz (695ml) in 5 seconds flat as Christmas keeps getting bleeped...
2 Jan 2012
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...Art House Media brings us Jerome Simpson (Bengals) Touchdown Endzone Flip ( 0:31 ) as we Welcome back NBA. Chicago Bulls 88 Lakers 87 Rose with his red adiZero 2.0 L Train and Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett missed a potential game-tying buzzer-beater against the New York Knicks on Christmas Day and then grabbed Knicks forward Bill Walker by the throat as a pug sees into your soul...
2 Jan 2012
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...and Art House Media shows us a vending machine win while waiting to board the Wightlink Catamaran ferry at Ryde, IOW folks spot this unbelievable opportunity to win three drinks ( 0:54 ) for the price of one from the vending machine while at the 2011 Insight Bowl - Full Skycam Crash Fiasco which means the skycam falls during the final minutes of the OU Iowa game and a spider-cat does its thing...
2 Jan 2012
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...and Art House Media brings you CNN mocking Occupy Wall Street and Kathy Griffin taking off her dress live on CNN and Anderson Cooper gets embarassed ( 0:42 ) by Kathy Griffin who strips live on CNN on 2012 new years and flirts with ex CIA Anderson Cooper & Bohemian Grove weirdo David Gergen as FOX News mocks ( 1:11) the criminals, revolutionaries and socialists of the occupy movement in a year end segment as a dog is frightened of the car wash and yoga has us bowing to each other...
4 Jan 2012
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A woman runs into something more sinister than she bargained for during a photoshoot.
20 Jan 2012
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On the 23 May 2010, Attic Jamming Studios organize an event at the art house and this band of 4 was form 5 months ago and they rock the art house with lots of supporters that they don't know. First 2 songs were composed by them and the other 2 were covered song. Please Rate And Leave Comments So That They Are Able To Improve Themselves And Perform Well In The Next Stage That They Will Be Going. Thank you!
28 May 2010
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Plushfools live at Exile Gig, Playden (The Arts House)
22 Aug 2007
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Plushfools live at Exile Gig, Playden(The Arts House)
22 Aug 2007
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...and Art House Media shows us a girl with a funny talent ( 0:50 ) as we find an remote Amazon tribe for the first time as Taylor Swift's shoes get viewed 9 million times with Ferdinand the Bull sniffing aromatic flowers as Nickelodeon mocks kids with eating disorders...
2 Jan 2012
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Short mystical film about love and revenge. Horror / Comedy / Mysticism / Art house / 2013 Belarus, Belgium / English Subtitles Director: Alexander Burei
23 May 2017
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Just proof of how big and lonely our world can be!
15 Feb 2007
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Ever wondered what would happen if you set your living room on fire? Wonder no more as this video captures a fire set in the living room and burning down the rest of the house!
9 Nov 2007
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Official movie trailer for David Lynch's undisputed masterpiece, "Eraserhead," an essential viewing for all interested in the art of filmmaking.
14 May 2008
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